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"Revolutionize Your Wardrobe with the How to Wear Clothes-Style Makeover Program!" - Anna Villaruel
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Discover how to wear clothes that look fabulous on your body figure! This amazing style makeover online program helps you choose the right clothes every time (eeeh, I know, sounds kinda salesy, but really, I mean it!)

Did you know that most of us wear only 20% of the clothes in our closets, only 80% of the time? So this means that the average woman wastes $6000 on clothes that she'll never (or rarely) wear and repeats this every 3 to 6 years.

A lot of wasted money, I know!

So why do we only wear 20% of our wardrobe?

That's because we get easily sidetracked by what we see on commercials and magazines and of course, the ever-blazing 'hottest' latest fashion trends. We tend to get carried away when we're in the heat of the shopping moment, which results in selecting the wrong clothes for our body shape.

However, when you learn to accept and work with what you've got, you'll know how to play smarter on the shopping field. You'll be able to put all of your attention right garments that work for YOU. It's as if you're programming your mind to put your blinders on and effortlessly skim through all the noise that are doing nothing but harm to your wallet.

Knowing how to wear clothes that flatter your shape is not necessarily about hiding your flaws, but bringing out the best in your figure and style. By learning how to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and look fabulous - your self-esteem will soar. Trust me on this :)

Say Hello to Your New Best Friend
- My Private Stylist!

Now let me introduce you to the Your Personal Style Solution. Imagine having your own personal stylist when you shop whenever you want, but at a fraction of the price! This tool is like having your own personal stylist (and BFF) with you when you're out shopping.

Here are the reasons why I believe this inexpensive program will benefit you:

  • Save money by buying garments and outfits you love. You'll save your wallet from the torture of buying clothes that you'll never or rarely wear.
  • Save time by going straight to your best outfits. No more wasted minutes (or hours!) on trying on the wrong outfits. With MyPrivateStylist you'll know exactly what to wear, what looks good on you and how to wear clothes that complement your body figure.
  • You'll look great = feel great. Wearing the right clothes for your personal style helps you look your best so you will naturally feel more confident. You'll simply radiate more than ever.


Your Online Stylist Tells You What Clothes to Look for and What to Avoid

The Style Makeover ePortfolio for women covers every aspect of what suits you, what doesn't and why.

Here are some examples from what you will receive in the portfolio:

Note: Screenshots are actual images from my own portfolio. These are recommended for the petite Hourglass body with thin bone structure under 30 years old.

'Great Match': Shoesy

Style makeover shoes

'Great Match': My best dresses

Style makeover dresses

'Great Match': My best scarves

How to wear scarves

'Avoid': My worst swimwear

How to wear scarves

Everything about you is taken into consideration - your height, age and weight to your horizontal body shape, face shape and vertical proportions to your body scale, shoulders, neck length and any problem areas.

It is all combined in one portfolio to give you a clear picture of your needs and the best clothing styles suited for YOUR body type. So you can be confident that the style makeover recommendations and fashion advice is relevant to you and not just general advice that anyone can relate to.

'How to Wear Clothes that Flatter - Style Makeover Portfolio':
Lots of fashion tips

Fashion adice

It basically makes shopping quicker and easier by taking the guesswork out of which clothes to buy!


Looking Your Best Can Change Your Life

Like I've mentioned throughout my website - when you're more in-tune with your personal style you'll feel confident, and when you feel confident you'll look fabulous. And it is this positive glow people will notice.

With your new and improved appearance, and knowledge in how to wear clothes that look terrific on your body - you'll gain a positive outlook on life, which is proven to influence almost every aspect of your personal life - from making you more successful at work, attracting more love (or strengthening your current relationship) and friends - and more!

Style Solutions is Your
Personalized Makeover Guide

What's really fun and exciting with this program is that you'll find tons of up-to-date ideas on what clothes and details suit you. It has over 660 full color fashion photos in 40 categories that cover almost every every garment and accessory that you place on your body. You'll find everything from swimwear to underwear. Coats to dresses. Hairstyles to eyewear. Business wear to weekend casual.

