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Fashion costume jewelry shopping advice
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On this page you'll find shopping tips on fashion costume jewelry - what jewelry to invest in and what styles to look for that complement your personal style.

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Here you'll find fashion advice & tips on:
These guidelines are meant to help you get the most out of your fashion jewelry and select the pieces that flatter your face shape and body figure - helping you look your best!

This is an absolute must if you want to save money by going for quality over quantity. Let's look at the important pointers to have in mind when purchasing jewelry:

What Fashion Costume Jewelry to Invest In?

If you want to get the most out of your money you first need to secure jewelry in simple, versatile styles and colors that cover all-year-around occasions and major daily activities. The color should be neutral such as silver, gold along with clear, white, black and browns.

An example is the classic pearl necklace. They go with your outfit from day to evening, and are versatile enough to work with various fashion looks.

The drawer jewelry essentials are:

Jewelry essentials for every woman
  • Diamond Stud Earrings
  • Pearl Stud Earrings
  • Hoop Earrings
  • Fun, versatile casual earrings
  • Dressy Dangle Earrings
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Diamond Pendant Necklace
  • Versatile Statement Necklace
  • Simple Chain Bracelet
  • Metal Wrist Watch
  • Cocktail Ring

This is the minimum list, and it doesn't matter if you're a jewelry person or not. These will keep you covered on all those inevitable occasions that we all have to face throughout our lives, from wedding parties to your family gatherings.

A tip is to begin by securing the jewelry essentials and then build on your collection based on your personal style.

Trendy fashion costume jewelry - show off your personality
Courtesy of Nordstrom, Pink Mascara, Fantasy Jewelry Box, House of

For example, if you have a simple crystal cocktail ring, add another one in one of your favorite colors. Or if you're a trendy fashionista who loves creating fashion statements, opt for those jumbo sized ones with a cute snake figure.

Gold or Silver Fashion Costume Jewelry?

Silver or gold jewelry
If you're buying jewelry worn near your face - such as earrings and necklaces - select the right metal and colors for your skin tone, eye and hair color.

Basically, gold and warm-hued colors look best on those with a golden/peachy skin tone, hair and eye colors. Silvery metals flatter cool-tone women (with a bluish-pinkish undertone). Click here to take the Gold or Silver test.

Mini note Note: If you have a neutral coloring (eg. Jennifer Aniston), a "Soft" in the seasonal color analysis, you'll be able to pull off both cool and warm metals.

Colors worn above your waist will affect your appearance, good or bad. So I advise you to pick colors and nuances that make your face glow and that can really bring out the natural beauty on your eyes and hair color. Eg. Coral and warm turquoise flatter skin tones with a warm undertone. Learn how to find your best colors.

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Does It Complement Your Face Shape?

Angelina Jolie wearing rounded teardrop earrings to soften her angular jawline
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By selecting the right jewelry you can balance out your face shape - make it look more proportional and slim down wide parts, as well as 'fill out' areas that need more volume and width.

It's the same concept as dressing your body shape. We want to create good proportions on your face, to really make room for your best facial features.

We're all attracted to symmetry and a lean vertical line. In fact, an Oval face shape is considered the most ideal face shape because it has great proportions that are neither too wide, short, long, angular, and etc. And it's easier to style with various jewelry styles and haircuts.

    Tip: If you want to make your face shape less apparent, look for jewelry shapes that deflect the shape of it. Meaning, go for jewelry styles that are the opposite of your face shape.

Various face shapes

Learn more about selecting the best fashion jewelry styles for your face shape.

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Does It Complement Your Body Figure & Size?

Believe it or not, but jewelry can have a huge impact on your body frame and scale.

With jewelry you can:
Hoop earrings on plus size figure
Hoop Earrings on Plus Size Model
via Kiyonna
  • Make a facial or body feature appear larger or smaller
  • Slim down your face and upper body. It can also give the illusion of width
  • Balance out your face and body proportions to make prominent parts look less noticeable
  • Draw attention away from parts you feel self-conscious about
  • Highlight and accentuate the assets you like and boost your self-confidence

On the other hand, wearing the wrong jewelry can add non-flattering pounds to your frame; emphasize features you're not that proud of; make you look smaller or bigger, etc.

A good rule of thumb is this:

Enhance the parts you like with jewelry details or/and in light/bold colors. And the parts you don't like? Don't place anything there. Or at least wear something simple that doesn't draw too much attention to those areas. Learn more about the "Enhance & Minimize" trick in the body proportions-section.

Scale Baby, Scale!

The dimension of any fashion costume jewelry (or any ornament worn on your body) should be in balance and in harmony with your body size and proportions.

For example:

A voluptuous, tall woman wearing a dainty necklace will look invisible on her frame and at the same time, make her look bigger in comparison.

A petite, skinny woman wearing a wide and chunky necklace will overpower her figure, making her look fragile and can even emphasize her petite frame.

Here are some basic guidelines on how to work with your proportions with fashion costume jewelry:

Facial Features

If you have big facial features, opt for larger-scaled jewelry. Smaller ones will make them look bigger.

Various earring styles for different size of facial features, scale jewelry to the size of your facial features!
Courtesy of JC Penney, SimplySoles, My-Wardrobe

If you have small facial features, look for smaller-scaled jewelry. Larger ones will only make them smaller.

If you have average-sized features, choose medium scale - but you can also wear large or small, depending on your personal preference.

Scale of Face

If you have a large and/or wide face shape, you don't necessarily have to wear jewelry scaled to its face size, but rather work with the shape and length to slim and elongate your face.

Various earring styles different face shapes
Courtesy of Nordstrom, Dorothy Perkins, Max & Chloe, CharmandChain

The same applies if you have a small and narrow face shape. But your focus is to add width with the right jewelry shapes and lengths. Learn more about how to style your face shape.

Bust Size

A large bust needs larger necklaces to avoid making it look bigger.

Best jewelry necklace size for your bust size
Courtesy of H&M,,, JC Penney

However, if you're petite, opt for necklaces that cascade (multiple thin necklace strings) and are see-through.

Smaller busts look best with delicate necklaces.

Wrist & Hands

Select watches, rings and bracelets that are scaled to the size of your wrists and hands.

Various watches for your wrist size
Courtesy of Macy's, My-Wardrobe, Bloomingdales

However, if you have a thin wrist but want to sport an oversized watch look, then that's perfectly ok. But because of the fashion statement it gives out, go minimal on the rest of your outfit. Not necessarily less accessories, but less eye-catching details.

Full Neck (short and/or wide neck)

Best necklace for short neck
Courtesy of SimplySoles
Slim down your neck with long earrings that create a vertical line raising the eye up and down. But make sure they don't extend past your chin. Also avoid earrings that add bulk (eg. chandelier earrings)

Avoid anything that create a horizontal line at your neck. Opt for faceted diamond studs instead of full and round button earrings. Stick to long necklaces to make your neck appear longer and leaner. The ideal length is as long as your face from your chin down.

Otherwise, select low'ish necklines to open up your chest.

Note: If the fashion costume jewelry guidelines contradict with the fashion advice for your body shape, try to look at your body figure as a whole.

For example, if you are a plus size but have a small and chiseled face with small features, but with a small bust. Wear a larger necklace and work on emphasizing that bust with a push up bra or a bust-enhancing sweetheart neckline!

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Time to Shop for the Latest Fashion Costume Jewelry

Now that you've gone through my fashion tips and shopping advice on fashion jewelry, it's time to shop!

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