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Are you looking for fashionable womens sun hats, from glamorous Casablancan wide brim hats to the more trendy panama straw hats and straw fedora? Well then you're in luck! Because this page will provide you with shopping tips on the best and most stylish sun hats that go with your summer outfits.

Womens sun hat by Nordstrom
Courtesy of Nordstrom

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You can also find sun protection hats containing SPF (no kidding) called Coolibar UPF 50+ which are specially designed to protect your face from dangerous UVA and UVB rays and use special hydrating gel crystals to keep to keep you feeling fresh and cool on a hot summer day!

I know how important it is for you to look good in your summer outfit, so that's why I've tried my best to find the chic'est womens sun hats. So whether you're looking for something that can shade your face from the sun during a hiking trip or for something that will help you look gorgeous at the beach, I'm sure you'll find something that will suit your needs.

How to Buy Womens Sun Hats

Make sure you select a hat that flatters your face shape

Kate Bosworth wearing a straw fedora sun hat
Kate Bosworth via Fame Pictures
If you want to look your best with a hat, you need to select hat styles that complement your face shape. The shape, style and size of a hat can make or break your look. It can shorten or lengthen, and even emphasize the shape of your face.

For example, if you have an oblong face, you need hat styles that shorten and visually add width to it. Or if you have a wide-roundish face shape, the best womens sun hats for you have a raised crown and an irregular brim which help make your face look slimmer.

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Wear a hat that go hand in hand with the activity

Like for example, if you're going to be physically active (like on safari or hiking trip), choose a practical lightweight hat and not last head-fitted with a chin strap to keep it secure during the wildest ride.

Or if you're just going to wear one to look good go for the wider brimmed and fancier ones.

    Mini notebook icon Packing for a tropical vacation? Then save space in your luggage with a crushable and packable hat.

On a budget?

Then opt for versatile sun hats in solid neutrals such as black, beige (straw) and white, with minimal details. You can wear them with almost anything - which can last you for any years.

I personally like my sun hats to be basic so that I don't have a bunch of trendy hats that look good with only one type of outfit. A basic one can go from casual-cool to dressy-pretty outfits, which means I only need to pack one hat with me! If I've secured the basics, I build it from there with cute details that create a fashion statement.

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