The School Using Minecraft To Raise Money For Charity

The School Using Minecraft To Raise Money For Charity

The world we live in today has several forms of inequalities, making some people of certain ages, genders or locations live below basic standards. This disadvantaged group faces a shortage of basic things for survival in modern society. For this reason, well-wishers come up with organizations to raise funds to uplift the lifestyle of the less fortunate in our societies.
As more and more people deserve financial help, there has been a need to create better ways of raising funds besides engaging potential donors in a one-on-one conversation. These new ways are usually informed by activities that people can participate in voluntarily and in large numbers at a small fee. Hence, as you pay to participate, you know very well that the revenues will go towards helping a needy person somewhere. Such activities included games and sports, the sale of items, and luncheons.

The strategy behind the use of these activities is to bring people together, create awareness of how others are suffering, and build a network for current and future initiatives. Young people who are still studying also have an opportunity to help in raising funds through what they do best. One of these ways is online gaming within their communities. Minecraft is one of the leading games chosen by school-going children to create awareness and raise funds for charity work.

How Minecraft Can Generate Charity Funds

Technological advancement has prompted many well-wishers to look up to more creative ways of reaching out to the masses and engaging more donors in a more exciting and friendly approach. One way technology has been used to raise money is by playing Minecraft at schools. For us to embrace the power of this game, let’s look at a recent experience that took place at Richmond School.

In this event, the kids decided to utilize Minecraft gaming for the day’s fundraising as it is a familiar video game to most, if not all, of the teenagers in school. Although the reason for the fund’s drive was not made public, it was for sure made out of love for the deserving beneficiary.

They opted to have a full day of gaming and take advantage of the popularity of Minecraft to raise money within their online communities. At least ten kids went through the gaming session without taking a break with the aim of enduring the longest amongst their peers. The game was not only for survival but a commitment to helping others.

At the end of the gaming session, the exercise was very fruitful, and they managed to collect over £500 for their chosen charity. The event opened up the space for charity work with other influential persons, realizing that unordinary ways of raising cash can also make a difference in people’s lives.

Additionally, the Richmond School realized that working together may achieve more than pursuing a task individually. Hence, they were able to practice patience and commitment in their personal lives as well as being creative in problem-solving, taking the gaming industry beyond entertainment. As for the community, the event inspired them to be creative in having unique strategies for meeting life-changing objectives.

Benefits of Minecraft Gaming for Schooling Charity

While there are many ways schools may use to raise funds for the needy projects, Minecraft comes with many advantages. Firstly, the game rides on online platforms, making it accessible anywhere and over different devices. Hence, if your school wants to game for charity, every participant can comfortably carry their device to school. As long as the school has internet connectivity, they can access Minecraft SMP servers and start gaming for charity. Alternatively, everyone can stream from the comfort of their homes during non-school working hours.

Secondly, the popularity of the games brings a huge following to your fingertips. Over the years, Minecraft has grown its client base all over the world from all ages and lifestyles. Hence, it allows you to sell your charity idea to as many people as there are in the online community. Therefore, you must fish for the willing givers and make your wishes come true.

More so, gaming allows players to align their play with their cause. For instance, those who love building and construction can play Minecraft to raise funds to build houses for persons affected by natural disasters. That makes the players contribute while mutually benefiting from the entertainment part of the game.

Online gaming also provides players with a link to the donation site while streaming and would be generous to offer an excellent amount to fulfill the course of their best streamer. It also makes it possible for them to spread the news about the school initiative during the gaming breaks. Hence, reaching out to more potential donors at no cost and faster. During breaks, you can engage the players and answer questions about the purpose of the charity, giving them a personal touch and eliminating any ideas that might be misleading.

While looking for funds, the school must also be conscious of the costs of arranging a fundraiser. However, with Minecraft online streaming, you need little planning at minimum or no cost. The school doesn’t need to hire a hall to receive guests or get licensing from local officials or even the day’s weather. There are chances, too, that you can liaise with other charity streamers and form partnerships to strengthen the course of your school charity works.


In summary, Richmond School demonstrated that the gaming industry can do more than provide a source of entertainment for fans. The idea is not only creative but cost-effective. It proves that technology can be used in all forms for the good of the entire society.

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