Defining Your Personal Fashion Style

“Be Unique: Fashion Advice On How to Define Your Clothing Personality”

So you’ve identified your personal fashion style after taking the fashion style quiz and after doing a thorough self-assessment.

Now what?

How to develop your signature style

After determining your true clothing personality, it’s time to define it and make sure that it is reflected in your outfits, closet and not least shopping choices. Here are some tips on how to make your personal fashion style shine through the way you dress: (If you’ve already stayed true to your own style then these tips will take it up a notch)

Get Rid Of the Stuff That Is Not ‘YOU’

Anything that fits you but haven’t worn for the past 2-3 years should be thrown to the curb. Ask yourself: “Why are those garments and accessories sitting there with the price tag still attached?” Usually this is a clear sign that it doesn’t fit your personal fashion style.

Get rid of the stuff that is not you

To make sure that the contents of your closet stays functional, flexible and loved (by you!), plow away the stuff that isn’t you by organizing your closet. Make room for positive changes and for new clothes that help express who you are and what you’re about.

Keeping an item that doesn’t serve you anymore only clutters your space and confuses your head.

Assess Your Body Shape and Coloring

How to find your personal style by assessing your appearance

I can’t stress enough about how the aesthetic rules of dressing should always come first in the personal fashion style-process, and looking chic!

I mean, if you completely ignore what flatters your body figure, you’ll look off – no matter how amazing and unique your personality is!

This is one of the most important aspects of defining your personal fashion style. Because even if you like a certain type of clothing or style, you should make sure that it flatters your appearance – or at least find ways to make it work for you!

It means that a clothing piece should go hand in hand with your body shape, harmonize with your coloring, etc., etc.

Did you know?

Many women are attracted to the right clothing styles that compliment their body figure and personality. For example, a sweet ruffle dress will most likely appeal to a woman with curves and rounded facial features, compared to tall, confident and authority-like woman who tends to favor straighter lines and angular shapes.

Develop Your Signature Style

signature piece is an item or a way of dressing that identifies you – it works almost like a fashion calling card. This is becoming increasingly important when building your style because it separates you from the rest. You want to look unique, confident and empowered!

What to Make as Your Signature “Calling Card”?

Your calling card can be a garment or accessory type you love and include with almost all of your outfits – both casual and dressy.

It’s perfectly fine to splurge on these pieces because they represent you and help define your style. There’s no limit to how many you can buy – as long as you make sure you’ll wear them! Making an accessory your style signature can also help you save money as they’re cheaper and you can get multiple outfits out of it.

Examples of signature styles:

  • Skirts & dresses (goes hand in hand with wearing trendy hosiery!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Pearls (think pearl earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pearl shoulder details)
  • Gold jewelry
  • Trendy handbags

Mini note 

How to Find Your Signature Piece?

Are there any particular clothes or accessories that seem to dominate your wardrobe? For example, if bangle bracelets seem to occupy your drawer (and you just know you can’t have too many of them), simply turn them into your signature style!

If you can’t find a piece that dominates your closet – review your Lookbook diary and see if you can find anything that really resonates with you and that you would want to start wearing.

Mix Several Styles In One

This isn’t fresh news if you’ve already read my fashion advice on how to achieve personal fashion style.

I always encourage girls and women (and men) to mix several clothing personalities (aka style archetypes) in one to achieve a unique personal style – you’ll be able to create an amazingly chic outfit if you combine several aspects of your personality or mood – instead of going Romantic from top to toe!

Uncover your core clothing personality and take note of your tendencies toward others – and mix them well!

I’m known for my Classic style (I often wear tailored pants, blazers, lots of black and neutrals, etc.), but I also infuse other parts of my personality into the mix, like Creative (this is my strong secondary style archetype), Romantic and some High Fashion.

What Do You Like About Yourself?

Another way to define your personal fashion style is to highlight your best assets. So take some time to figure out what you like and love about yourself. It could be a body part or a personality trait, and even your lifestyle.

In this way you know what parts to focus on when putting together an outfit – you’ll know what and how to wear a piece so that it highlights the best of your image and body figure. For example, showing off your shapely shoulders or nice legs is a way to create your signature style :-).

Stay True to Yourself The Next Time You Shop

Before you start updating your wardrobe, you may want to think about what you need or want. So start by making a list. Resist the urge to always buying the ‘latest’ or ‘hottest’ item or shopping with friends, because they will only mess up your closet and style again 🙂

Go back to the pictures you pulled out earlier to create a fashion style collage and see if your Wishlist fits the picture, lifestyle, budget, and of course body shape and coloring. Assess, assess, assess.

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