Wardrobe Magic E-book Review

"How to Dress Well and Look Fabulous"

Do you need budget-friendly and effective ways to improve your style?

Want to learn how to dress well and look fabulous every day, without spending a lot of money?

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The e-book "Wardrobe Magic" fills those needs! Former model, long-time certified image consultant and author Diana Pemberton-Sikes takes you from the basic closet principles to putting it all together.

Diana gives you the nitty-gritty on how to get the most out of your clothes and how to update your closet with pieces you are going to love and wear!

It covers every possible aspect of dressing well and building a wardrobe that is suited for your personal style and needs.

And the invaluable style strategy you'll discover in her e-book? That is the art of creating more with less.

Imagine being able to create multiple outfits with just a few pieces. That's exactly what Diana demonstrates in her fun and highly informative 155 page e-book!

No more getting stuck with a closet full of fluff and distractions that make you look less than fabulous!

My rating: Star Star Star Star 4/5

"Wardrobe Magic" holds thrifty strategies that will stretch your outfit options. It's an easy to understand e-book that teaches you the ins and outs of how to give yourself a style makeover.

Diana's fashion advice is divided into 3 parts - starting from the basic principles of dressing well to preparing your closet and finally how to skillfully put everything together.

Let me go over what you can expect from Diana's comprehensive and easy-to-follow e-book:

Part 1 - Basic Closet Principles

In the art of dressing well, you need to gain an understanding of what looks good together. Part 1 of the e-book focuses on assessing the person you're going to clothe - YOU!

Discover the basic principles of developing your unique personal style

The fashion advice here helps you understand:

What colors look good on you

Her color analysis is based on a 4 season-system: You're either an Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer. It's simplistic but may not be useful if you have an in-between coloring. But don't worry, this is far from the real "meat" of this e-book.

This color chapter also touches upon the topic on neutrals and using colors to minimize or enhance parts of your body figure.

How to dress you body shape

It only considers 4 body shape-types which are: A, V, H and 8. So I personally think you'll find better coverage on this in my Body Shapes-section.

But an invaluable part of this chapter is: She introduces you to 5 pointers (Lines, Color, Texture, Scale and Proportion) that can be easily implemented to solve a multitude of us gals' body insecurities - also known as our perceived "figure flaws" :-) Examples are: How to look taller or shorter, how to look thinner/curvier, how to broaden/narrow down wide shoulders, etc.

Your clothing personality (or: Fashion persona)

Getting in touch with your fashion persona ensures that you'll always dress in a way that is true to your style. Feeling comfortable is the key to looking chic and well-dressed!

In this chapter you'll find fun facts and information on 4 general clothing personalities which are Classic, Sporty, Dramatic and Romantic. Each profile provides you with ideas on how to define your fashion persona.

My personal downside to this chapter? Diana only considers 4 clothing personalities, excluding the Trendy and Creative fashion personas which I think are quite relevant in today's modern society. If your personal style is one of the mentioned 4, then you'll find this chapter insightful.

How to create a "Wardrobe Capsule"

A "Wardrobe Capsule" is basically a set of clothes that can be combined together to create multiple outfit combinations. And this is my personal highlight of the book! She uses plenty of illustrations and even demonstrates how 9 pieces can turn into 40 outfits :-)

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Part 2 - Preparing Your Closet

Diana continues to guide you through your style makeover journey and talks about how to prepare your wardrobe - using effective strategies such as: Closet organizing, creating a shopping and a closet plan, as well as budgeting.

Get the best strategies for building your style and wardrobe

Assessing your lifestyle and needs

You'll discover tips on how to evaluate your needs for casual, day and evening wear as well as business wear. She provides you with a chart for easier assessment of your lifestyles and personal needs, which you can find in one of the free bonuses that comes with this e-book.

This chapter also addresses closet indispensables categorized by: Work, Casual and Social.

How to organize your closet

Get her best strategies for organizing the contents of your closet. This is a very important step before you start updating your wardrobe because it clears out the clothes you don't need, making room for the new :-)

You'll find advice on how to decide what to toss or keep.

Should you start an Outfit Record?

Diana also encourages you to keep a record of various outfit combinations for easy mixing and matching. I personally think that this is a very nifty and practical way of organizing your closet. It sounds tedious but if you have a lot of clothes then the pay-off is outstanding - giving you easy and quick access to fab-proof outfit "layouts"!

Creating a shopping list

You'll find plenty of invaluable tips on how to create a shopping list based on your personal image goals and what you need.

Determining your budget

The advice you'll find here gets you thinking about how much money is put into your wardrobe. Diana introduces you to the Percentage Method which dictates how much you should spend on clothes.

I also think you'll enjoy her tips on how to determine what to buy and how to update your closet the cost-effective way.

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Part 3 - Pulling it All Together

In this final part of the e-book, you'll learn how to pull everything you've read so far together. From how to select clothes to maintaining the contents of your closet.

Learn how to be shopping savvy and how to maintain your look/closet

How to be shopping savvy

Diana gives you plenty of advice on how to improve your shopping habits. You'll find a list of pointers to keep in mind when you're buying new clothes. Examples are: How a garment should fit on your body figure, what colors and clothing styles to invest in, etc.

I especially appreciated her Fabric Definition Chart. Her tips on how to inspect the quality of a garment is quite helpful. And I think you'll like her Cost Per Wear Method.

Maintaining your look

Lots of practical tips on how to launder, mend and do seasonal maintenance on you clothes.

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How to create multiple outfit combinations

How to create multiple outfit combinations

What gives Diana Pemberton-Sikes the edge with "Wardrobe Magic" is that she gathered all of the style elements needed for improving your style and build a functional wardrobe, in one e-book.

I can guarantee you that if you dedicate your time to thoroughly review each chapter/step, you'll find yourself with a closet that will keep you covered on all seasons and occasions.

One of my favorite fashion advice Diana gives in her books is without a doubt the one on how to create multiple outfits with only a set of clothes. It's definitely an excellent strategy if you want plenty of variety for little money!

Bonuses included with "Wardrobe Magic"

  • 1. Wardrobe Magic Guide - a 26-pages long pdf file that will help you plan your wardrobe makeover
  • 2. What To Wear Under What You Wear - gives you the best tips on how to build a good foundation of underwear-drawer
  • 3. A Guide To Jeans - fashion advice on finding a pair of denim jeans that fit


However, I still think she could've expanded more on the chapter of colors, body shape and personal style. The system she uses here is very basic and might leave you puzzled.

I personally believe that more coverage on these 3 topics could really solidify the groundwork so that you'll feel confident as you progressively work your way up on the more "advanced" advice in this e-book.

Just my two cents.

But if you need an overview of what steps to take when upgrading your style at an affordable price of $24, then I don't think this matters much. If you're very new to fashion & style then the content in Diana's e-book gives you a "feel" of what to expect when you want to improve your style from scratch. Besides, you'll find more coverage on the Fashion 101 on my website :-)

If you're 35 or younger, then you may find the illustrations and image examples a bit outdated.

Ready to Tackle Your Wardrobe and Start Looking Amazing for Less?

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Then get your copy of Diana Pemberton-Sikes "Wardrobe Magic" at a budget-friendly for just $24.

If you will take the time to digest the invaluable fashion advice in her e-book, then I can assure you that you'll be able to save a lot of money and really make use of your clothes.

This e-book is particularly useful if you already know your colors, body shape and fashion persona. The styling secrets and fashion tips you'll find here will take your style to a new level!

Click here to get a copy of "Wardrobe Magic" for $24

PS: Purchasing the e-book will generate commissions.

Stay chic!

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