Bohemian Fashion Style

... Guide to Achieving a Boho-Chic Look!

Today, Bohemian Fashion Style is becoming more of a state of mind rather than just a look or a "fashion trend that will eventually fade in time".

Bohemian fashion style outfit form Free People
Courtesy of Free People

Dressing bohemian style is a way to express yourself and connect with the world and nature, as well as adorn yourself with the richest flavors of cultures. Today's global awareness is continuously strengthening this type of fashion.

In this ultimate guide to achieving a Chic Bohemian Style you'll discover:
  • Fashion tips on how to achieve a boho-chic look
  • Ideas on how to infuse bohemian into your own style
  • Ways to accentuate your Bohemian Clothing Personality
  • Where to buy bohemian style clothing online

Anna, I don't have time!
Take me straight to the the meat of fashion tips and shopping!

Bohemian fashion style has all the funky elements and the exotic zing of fashion – creating a rich cocktail of casual, hippie 70s style and ethnic along with vintage.

There's no surprise to why this look is so appealing to us :-)

It's cool. Hip. And definitely feminine.. in a rugged and effortless way!

You've already seen how fashion icons and Hollywood celebs such as Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Zoe Kravitz, Joy Bryant, Kate Moss and Vanessa Hudgens have taken a fresh twist on the bohemian style..

.. with glam, glitter and rock!

The Boho-look is one of my favorite styles because it plays up my dark features. I often infuse some ethnic-inspired details into my Classic Fashion Persona.

Learn how to achieve a boho-chic fashion style look
Boho-Chic Style Tips

Learn the key pointers to achieving a chic boho style (no more looking like a street beggar). Discover the elements that make up Bohemian Fashion and the shortcuts to adding an exotic flair to your look!

You'll also discover:

  • What colors to wear
  • Details to look for & how to mix and match
  • Where to find boho outfit inspiration

Chic Guide to Achieving a Boho-Chic Look »

How to Use 70s Fashion as Boho Inspiration »

How to Define Your Creative Fashion Persona »

Shop the latest Bohemian Style Clothing
Shop Bohemian-Inspired Clothing Online

This guide gives you tips on how to wear the different boho-inspired clothes and accessories, from jewelry to footwear, dresses to tops.

Also discover where you can buy the latest bohemian style clothing online.

Shop the Latest Bohemian Style Clothing »

Shop the latest Bohemian Dresses
Bohemian Dresses

Wearing a boho-inspired dress is a simple way to look casual yet alluring You just gotta love the elegant feel of a bohemian dress and how it never makes you look overdressed.

Shop the latest bohemian dresses, from minis to maxi dresses. Lace details to prints.

Chic's Guide to Bohemian Dresses »

Shop the latest Boho-inspired Tops and Blouses
Boho Tops

A top easiest way to look boho-chic in an instant – just pair it with jeans and leather sandals and you're good to go! You can also try a trendier look by combining a boho-inspired top with leather shorts or a skirt :-)

Shop the latest bohemian-inspired tops and blouses online.

Chic's Guide to Shoppping for Boho Tops »

Shop the latest Boho Skirts, Pants and Shorts
Boho Skirts

Make a cool fashion statement by wearing a ethnic-print skirt with your leather sandals!

Print skirts, long skirts and gaucho pants go with your basic tees and tops - or tucked over your classy shirts and blouses.

Chic's Guide to Boho Skirts & Bottoms »

Master Accessorizing

The art of accessorizing
Dress for Any Occasion

How to look appropriate on all occasions
Advice for Petites

Guide to looking taller

More Fashion Help at the Style Makeover SHOP

Shop the latest Boho Jewelry
Boho Jewelry

Bohemian-inspired jewelry can be the icing for your basic tees and dresses - and are also a versatile way to mix & match your outfits.

Shop the latest boho jewelry online and adorn yourself with layers of necklaces, metal and wood mix bracelets, stack rings and long earrings!

