Do Gaming Economies make you a Better Business Person?

Do Gaming Economies make you a Better Business Person?

If you are someone that is immersed in the world of online gaming, then you may be aware of gaming economies. Though gaming economies have become much more popular in the past few years, the exchange of goods within games is nothing new. In fact, it is probably something that we have all been exposed to or taken part in as we have grown up.  

Now, depending on when you were born, gaming played a large part in all of our childhoods. Though people who don’t agree with gaming may disagree, gaming actually gives you a lot of transferable skills that you can apply to everyday life.  

Again, these skills can be easily disputed by people who don’t see the value in gaming. However, it is hard to deny that gaming doesn’t help to develop both communication and planning skills. Aside from the game itself, gaming economies are also a great source of transferable skills. You may not believe it, but gaming economies can actually make you a better business person, and here is how.  


Though there is a lot that goes into the world of business, one of the most important skills that you can have when trying to be a better business person is good maths abilities. Business circulates around money, which means you have to have the ability to calculate costs and also get to know how to make profits and successful sales. The business economy works a lot like the actual economy, so once you learn how to deal in the business economy, then you can transfer these skills to the actual business world.  When you play several games at once, you also have to become familiar with several different currencies and exchange rates, especially when you are dealing with people from around the world.  


If you are someone that is familiar with the gaming world, then you will also be familiar with the fact that most people that you will play with will not be your friend. In fact, it is likely that you would have experienced someone trying to scam you out of your in-game currency or even try to steal your account details. This is such a regular occurrence that most games will actually warn you of this happening and encourage you to set up additional security for your account.  

 Sorry to break it to you but the business world is just as, if not more, cutthroat than the world of gaming. If you think that people take virtual currency seriously, then imagine just how seriously they take situations in which real money can be made or lost. The world of gaming is so hard that it is even encouraged that you cheat. After all, even the top rust players won’t be able to beat you if you cheat. This mindset can easily be applied to the world of business and it is said that you should expect someone to try and cheat you, much like they do in the gaming world. 


If you are someone that takes part in gaming economies, then you will know that patience is one of the most valuable things you can have. It can be tempting to try and sell on your goods or even exchange the money that you make as soon as you possibly can, however, the exchange rate and the money that you can make can increase or decrease regularly, so it is important to keep your goods until you are guaranteed some profit, just like in the world of business.  

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