Fashion Styling Tricks to Flatter Your Pear Body Shape Curves

You Curvaliscious Gal!”

So what does it exactly mean to have a Pear Body Shape? It means that your hips, thighs and butt are your body’s center-stage. You don’t necessarily need a big booty to be a Pear, but your lower body is more prominent (or call it bottom-heavy) than your waist and bust.

Your body figure is also known as a ‘Triangle’.

Here are other characteristics typical of a Pear body shape:

  • Your shoulders are narrow and may be sloped
  • Given your bigger lower body, your waist is defined
  • Legs are likely full or muscular

But the sure-way sign to tell if you’re a curvaceous Pear is the bigger/wider/fuller side of your hips/thighs/butt/ and sometimes legs compared to the rest of your body. You can’t miss it when looking at your body in the mirror!

Be open for a secondary body type

You may not exactly be a Pear, so you probably have a secondary body type.

There are different varieties of the Pear body shape. You may have slightly fleshy upper arms that make your shoulder-line appear wide which makes you lean a bit towards Hourglass or maybe you have a slightly wide waist that needs some of the tips from the guide for Rectangles.

So try to be flexible and follow the guidelines for both your primary and secondary body figure!

You might appear a bit heavier than you are even though the rest of your body is slim, but your body shape is one of the most common among the 5 and a natural attraction given your beautiful curves that many men find quite attractive.

High 5! Join them Team!

Celebs with pear body shape

5 star Famous Pears: Beyoncé, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Coleen McLoughlin, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Kristen Davis, Leona Lewis

Let take a closer look at the styling guidelines for your Pear body shape:

How to Dress Your Pear Body Shape

Since your lower body is your “biggest” issue here, there are some basic strategies that you need to base your personal style and closet on.

One of them is drawing attention away from your curves by highlighting your upper body – from waist and up. This is based on the golden style principle of the “Enhance & Minimize”-trick that helps adding width and volume to your upper body.

Disclaimer: Have in mind that these guidelines are general and based on your horizontal body shape (the shape of your waistline). If you want the ultimate guide to dressing your body figure, including your figure flaws, bust size, height and so on I suggest that you look into the My Private Stylist program.

Also, if your vertical body shape-guidelines seem to contradict with my fashion advice for your horizontal figure, then you need to look at your body proportions as a whole.

However, if you’re proud of your curves and want to enhance them when you’re out clubbing then by all means, show ’em off!

Now here are some styling strategies to apply when putting together outfits:

Create Curves on Top

Wear anything that visually adds more weight to your shoulder and bust area and brings attention to your upper body. This makes your body figure look more proportional like an Hourglass, as well as de-emphasizing your hips and thighs.

Details that accentuate your upper body:

Beyonce wearing a crop top with puff sleeves to balance out her Pear body shape

  • Necklines stretching horizontally (boat neck, straight, etc.). Although a wrap neckline is slimming on your torso, it adds interest to your bust
  • Light (white, light pink, etc)
  • Bright & bold colors (reds, orange, electric blue, etc.)
  • Details such as stripes, polkadots, sequins, zippers, large collar/lapels, other eye catching embellishments
  • Bell and kimono sleeves
  • Bust-enhancing necklines such as bustier and sweetheart
  • A good push-up bra
  • Scarves, scarves, scarves

Also make sure to wear a top that fits properly on the shoulders. If your shoulder line is sloppy the outfit (and your upper body!) won’t look good. Work with structured shoulders, shoulders pads and ruched sleeves – they are your pear body shape’s essentials.

Downplay Your Curves

This is a common and rather instinctive way of minimizing your hips, thighs and butt. I personally find this closet mantra restrictive because it excludes clothes that are ‘no-nos’ for your Pear body shape (eg. The skinny jeans just to mention a few). But it’s a fast and fool-proof way to de-emphasize curves you’re self-conscious about.

Details that help downplay your curves:

Kristen Davis downplaying her Pear body shape with a dark color monochromatic outfit

  • Dark colors, from dark navy blue to the classic black. Ex. dark wash jeans or black dress pants.
  • Vertical details will slim down the hip-area. Eg. pleats, stitches and visible zippers
  • Tops, sweaters and jackets that extend just below your hip bone (helps skim over your hips. Hip-length tops only draw attention to the area it hits). However avoid lengths across the widest part of your hips/legs – your thighs
  • Hip and thigh hugging shapewear
  • Heels elongate your lower body and make your hips, thighs and legs look slimmer

On the other hand, it’s the simplest way to downplay your curves, especially if you feel uncomfortable and “fat” with them, and just wish to draw less attention to that area.

Also make sure to invest in garments with stretch. Stiff fabrics tend to make you look boxy. Boxy = bigger.

Another great investment is pants, jeans, skirts and dresses with a slight flared hem. Compared to a skinny and pencil hem, a flared style will draw attention away from your lower bottom.

If you’re very curvy, the longer and wider you’ll need to wear your bottoms – it helps with your body proportions!

Love Your Curves

Do the opposite and bring the spotlight to your lower half and really highlight your Pear body shape! The way to do this is to accentuate your curves with details or anything that highlights them.

Eva Mendes has a Pear body shape

This is something celebrities often do to emphasize their trademark so we’ll remember them, however they will also add some slimming effects at the same time.

