Red Pumps and Chic Fashion: A Stylish Journey into Elegance and Sophistication

Red pumps are a fabulous and easy way to express yourself and make a bold fashion statement. Adding a pair can spice up a drabby outfit, and the color won’t ever go unnoticed! It takes your gorgeous-factor up a notch without looking like you’re trying too hard.

You’ll look sexy and chic!

Gabriella Rocha Mylie red pumps

Brightly colored fashion pumps are a wonderful way to draw attention to a pair of gorgeous tanned or shapely legs. You can also wear them to balance out your body shape that is top-heavy (such as an Apple or Inverted Triangle body shape), which is a trick to make your upper half look less heavy and wide.

Gabriella Rocha Mylie red pumps
Peep Toe Pump/ Endless

Flats are a great choice if you don’t want your feet to scream for attention. The flat heel makes sure that your outfit looks casual and cute without overdoing it. You might also want to look for a darker shade of red (eg. burgundy) to make them less noticeable.

However, pumps with a little bit of heel look more right fashion-wise. Plus they’re are versatile; making it possible for you to wear them to office work, parties, and yes, even weddings!

How to Wear Red Pumps

Whether this is your first time wearing a pair and need fashion advice on how to wear them; or if you just need some stylish ideas on incorporating them into your wardrobe, here are the do’s and don’ts of wearing red high heel shoes:


Celebrities wearing red pumps the right way

 Combine them with solid, basic colors

Red is a very loud color itself so it does pay to wear it with neutrals such as black, brown, dark navy blue, grey, cream and white. This lets the shoes be the center of the attention!

However if you want to have fun with fashion and you’re feeling extra confident, implement the red shoes with a bright color scheme which creates a color-block outfit. Examples are: Red against green, red against pink or red with orange.

If you want to wear them with a print dress or top, look for a pattern that has some nuances of red or any of the complementary colors (pink, orange, etc.). Red shoes look fashionable with dark colors because they’ll stand out and look more alluring.

 Wear them in an unexpected way

Wearing red pumps don’t always mean you should combine them with something sexy or sophisticated. Or that you have to match it with black.

Try stretching your style envelope. Mix and match the pumps with your own personal fashion style. For example, go casual with for example a loose print t-shirt or a basic tee with a boyfriend cardigan. Mix classy and trendy with a blazer and a pair of skinny jeans. Or go ultra-trendy by mixing a neutral (brown with beige, or black with grey) leopard dress or blouse.

 Wear them for work

They look amazing with a black pencil skirt and a white dress shirt. Red shoes add a splash of color without being completely ‘out there’. If you want to go low-key select a shorter and/or sturdier heel (not stiletto). You might also want to look for darker shades of red such as burgundy.

This strategy works for wedding parties as well.

 Wear flats or wedge pumps

A pair of red ballerina flats or wedge pumps make your outfit appear less serious, adding a fun and flirty vibe to your look. It’s the perfect option if you don’t like wearing stilettos. Plus they’ll blend perfectly with your everyday short dress and skinny jeans outfits.


Celebrities wearing red pumps the wrong way

 Don’t pair red with trashy

Instead, cover up a little to help balance out your outfit and keep your outfit chic. The red pumps already speak for themselves.

So drop the mini dress, low v-neck or anything that looks tacky (such as the ripped jeans Christina Aguilera is wearing).

 Don’t go all matchy-matchy

Red shoes with red lipstick or red purse is a classic chic combo. More than that makes it look like you’re trying too hard.

 Don’t shower a red dress with red accessories

That’s an over-dose of red. It screams: “Look at me! Oh, look at meeeee!”.

 Don’t do a Santa’s helper color combo

Bright green doesn’t look right with red. Rather mix it with neutral and more universal greens such as olive and teal.

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