How To Style An Apple Body Shape

“Fashion Styling Tricks That Flatter Your Apple Body Shape.Let’s Camouflage that Waist with Structure!” So what does it exactly mean to have an Apple Body Shape? It means that you appear top heavy. You have a full chest and upper back with little or no waist definition. Most women who carry extra (or excess) weight around … Read more

Defining Your Personal Fashion Style

“Be Unique: Fashion Advice On How to Define Your Clothing Personality” So you’ve identified your personal fashion style after taking the fashion style quiz and after doing a thorough self-assessment. Now what? After determining your true clothing personality, it’s time to define it and make sure that it is reflected in your outfits, closet and not least shopping choices. Here … Read more

Womens Cowboy Boots: Add a Cute Western Feel to Your Chic Outfit

I personally like the look of womens cowboy boots because they’re fun and adorable! Even though there are some people (especially hardcore Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue readers) who will claim that womens western boots aren’t ‘in’ or that they’re too ‘barnyard-ish’, I still believe that as long as you like them and make sure you wear it the … Read more

Formal Evening Gowns

“How to Find the Perfect Formal Evening Gown” Formal evening gowns are the appropriate fit for formal wear, prom, homecoming, bridesmaid and ‘black tie attire’ occasions. They come in several gorgeous styles but usually share a similar trait which is the length: Long, swiping the floor. Your choice of evening gown should depend on the formality … Read more

How to Take Accurate Body Measurements

“Find the Perfect Clothing Fit with Your Own Body Measurements” If you want to become a shopping savvy fashionista, then taking your own body measurements is a good first step. By knowing your body’’s three-dimensional angles, you’’ll be able to select clothes that fit your body figure. A Must-Know Knowing how to take your body measurements is … Read more