Examples are:

  • Skirts and dresses with flirty bottom details (ruffles, drape, tulip cut, etc.). Pencil skirts also emphasize your curves
  • Light and bright colors (hot pink skirt, white denim pencil skirt, etc.)
  • Prints and textures (lace, floral, polka dots, etc.)

Note: Curves should be downplayed in professional settings. Research has shown that accentuating your womanly parts can make you appear too sexy and distract the opposite sex, and in most cases people will take you less seriously. So think twice about putting on that super fitted pencil skirt for work 😉

Other Factors to Consider

You also need to take your vertical body shape (are you short legged/long waisted or long waisted/short legged?), as well as your height and body scale into consideration.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt has a petite Pear body shape

If you’re Petite or a Plus Size then some rules may have to be customized.

If you have short legs I highly recommend that you work on elongating your legs to slim and flatter your curves! Add heels or simply style your outfit so that your legs look longer!

Now over to clothing recommendations that complement your Pear body shape:

Your Best Clothes

Detailed Tops

Details help draw the eye away from your wide hips and can visually add more volume and width to your upper body.

Examples of garment details:

Best tops and blouses for pear body shape
  • Ruffles
  • Puffed/ruched sleeves
  • Prints
  • Pockets on bust (except if you have a large bust)
  • Embellishments
  • Large collars, lapels or sleeves
  • Shoulder pads help widen your shoulders as well as make you appear taller

Short Jackets That Hit a Few Inches Above Your Hipline

They expose more of your lower body and help make your legs and thighs look longer and thinner.

Ideal jackets for Pear body shapes

Jackets that catches you right on the widest part of your body accentuate the area and can make you look shorter and bigger.

However a hip-length jacket can work on your pear body shape as long as you wear a bottom that downplays your hips. Eg. A pair of black dress pants or a dark blue A-line skirt.

Rounded/Wide Necklines

These visually widen your shoulder and bust area.

Best necklines and fashion tops for pear body shape

Examples are:

  • Boatneck
  • Strapless/bandeau
  • Square
  • Scoop neck
  • Cowl neck
  • Neckline that visually “lifts” and emphasizes your bust (eg. sweetheart and bustier neckline)

You can also wear slimming necklines (ideal if you have a short upper body) – they help bring attention to your defined waist. But make sure to add a statement necklace or a pair of eye-catching earrings to balance it out on top.

If you have a short neck and/or are well endowed, wear a slim/oblong (preferably V-shaped) pendant necklace (or a long chain) to counter the shortening effect of the straight neckline. Long earrings will also work.

Pants that Streamline Your Bottom

They help balance out your prominent bottom and make it look smaller.

Basically these leg styles create a lean line on your lower body (hips down) and offset your curves.

Examples are:

Best jeans and pants for pear body shape
  • Wide leg
  • Flare leg
  • Bootcut
  • Straight and skinny (if you’re comfortable in your curves but don’t want to go all out with skinny jeans)
  • Pants with simple waistbands

If you decide to wear skinnys, make sure to wear something that will draw the attention back up to your upper body. A-line tops with the skinnys will also work with your body proportions.

For dress pants, I suggest that you select a pair that skim past the contour of your thighs (slight flare from your hips).

Also, your ideal shorts styles are simple and tailored that extend past the thickest part of your thighs. Anything shorter is ok as long as you pair them with heels to help slim and elongate your legs and thighs.

Dresses and Skirts with Width and Volume at the Hem

It sounds contradictory but volume helps camouflage your curves. However, skirts and dresses with a shape that is wider at the bottom are more effective in balancing out your hips.

Try to steer away from too-full skirts and skirts with heavy horizontal details that exaggerate your body shape such as frilly tiers.

Examples of ideal skirt styles:

Best skirt and dress styles for pear body shape
  • A-line shape (a good investment because of its versatility, but it’s flop proof on your pear body shape)
  • Flared shape
  • Full circle skirt
  • Maxi and gypsy skirts

Make sure you select skirt styles that are free from details that bunches up the front part. Mid-rise is your best bet (this same rule applies to pants and jeans!)

You can of course wear pencil skirts but you need the confidence or else it will look wrong on you. Heels, accessories (statement necklace, earrings, headbands) and tops that add interest work well with a pencil skirt for your pear body shape.

Push-up Bras

Push up and padded bras help to boost your bust and fill out your upper body.

You don’t need big breasts for this. If you have a small bust a padded bra will create cleavage. This helps balance out your hips.

Statement Jewelry

Eye catching necklaces and earrings draw the eye upwards.

Examples are:

Best accessories and jewelry styles for pear body shape
  • Metal discs
  • Gemstones always get attention
  • Cluster beads and pearls
  • Chandelier earrings
  • Feather earrings

Any eye catching accessory worn from your waist up will help draw attention away from your hips. For example: A bright color or print scarf, cute headband or a cool hat.

High Heels

High heels will visually elongate your legs and make your hips look slimmer. If you want to wear a pencil skirt then a pair of heels will help counter the widening effect of the hem shape.

Your thighs and legs need shoes that are simple and help lengthen your lower body. So avoid ankle straps (however T-straps are slimming) or details that visually shorten your legs.

Ideal shoe styles and details:

Best shoe styles for pear body shape
  • Shoes in similar as your skin tone
  • Cone heel
  • Wedge heel
  • Open toe to elongate your legs

Sturdy, pointy toes and slightly rounded toe heels are your best investments.

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