Chic's Guide to Boho Jewelry »

Shop the latest Boho Scarves
Boho Scarves

Add some color to your face with boho print scarves.

You can even do an à la bohemian fashion layering by wearing the scarf as a necklace! There are endless ways to wear a scarf and create a creative look. We love variety, don't we?

Chic's Guide to Boho Scarves »

Shop the latest Boho Handbags
Boho Handbags

A boho-inspired bag with its luscious print can spruce up your outfit in an instant. Works best with simple dresses with clean lines and solid colors - however, a bohemian handbag can be mixed with other prints to create a super-cool eclectic look!

Check out these bohemian-inspired handbags and purses I found on the Net.

Chic's Guide to Boho Handbags »

Shop the latest waist wide belts
Boho Shoes

Boho-inspired shoes such as beaded sandals, slouch and Moccasin boots look very chic with a pair of shorts or a simple sun dress.

I love wearing my leather gladiator sandals with my Levi's denim shorts and a white blouse.

Chic's Guide to Bohemian-inspired Footwear »

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Bohemian Fashion Style

If you have a Bohemian fashion style or feel drawn to anything boho-inspired, then it's likely that you have a strong Natural and Creative fashion persona.

So what exactly is a Fashion Persona?

It's a "label" that many image consultants and fashion stylists use to classify a dominant personality. What you like, what you prefer, your interests, your dreams & goals, how you aspire to live, etc., can be transcribed into a specific Fashion Persona.

Click here to learn more about Defining Your Personal Style »

There will always be people with a certain lifestyle and personality - a set of interests, hobbies, beliefs and so on - who will gravitate towards the boho look no matter what the current fashion trends are saying are "in".

"So What Type of People Have this
Bohemian Clothing Personality?"

"Bohemianistas" range from trendy teens to women in their 40s and 50s who grew up in a hippie household.

Here are the typical traits:

    Tia Carrere exotic look
    Tia Carrere's exotic coloring.
  • Women with an exotic look such as dark hair and warm complexion. This is simply because of the boho color palette that looks amazing on their coloring. If you have a light coloring then you're likely drawn to lighter but warm colors. We have the tendency to be attracted to clothes and colors that look good on us!
  • Women who have a laid-back attitude and life philosophy (which also includes mature gals who grew up in the 60s/70s or by hippie parents)
  • Artsy and creative women. They usually favor art and are into mixing styles and colors

You can also find trendy gals who try to pull off this look - but mostly because it looks cool ;-) Have fun with it, but you'll know when this isn't your true style. You can also interpret it differently with your own personal style.

Key Elements of Bohemian Fashion Style

Model Joy Bryant looking boho chic
Model Joy Bryant looking boho-chic.
Courtesy of Celebutopia
Many associate bohemian fashion style with ragged, hippie clothes. And I completely understand why.

I've seen so many girls and young women on the streets trying to pull off a boho look but they end up looking like street beggars.


They have too much going on in their outfit with either heaps of accessories and multiple long layers that drag down their body frame.

(And I cringe whenever I see this on skinny, short girls)

You want to look boho-chic – as in: Modern and well-dressed. Not super-sloppy. Boho-chic is about mixing the old with new, trendy with the classics. And of course, making sure the clothes look fabulous on your body figure and match your personal style.

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says The artsy-fartsy-hippie way of dressing boho is not my cup of tea, but mainly because my dominant fashion persona is Classic and I prefer refining the bohemian look. In my opinion, I think it's important to let your outfit "breathe" a little and make room for your fabulous personality.

Learn how to dress bohemian the chic way »

Bohemian Style Clothing

Nicole Richie in her boho wardrobe
Glamour Magazine UK. Nicole Richie and her closet!
One of the best parts about dressing like a bohemianista is the gorgeous clothes!

Prints, golds, silver, lace, beads, rich colors and other textures and details make it all oh-so-exciting :-)

I've created pages full of bohemian style clothing and accessories shopping recommendations - only the best online stores and boho must-haves and closet essentials that will define your bohemian clothing personality are presented here.

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