Color Choices and Suggestions- Your Autumn Color Palette

If you have an Autumn coloring discover your color palette and tips on how to select and wear the best colors for your rich and warm coloring, right here.

If you’re an Autumn, you probably have:

  • A lot of depth to your coloring with golden undertones (eg. strawberry blonde hair, chestnut brown or rich red hair)
  • Warm undertone to your skin. Bluish or pinkish tints may exist but the warmth is dominant. Peachy skin, which is a warm type of pink is considered warm.
  • Deep, earth tone quality to your eye color such as black-brown, deep to medium brown, bright brown, deep green, light to dark hazel, dark blue, mixed blue and green eyes (some gray or/and yellow in them)
  • In general, your coloring is low in contrast but not as delicate as Spring and Summer. Some Autumns have a high contrast coloring but not as vivid as a Winter
  • Light, muted but rich coloring which appears mousy and a mix of both cool and warm which make you look neutral. But you still have some depth to it
  • … Or an overall deep and warm look with olive to black skin, very dark eyes and dark brown to black hair.

The majority of women of color as well as Caucasians with warm and rich coloring fall within this group. Also, the majority of natural red-heads are considered Autumns because of their spicy hair color which dominate their look. However there are some exceptions to red hair based on the intensity of the overall coloring.

You may have some coolness (eg. olive) to your coloring which may indicate that you flow into a cooler season. Learn more further down this page.

Your Color Palette Within the Autumn Season

Now let’s take a closer look at where on the intensity scale within the Autumn season you belong to, based on the dominant quality of your hair, eye and skin color.

4 seasons of seasonal color analysis

By knowing this you’ll know what nuances of the Autumn colors suit you best. Because even though two persons share the same season, the color palette may differ by a few nuances.

Differences between the 3 Autumns

Here we have 3 examples of the 3 Autumns with typical Autumn characteristics but different intensities. Kristin Kreuk (center) is considered a classic Autumn because of her overall warm but deep coloring (which flows into Winter). She looks amazing in black, doesn’t she?

Kate Beckinsale (left) may look like a classic Autumn but her coloring is slightly more muted than Kreuk’s, which flows more toward Spring – a Warm Autumn. Drew Barrymore (right) flows the opposite way towards Summer which makes her coloring lighter and softer – a Soft Autumn.

Autumn color palette intensities

Now let’s check out the typical characteristics and color palette of each intensity:

Soft Autumn (eg. Drew Barrymore)

Eyes: Light brown, soft hazel, blue, mixed blue, gray-green (mixed green)

Hair: Golden blonde to medium brown, soft auburn, eg. strawberry blonde, mousy look. May have blonde or red highlights. Signs of ashiness may indicate that you’re a Soft-muted Summer, not Autumn.

Skin: Ivory, neutral beige, olive and also brown. If you’re a woman of color, the skin color hair is less important than eyes and hair, so don’t think about that too much

Soft Autumn color palette seasonal color analysis

You have a mousy coloring, a mix of warm and cool, but often with a definite yellow undertone in your skin. You may flow into Soft-muted Summer. Learn more about having a soft-muted coloring and what colors to wear.

 Examples of Soft Autumn celebs: Giselle Bundchen, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie, Drew Barrymore

Warm Autumn (eg. Kate Beckinsale)

Eyes: Medium brown or lighter, olive green, dark hazel

Hair: Medium golden brown, medium chestnut, rich and warm red, auburn, deep golden brown

Skin: Bronze, golden beige, ivory, warm beige. May have freckles.

Warm Autumn color palette coloring seasonal color analysis

You have a definite warmth to your hair, eyes and skin. If you have obvious cool undertones then you can not be a Warm Autumn.

This is especially an issue for many red-haired women – just take note of the intensity of your hair color! If it’s a softer red then you may be a lighter season or if you have any other dominant characteristics that are NOT warm, base your analysis on that characteristic.

You may flow into Warm Spring. Learn more about having a Warm coloring and what colors to wear.

 Examples of celebs with Warm Autumn coloring: Isla Fisher, Debra Messing, Kate Beckinsale, Lindsay Lohan, Marcia Cross, Beyonce (mix of Warm Spring)

Deep Autumn (eg. Kristin Kreuk)

Eyes: Dark brown, black-brown, dark hazel, dark green and some instances a very, deep and dark shade of blue

Hair: Black-brown, dark to deep chestnut, medium brown

Skin: Bronze, black, olive, ivory, golden beige. If you have some cool undertones it may indicate that you flow towards Deep Winter

Deep Autumn color palette seasonal color analysis

This is another classic color palette (along with Deep Winter) for the majority of women of color – the difference is that this is yellow-based. Your coloring is deep, warm but muted.

You may flow into Deep Winter. Learn more about having a Deep coloring and what colors to wear.

 Examples of Deep Autumn celebs: Jessica Alba, Kristin Kreuk, Julia Roberts, Audrina Partridge, Vanessa Minnillo, Eva Mendes

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