Elevate Your Chic Style with Thigh High Socks

Adding thigh high socks to your style can be an exciting way to spice up your outfits! Not only do thigh and knee high socks keep your feet warm and dry from perspiration, they’re also worn for style and steam – adding *oomph* to your outfit.

I think long socks are a super-hot trend for the cool winter months. It looks chic and cute, but you can always turn them into something edgier to suit your personal fashion style.

However, the flip side of thigh high socks is that they are not for wimps 😉 They can be hard to wear if you worry too much about what other people think.


The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says The thing with these type of socks is that the porn and costume industry have been turning them into something people now think are for sl*ts.

Pardon my language, but it’s true! You’ll get a lot of whistling, staring and glaring.. But because of the sexy peek-a-boo effect fashionistas aren’t hesitant to embrace this type of fashion hosiery 🙂

But at the end of the day, it really depends on how you wear the socks and what clothes you combine them with. You can take the same pair of hold up socks and make yourself look tacky or chic. I’ll get back to some ideas on how to wear them further down this page.

First, let me give you some strategies on buying thigh high socks you want and that will look fabulous on you:

Simple Strategies to Buying Thigh High Socks

 Choose quality hosiery brands

.. if you appreciate quality and luxury, and you want your socks to last a long time Examples of quality hosiery brands are: Falke, Wolford, Aristoc, Levante, Pamela Mann and American Apparel.

 Complement the length and shape of your legs

Knee high socks Falke

Are they straight and thin? Shapely and full? Short or long?

Well, then you should know that compared to knee highs, thigh highs flatter muscular legs because they skim the bump (muscle and/or fat) and make them look leaner and longer. It draws the eye upwards and away from the calves.

Knee socks on the other hand may emphasize your calves because the hem sits very close to this spot and draws attention to it.

If you have straight-skinny legs you’ll find that you look good in both sock types. However, thigh highs are recommended if you have short legs, just to give them that extra length.

Again, if you have full legs stick to simple woolen socks that don’t add bulk. And also look for soft rib knit textures to visually slim down your legs. Socks in a similar color as your skin tone elongate.

 Determine what type of socks you want

Compression knee high socks

Before beginning your search for thigh high socks, determine what type of socks you’re looking for – what you want and need.

These questions will help you know what type of socks you want and where to go and find them:



Looking for something that is comfortable and warm? Want to make a fashion statement? Want a discreet look? Or something sexy? Need something to improve the blood flow of your legs?


How to Wear Thigh High Socks Without Looking Trashy

The art of wearing long socks stylishly is to avoid cheapening the look, because it’ll only make you look tacky. We’re going to focus more on the chic side of wearing them.

Here’s my fashion advice:

Alexa ching thigh high socks outfit

Create balance in terms of color and style

Basically if your socks are multi-colored and/or features an eye catching pattern (such as preppy argyle socks), the rest of your outfit should be very, veeery plain and solid colored – which helps bring attention to the socks.

If you’re new to long socks start with solid neutrals

You can never go wrong with black thigh high socks. Also try grey, brown, cream and off-white. The versatility of the colors makes it easier to mix and match, plus they’ll blend in/balance out any outfit without appearing loud.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sock textures

Examples are rib-knit, crochet, sheer, opaque.. it gives a different take than plain cotton. You might also like scrunchable or cuffable socks of you want to create a cute, laid-back look.

Update the look

That means avoid combining the socks with anything that is too sexy (such as low neckline, super-tight and short skirt, flashy patent shoes, etc.). The socks already speak for themselves.

Rather add a couple of trendy accessories in the mix like platform ankle boots and a fashion statement necklace. Oh and you should definitely try wearing the thigh high socks with a gorgeous flowy floral/boho tunic dress or top. Very chiqué.

Mix Casual With the Thigh High Socks

This creates a really chic juxtaposition of sexy & playful and effortless . So the key to looking stylish and pulled together (not tarty) in thigh high socks is to balance out the school-girl look with not so tight, skirts and shorts such as:

  • Loose, drape dresses
  • Billowy skirts
  • Tailored shorts

If you want to tone it down a bit more, go for boyfriend or wrap cardigans (along with a simple top), oversized tee or a comfy rib-knit sweater dress. Anything casual looking to balance out the preppy/sexy look.

Another way to tone it down is to choose knee high socks. It’s a notch less sexy-looking than thigh highs which are always associated with seductive lingerie and garter belts.

What Shoes to Wear With Thigh High Socks?

Jessica Alba boot and thigh high socks outfit

If you want to avoid looking completely ‘out there’ then you should consider wearing them with a pair of flat boots. It looks more casual and toned down this way compared to high heel shoes. Other styles that won’t “over-dramatize” the socks are oxfords, anything that has a rounder toe and/or sturdy heel.

You should avoid wearing them with shoes that have super-tall and thin heels. That looks way slutty (unless you want to wear them for play). Balance is the key 🙂 Mix casual with the fun thigh high socks for an impeccable outfit.

Anything else goes with long socks, it depends on your personal style really.

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