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Style & Shopping Guide to Chic Womens Plus Clothing
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This is your guide to your Womens Plus Size Clothing & Styling needs!

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Here you'll find everything from shopping for your best clothes to fashion advice and styling strategies that help flatter your full figure size as well as your horizontal body shape (Hourglass, Pear, Apple, etc.). Also learn how the size measurements work for plus sizes!

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"So What Does Plus Size Exactly Mean?"

A plus size refers to a larger body scale which is usually from size 14 (size 16 in the UK) and up. Womens plus clothing is made to complement the bigger scale of a full-figure woman.

Luckily for you (and sadly for Petites), there is a wide selection of stylish plus size clothes on the market today. Gone are the days when full figure women were encouraged to create a blousy and tented look to purposely disguise their curves!

Today, the fashion manufacturers have finally understood the styling principles of how to dress your body. One of them is selecting clothes that have a great fit on your body figure. And baggy clothes do the exact opposite.

Note: If you're short (5'4"/163cm or below) then I also suggest visiting Style & Shopping Guide to Womens Petite Clothing.

If you're a size 14 or greater, and you need tips on where and how to start looking stylish, then this guide will provide you with all the necessary fashion advice, styling strategies and not least the best online shopping resources to help you look and feel fabulous in your clothes!

Let's take a look at the topics on Plus Size fashion that I'm covering:

How to dress your plus size figure - fashion advice for plus size women
Style Tips for Plus Size Women

You don't have to be thin to look stylish and gorgeous. But there is a difference between looking frumpy and voluptuous!

This page provides you with guidelines on how to wear clothes that help you look and feel your best in your curvy body figure.

You'll also discover:

  • How to use proportions and flatter your plus size body figure
  • Fashion advice if you're petite
  • Best clothing styles and details complement your body scale

Golden Style Rules for Voluptuous Gals »

Best styling tricks for plus size women »

Perfect Your
Accessorizing Skills

The art of accessorizing
Upgrade Your Style
on a Budget

Guide to dressing well and looking fabulous
Advanced Styling Tricks
for Plus Size Bodies

Guide to looking leaner

Latest plus size skirts
Plus Size Skirts

This page gives you the latest within plus size skirts, from the basic to trendy styles.

You'll also learn how to select a skirt that flatters your body figure and where to buy plus size denim skirts and plus size mini skirt at affordable prices.

Learn more about Plus Size Skirts »

Latest plus size dresses
Womens Plus Size Dresses

Your best dresses fit you perfectly, showing off your best assets as well as skimming over those areas you don't want to draw attention to.

This page showcases the latest dress styles - giving you ideas and inspiration on how to update your closet. You'll also find tips on what to look for in a dress, guiding you to your best dress styles that flatter your plus size body figure.

Chic's Guide to Womens Plus Size Dresses »

Get Plus Size Summer Dresses inspiration »

Plus size shapewear
Plus Size Shapewear

Plus size shapewear is an excellent investment and a drawer essential that helps you look trim in an instant. It eliminates all concerns of lumps and bumps that bulk up your body frame under a snug dress or top.

Definitely recommended for when you just need to tuck in the extra bulges around troublesome areas like stomach, hips and thighs.

Chic's Guide to Buying Plus Size Shapewear »

Latest plus size bathing suits
Plus Size Bathing Suits

Two of the best plus size swimsuit styles are tankinis and swim dresses because they effectively skim over the lumps and bumps, "tuckin" in the extras, giving enough support around the bust. Both bathing suits also provide you with the coverage you may want without sacrificing style.

Guide to the Best Plus Size Bathing Suits »

Click here for shopping tips on Plus Size Tankinis »

Learn about the latest Slimming Swimsuits »

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How to Dress Your Plus Size Figure

The best way to start looking your best is to dress according to the proportions of your body figure - meaning your horizontal body shape (Hourglass, Pear, Inverted Triangle, Apple, Rectangle) as well as your vertical line (do you have short legs or long legs compared to your upper body?). Plus size women come in all shapes and sizes – from curvy to athletic figure frames.

Work with Your Body Proportions

This means that despite a group of women wearing the same size, each of them has a set of styling needs that help them look their best. The kimono top that flatters your arms and make your hips look smaller, might not look as good on a woman who has wide shoulders and slim hips.

I suggest that you start with the very basics - determining your body shape - to get a clearer picture of how to place accessories, colors and shapes on all the right places of your body frame to aid in disguising the parts of your body that make you look wider, so that you can feel confident and look your best!

The 5 General Body Shapes:

Another key factor to dressing your full-figure size is your frame's vertical line; meaning, how long your upper half is compared to your bottom half (torso versus hips and legs). You might have longer or shorter legs than your upper body or vice versa which also involves a couple of adjustments. In general, having long legs make you look taller and slimmer. Check out more detailed fashion advice on how to dress your vertical body shape here.

Buying Petite Plus Size Womens Clothing

If you're short you need to look for petite plus size clothing that suits your height as well as body scale. You can find petite clothes for full figure women at stores such as Woman Within, Jessica London and Catherine's. Learn more about how to dress your petite height.

Streamline Your Silhouette and Look Trimmer

By having your body shape in mind you'll know how to strategically wear your plus size clothing in a way that will streamline your silhouette and make you look trimmer. Anything that makes the eye go up and down, instead of the the sides, helps you look leaner.

Keeping your waist slim will also help create a sleek and appealing silhouette.

Examples of slimming details are:

  • Monochromatic outfit (dark or light colors from bottom to top)
  • Wearing vertical jewelry motifs
  • V-necks or any other shapes that draw the eye up and down

Focus on Great Fit

One of the best ways to look trimmer is to wear great fitting clothes. So avoid tented, oversized tops and pants that only make you look heavier, and stick to clothing that sits snugly on your body, but not too tight to avoid creating bulges that would attract attention to problem areas.

It should be neither loose or tight, and it's preferred to keep the thinnest part of your waist trim with for example empire line, nipped waist cut or belt.

Other ways to finding great fitting womens plus size clothing are:

  • Always know your current body measurements that you can compare to size charts.
  • Wear the right undergarment. These should fit perfect to avoid bulges underneath your clothes. So throw out those saggy panties!
  • Stick to right above or knee length hemlines

My private stylist portfolio on how to wear clothes

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Other Points to Consider When it Comes to
Womens Plus Size Clothing & Fashion

One thing you should know when it comes to womens plus size clothing and full-figure sizes is that they can vary by manufacturer. Always double-check their size chart. Even compare various plus clothing stores charts to see the differences.

Understanding How Plus Sizes Work

Usually a W may follow the size number, and the sizes can go from a 12W to 16W up to 30W or greater. The odd numbers such as 13 and 17 are marketed to plus size teens.

So what exactly is the difference between a regular size 14 and a 14W?

A 14W is larger cut around the waist, stomach and hips. It can be a small or significant different, because each manufacturer uses its own measurements which explains the discrepancy in sizes from store to store. Some may run smaller or larger than average.

So if you're shopping for womens plus size clothing online, make sure to:

  • Check the size chart and compare it with your own measurements
  • Email the company regarding the measurements
  • Research customer reviews and see what others are saying about the fit and size

What does 1X, 2X, 3X, etc. mean?

Most womens plus size clothing today are designated with an X. And an X usually corresponds to a size 14W-16W – 2X to an 18W-20W, and 3X to a 22W-24W.

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How to dress your plus size body frame Styling tricks for plus size women

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