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"What Chic Style Is
.. and the Differences between Fashion & Style"

The style tips and fashion advice offered here on is based on chic fashion. Chic derives from the French word 'chique' which means skills and elegance - and over the past few decades it has been used to refer to a woman as smart and stylish.

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."
- Coco Chanel

Chic Fashion: Stylish without Being a Slave for Fashion

Chic is basically a word that describes a person who is fashionable, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they have to wear the latest and hottest looks.

It means you wear what looks good on you, and that you know how to work with what you've got and flaunt it without looking like victim of fashion (aka trying too hard). You also follow the current fashion trends but with a critical eye.

In essence, it is called having a timeless sense of style.. Which is EXACTLY what describes the concept of the However I also try to encourage you to take risks and follow your true style to keep your wardrobe modern, fun and exciting!

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For Me Chic Fashion Is:

  • Timeless, classy and closet smart

  • Chic fashion pearl necklace
    Basic pieces such as a pair of black slacks, string of pearls and a white shirt are the sole foundation of chic fashion style. The way you dress your coloring, body figure and personal clothing personality show in your smart closet choices.

  • Feminine

  • Chic fashion lipstick

    It's about getting in touch with your womanly side and being playful. Flirt through the clothes you wear - put on some red lipstick if you feel sexy (or simply to feel extra sexy). Be girly with a short flouncy skirt. Play up your legs with bright colored tights or lace leggings. Cinch that waist with a belt.

    Check out the beautiful Parisians and Italians and you'll see what I mean!

  • Self-expression

  • Chic fashion self expression

    You dare to bring out different aspects of your mood, personality and lifestyle in the way you dress despite what the catwalk and fashion magazines are saying is 'in' or 'out'.

    Even though your style is timeless, you know how to cherry-pick the best details and clothes from the current fashion trends and make it yours. You know how to stretch your style envelope without making it look too much. But most important of all, you're constantly finding ways to express yourself and stretch your style envelope.

It's the type of fashion that is a part of my clothing personality and that I personally love. And that's why you'll see that I refer to it frequently :-)

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says Despite that chic fashion is considered classy, I also try to add other fashion styles such as Boho, Trendy and some Urban (a little bit of everything really) because I truly believe that having a great sense of style is about being self-expressive and really bring out to bring out different parts of your personality and mood in the way you dress. It keeps your style ever-fresh :)

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Chic Fashion isn't Just about the Rules

I know it sounds like I'm contradicting myself. I mean, I have over 500 pages on the website with guidelines and rules, why am I saying it now? Hear me out on this:

Dressing chic doesn't revolve around the rules only (your best colors, dressing your body shape, etc.) but it's also about YOU, as a person. How you want to project yourself to the world. How you want people to perceive you. How you feel. Who you are.

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening"
- Coco Chanel

All I'm saying is that if you attempt to wear something that isn't you, it'll end up looking awkward, no matter how fabulous your outfit is. It won't look good because of the person who is wearing it isn't shining through it. It'll just look like another piece on a lifeless mannequin.

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Chic Fashion: That's When Owning Your Style
Comes into the Picture

The goal with the basic fashion tips on this site is to give you a helping hand in discovering the best chic fashion and style for YOU.

"The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!
- Coco Chanel

It is especially catered towards women (young and old) who want to look their best and improve their style, but don't know where to start.

Instead of looking for outfits and inspiration in magazines, begin with your closet and yourself. Look at what you already got and work from there. Outfits can come later. You need to first get a better picture of who you are and what looks great on you.

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says The goal with the fashion advice on this site is to help you grasp on the essence of your personal style (colors, body type, personal taste and preferences). It's basically how to achieve chic fashion style. I'm here to give you guidelines and ideas on how to look your best and get the most out of your clothes. Nothing less. If you don't agree with my advice, no problem. Tweak it, and make it yours.

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Chic Fashion: Differences Between Fashion & Style

If you lay out the foundation your halfway to achieving great style.

Why just halfway?

Because style takes more practice and time (and not least self-reflection) than the theoretical stuff (how to look taller, thinner, etc.) I would even dare to say that style is more advanced than fashion because it involves putting your blinders on and look within yourself; weeding out the noise that tells you how you should dress and what you should buy to look sexy/trendy/hot/etc.

What is Style?

For me, style is about being and existing. It's creating a statement with your clothing purely based on who you are.

Chic fashion

When you've built up a level comfort and confidence in who you are that's when the zest will naturally show in the way you dress. The rules will help you look good but it is this zest that will make you look and feel fabulous! It's more real.

What is Fashion?

Fashion on the other hand is more of a show, a dream, a fantasy, the excitement of wearing something that is out of your world because it gives you a break from your 'ol life. It's like doing a dress-up. Haven't we all fantasized about being a rockstar, princess or a sexy bombshell?

Chic fashion

Fashion is slavishly keeping up with what other people are wearing. It's fun indeed, but can appear desperate if done excessively. However, I do believe that some people can wear an outfit out of pure fashion but you need the right mindset and attitude to pull it off. If you have the slightest insecurity about your outfit then forget about it! A super-trendy outfit and your personality need to match up!

Your personality is the essence of looking great and stylish, and being this connected isn't as achievable as we want it to be because of the media portraying of what's 'perfect', forcing your attention away from yourself and on to other women. And then what happens? You forget about yourself and strive to achieve someone's else's style even though it's not the best one for you.

"My style is not perfect for you, but it is perfect for me."

A fabulous chic personal style takes into account the right amount of risk (fashion and trends) vs. safety (your colors, body type, etc.) for any occasion! Having a great (chic) style means that you're able to dress presentable but take it close to the edge without overdoing it.

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says Also, having great personal style is about daring to stretch your fashion envelope and try new things. When you've achieved a certain level of comfort and confidence, you'll (hopefully) dare to evolve your style according to your mood and the experiences, dreams and goals you get along the way.

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Chic Fashion: You'll Benefit from the Fashion Advice I Give Here

If you're new to fashion then the basics give you a place to start.

If you're an 'experienced' fashionista then look at the basics as a way to take it up a notch and polish your style.

Your best colors are a great way to give some life to your hair, eyes and skin.

The best clothes for your body type is a great way to emphasize your best assets and camouflage the parts you don't like and are self-conscious about, and give you a boost of confidence.

Organizing your closet helps you save money and get overview of what you already have and don't need to spend more money on.

... And the reasons go on to why the fashion advice given on are essential! They'll help you take better choices and build a smart wardrobe. Trust me, you'll benefit from it!

"Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly."
- Epictetus

Good luck, and remember, have fun!

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