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This is the place where you'll find fashion advice and outfit ideas on how to dress classy but modern - as well as tips on how to improve your personal style!

The Chic is your ultimate stop when you badly need a crash course in chic fashion and build a wardrobe that works for YOU - your body figure, coloring, lifestyle and personal taste.

It's all about taking classy fashion to a whole new level - adding edge and originality while focusing on getting the most out of your clothes.

I'll Show You How to:

  • Look your best with colors, clothes, accessories and more
  • Give yourself a style makeover that will change the way you look at yourself, your closet and fashion & style
  • Define your own personal style and look confident
  • Get the most out of your clothes and multiply your outfits!
  • Be shopping savvy to make sure you select the best garments for your personal style

Hopefully, all of this will give you an improved confidence in your style and physical appearance, and bring out the chic and sassy gal in you!

You'll also discover shopping strategies, fashion tips and style advice on different types of clothing and accessories that ensure that you'll get your money's worth.

What exactly is Chic Fashion? Learn more about what is all about and my definition of chic style, and why "the rules" aren't the only things you should base your wardrobe on!

Get the Low-down on Everything Chic Style Related

Together we will focus on 5 main areas aspects of Chic Fashion & Style:

Scroll down and check out the various free shopping and style guides offered!

Fashion Tips - The Basics We Tend to Ignore..

Get all the basic fashion tips (aka style 101) you need to achieve a chic and fabulous personal style that is completely you. Accentuate your best assets and the natural beauty of your physical appearance.

Learn how to:

  • Give yourself a style makeover
  • Determine your best colors that make you glow
  • Dress your body figure
  • Select the flattering accessories and haircuts for your face shape
  • Effectively organize your closet and save time and money
  • Build a solid wardrobe foundation
  • Put together stylish outfits
  • ... and much more!

Style makeover advice

Fashion 101
Finding your perfect colors

Your Best Colors
How to flatter your body shape

Your Body Figure
How to flatter your face shape

Your Face Shape
Closet organizing strategies

Closet Organizing
Womens wardrobe essentials

Wardrobe Essentials
Outfit ideas, how to put together stylish outfits

Outfit Ideas
Fashion advice for petite women

Petite Fashion Guide
Fashion advice for plus size women

Plus Size Fashion Guide
Fashion advice for plus size women

How to Wear Clothes

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Fashion Inspiration - Creating Your Own Style

After you've mastered the basics it's time to define your personal style by adding edge and originality. Stretch your style envelope by looking for fashion inspiration outside of your comfort zone. Here I've added how to's and fashion tips on the different chic fashion styles that are here to stay.

Learn how to:

  • Define your personal style
  • Dress like a Parisian
  • Dress like a chic bohonista (without looking like a street beggar)
  • Implement vintage fashion to your style
  • ... and more!

How to find your personal style

Your Personal Style
French fashion style tips

French Fashion
Bohemian fashion style

Bohemian Fashion
Vintage fashion style

Vintage Fashion
Street fashion style

Street Style
Eco friendly clothing fashion

Eco-friendly Fashion

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Latest Fashion Trends - Freshen up Your Style

What is style without trends? Boring! After building a solid closet foundation (with the basics) we need to inject a little bit of spice to set yourself apart from the rest and look up-to-date. Challenge your personal style with the current fashion trends.

But remember, after selecting your favorite looks and pieces for your wardrobe from the season's hot-list, make sure to refine it into your own style. Tweak it!

Learn how to:

  • Make a fashion trend work for you
  • Update your closet with the latest fashion trends
  • Secure your wallet and wardrobe with the timeless Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter essentials
  • Wear the hottest looks from the current fashion trends

Working with the current fashion trends

How to wear the latest fashion trends

How to Wear Trends
Spring summer closet essentials

Closet Essentials
Fall winter fashion trends

Closet Essentials

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Guides to Chic Women's Clothing

Discover fashion advice on why, where and how to buy different trendy women's clothing. You'll also find mini-groups within each category, organized by style.

Fashion tops

Womens dress shirts

Womens Dress Shirts
Womens sweaters

Womens denim jeans

Denim Jeans
Womens fashion pants

Womens fashion skirts

Womens jackets

Womens coats

Womens dresses

Mail forwarding service

Mail Forwarding Service

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Fashion Accessories - Creating Looks For Less

Fashion accessories are definitely the topping of the cake! A pair of shoes or a printed scarf can instantly transform any plain outfit. Consider accessories as the best closet pieces for creating multiple looks for less - great for adding interest and personality to your style!

Leather fashion womens handbag

Womens fashion shoes wedge sandals

Womens fashion belts

Paisley fashion scarf

Fashion straw sun hat for women

Womens opaque wool tights

Fashion costume jewelry for women

Oversized sunglasses for women

Fashion headbands

Womens Swim Wear

Body shapers shapewear

Body Shapers

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The Place to Build and Improve Your Style!

If you've ever wanted to learn the best ways to put together stylish outfits and looking your best, then now is your time to start making a difference with your appearance!

This site will provide you with simple-to-follow fashion advice that will make shopping and putting on clothes a whooole lot easier :-)

Chic fashion is not about what you're wearing but how you wear it! Discover tricks and fashion secrets (and did I mention free?) that most fashion magazines seem to forget to tell you!

Mini lightbulb What Does "Chic" Exactly Mean?

It's a way of saying "stylish". Derives from the French term "Chiqué".

This website includes fashion advice and tips on how to achieve a chic style no matter shape, size or budget!

If you feel like you're stuck in a fashion rut or that you haven't unleashed your beauty's true potential, then I'm sure my fashion advice will be of help in taking your style to another level and give you the confidence you deserve!

Your Online Chic Fashion School

Think of this website as a style & fashion advice school and me as your friendly guidance counselor.

For quick updates on what's going on with The Chic visit my newsblog or if you want to get to know the editor (me!) behind this site, go to How to Look Chic - this site's fashion blog where you'll find up-to-date fashion & style tips along with chic outfit inspiration.

If you're curious about what topics I've covered here on this fashion advice website, go to site map for the complete list of all articles.

Also - keep in touch and stay updated with new fashion advice and tips at with free Chic Fashion News sent to your inbox every other week.

All the best to a new and chic you!

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