Interior Decor: How To Go From Bland To Chic

Interior Decor: How To Go From Bland To Chic

If your living space has been the same since you bought or rented your house, it could be old-fashioned by now. You may be thinking of giving it a brand new look to reflect your current taste of style and become appealing even to guests. Interior decor plays an important part in giving your home the ambience of a new look.

Using the best techniques and professionals, you can change your spaces from bland to chic, reflecting your personality and creating a welcoming environment. However, if you don’t have the budget to hire interior designers, that should not worry you. This guide will highlight most of the things you can do for yourself to give your room a new breath of life into your space.

Walk with us as we explore some simple but effective tips that can take away that bland look at minimal cost and effort. Read on

Give Your Walls an Artistic Beauty

Changing the wall hangings is one way to add an aesthetic touch to your space. Another way to bring elegance to your space is to mount art pieces on your walls. Shop for hand-made paintings, abstract prints, or photographs that blend with your style and create a focal point.

You can also add mirrors to reflect natural light, amplify the space, and add a touch of elegance to your decor. If your living room is large, choose larger mirrors with wooden frames to blend with the artwork. However, avoid overdoing the mirrors, as they create delusion rather than harmony.

Redo Interior Walls

Although the wall should be repainted regularly to keep the original feel as good as new, you may try something different. Instead of painting the same color on all the walls, Introduce a mix of color and texture. Use warm colors in the living room and kitchen to instantly energize the room. You may also prefer textured paints to create a unique style on one of the four walls where your artworks hang.

Additionally, find some vibrant throw pillows with colors that blend with the walls. Mix and match different textures such as velvet, linen, or wool to create visual interest and depth in your design. Change the curtains to wrap your personal touch into your decor scheme.

Dispose of Old Items

A cluttered room always looks untidy and erodes the beauty of every piece of art or furniture in the room. Take time to dispose of all items that are of no use or which don’t add aesthetic value to your space. If some items are too old, consider purchasing new ones a day at a time until you are satisfied. Invest in stylish storage solutions like baskets, trays, or shelving units to keep items neatly tucked away.

Adding a touch of elegance to your decor can be very costly and you may need to insure these personal items. You can always browse a list of quality renters insurance available online in your locality to keep your investment safe in case of loss or damage. However, you don’t need to throw away everything as you can blend the new modern decor with your vintage pieces to create a balance.

Improve Ambience

In addition to the natural sunlight, you must make your room glow with architectural lighting in the evening or if your house is not well-lit. Proper lighting highly impacts the overall beauty of your decor as it determines how the eyes capture everything you have worked hard for to bring out the aesthetic appeal.

Consider replacing your old or ordinary lighting fixtures with elegant alternatives that use modern lighting technology to complement your decor style. Some lights will also come with different shades to give a mix of ambience, while accent lighting can create layers of illumination. Whether you choose pendant or floor style, ensure they illuminate the house and become part of your interior decor.

Go Green with Indoor Plants

You can add more life to the house by cultivating some indoor plants and introducing some greenery using eco-friendly planters. This is a very simple way of changing the natural outlook of your home but a very effective way to breathe life into your interior decor. There are many ways of keeping plants healthy indoors to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. You may place them in pots on tables, shelves, or at the entrance.

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