I find the portfolio easy to navigate. After signing up - simply log in, click on 'My Garments' and you'll discover all of the clothing and accessory types covered for your body type.

Here is a screenshot from my portfolio:

'How to Wear Clothes that Flatter - Style Makeover Portfolio':
Clothing Categories

Style solutions portfolio categories

Style Solutions let you know how to wear clothes that look good on you and what to wear for every occasion!

The style portfolio recommendations tackle your figure flaws and help you feel great about your body. It gives you suggestions on how to look taller, shorter, thinner, curvier, etc., all depending on your figure challenges.

It's not only limited to just clothes and accessories. It also lays out your don'ts and do's within hairstyles and design & color.

Here is an example of the best prints for my body type:

Best prints for petite horuglass body shape

The Style Makeover Portfolio lets you know your:

  • Best garment silhouettes
  • Most flattering top and jacket lengths
  • Best skirt, dress, coat & pant lengths
  • Most flattering collar and neckline styles
  • Best shoulder seam styles
  • Most flattering sleeve lengths
  • Most flattering shoe styles
  • Best underwear & swimwear styles
  • Most flattering accessory sizes and accessorizing style aims
  • How to co-ordinate your clothes (which I believe is worth every penny)
  • Which garment color contrasts to choose to give you the best proportions. And those to avoid
  • Fabric textures to choose and those to avoid
  • How to select and wear patterns

Get your personalized style program on
how to wear clothes that look good on you


It makes it easier for you to explore all of your very best clothing styles. Each clothing style is classified as great, good, good only if you do the things stated, and of course what to avoid.

Designed by the Australian Image Company

The Style Solutions ePortfolio was designed by Ann Reiten of the Australian Image Company. Ann runs a highly successful worldwide image consultant training program, providing resources for image consultants (that includes me).

To enable everyone to take advantage of her knowledge she has distilled her many years of style knowledge and experiences into this valuable program at an affordable price.

How to Put your Personalized Style Portfolio Into Action

You can start using your portfolio right away and examine your existing wardrobe and buy new items from the list. It lets you know what to compromise and what not to compromise.

Tip: With me, I've compared my Fall/Winter season shopping list with the recommendations in the portfolio. I've taken note of what style and details to look for (according to the portfolio) in the various clothes and accessories jotted down on my list.

If you're planning on buying a dress or skirt for a party click on the category and see what styles look good on you and purchase the recommendations.

Planning on losing (or gaining) weight?

Even if you're intending on losing (or gaining) weight you can still look good now. If your weight changes result in a 5cm (2") gain or loss on any part of your body you can submit your new details and receive a free update.

2 free updates are included within 12 months of your ePortfolio purchase. So, there's no need to wait.

My Conclusion?

All in all, the Style Makeover Portfolio on how to wear clothes for your body type is comprehensive and accurate in terms of clothing and accessory suggestions. It basically takes the guesswork out of fashion shopping.

You'll discover lots of personalized recommendations and tips that you can't find in any other fashion advice book. It covers hundreds more of detailed clothing recommendations than the basics presented in my Body Shape-section.

If you're looking for a solution that will help you build your closet's contents from scratch and guide you to your best, most flattering clothes and accessories for your body type, then I warmly recommend this program!

What can you expect to pay?

If you visit a good consultant in person then expect to pay upwards of $200. Even international recognized image consultants can demand more than that. But this portfolio allows you to achieve a Style Makeover without having to visit a consultant or pay heaps of money and it also helps you save time - for only $79!

So instead of wasting money (and energy) on buying clothes you most likely won't wear, consider investing in this Style Program that will help you steer away from unflattering clothes and guide you to your absolutely best pieces. Each clothing category includes numerous recommendations, outfit suggestions and tips on how to wear clothes - making shopping and your road to style makeover a fun and enjoyable experience :)

Purchase the Style Solutions ePortfolio on how to wear clothes that flatter for $79 Order Style Makeover online program

Unlike visiting an image consultant face-to-face, you can get instant access right now even if it's 3am!

You're just minutes away from taking the guess work out of looking great!

I wish you the best of luck and inspiration to a new and fabulous you :)

All the best,

PS: Purchasing the program will generate commissions.

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