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As the Internet is becoming an integrated part of our lives, buying one or two womens laptop bags is quintessential to your everyday life! We blog, surf, shop, check emails, browse through pictures, update on Facebook, work on our laptops - so what practical way is there than to buy a bag that protects and carries it whenever you're on the go?

Cole Haan tan leather womens laptop bag
Courtesy of Cole Haan/Zappos

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There are so many stylish womens laptop bags to choose from - and my aim with this page is to help you select the perfect one for your precious can't-live-without baby! The best computer bag does come down to your personal needs, style and budget, so getting a computer bag that fulfills all of these criteria, along with a couple of practical functional requirements (such as the right material, just to mention a few) - guarantees that you'll love and keep it for years to come!

PS: This page is going to be a long one (2000 words according to my text editor!!), so if you're just looking to browse through the latest womens laptop bag styles, go straight to the shopping section.

How to Select a Womens Laptop Bag

What do you need?

So ask yourself: "How and where am I planning on using the laptop"? – for school, work, leisure, traveling?

What laptop handbag is the right for you?

Canvas laptop messenger bag and backpacks are low-key and great for school and outdoor activities. Leather laptop bags in a tote handbag-style on the other hand are perfect for work because they exude chic professionalism. If you're frequently out traveling you may need a laptop suitcase or rolling bag for your computer (unless you have a notebook or Macbook Air, of course!)

Do you need extra holding space for your contents? If that's the case - a brief or messenger bag will be the best choice. Is comfort of great importance? – how long/tiring is the commute to and from work/school? Will you be going out and about with it all day?

Asking yourself these questions will suggest what details and functions you need to prioritize in a bag. But no worries - as we go along this page we'll take a closer look at various pointers that help you narrow down your search!

Selecting a bag style

Some of the general and popular fashion laptop bag styles are:
  • Envelope/sleeve - it's slim and looks very much like a laptop bag
  • Portfolio/tote/brief - it has extra room for other items, but can be the clunkiest and shoulder-straining choice if you're not able to distribute the right amount of belongings together with the laptop
  • Backpacks - it comes with a padded compartment and lots of extra pockets. Great for school, outdoor activities and also for some casual work environments
  • Messenger - it has a long strap with and a flap in front and a compartment for your laptop. Casual-looking

Sumdex pink womens laptop bag

Courtesy of Sumdex

One of the simplest and less-clunky womens laptop bags is the envelope laptop bag is best suited for only your laptop and sometimes the charger only, so this is the simplest and lightweight choice if you're planning on working on your laptop only.

Be aware of thieves while traveling - they love targeting at people carrying laptops and other electronics. So if your bag looks less like a laptop case then it is less likely to be stolen. If this is one of your concerns then look for general-purpose laptop bags and backpacks that will reduce the chances of being a target to pick-pocketing (see next laptop bag style).

Purple tote laptop bag

Courtesy of Women in Business

A portfolio/tote/brief is the most common womens laptop bag style because of its general-purpose design which can hold your other important belongings such makeup bag, notebooks, wallet and phone.

It's naturally heavier but it's an all-arounder for anyone who likes to carry all of their stuff in one place. It's the most convenient and professional option too.

Pink briefcase double set

Courtesy of Claire Chase

Backpack computer bags are great for outdoor activities, school and casual work settings. They're low-key and can carry bigger laptops and more items without hurting your shoulders.

If you want to carry a backpack to work then make sure the dress code allows it and I also suggest choosing a backpack in leather for a touch of professionalism. Having lived in Seoul, South Korea - I've witnessed professionals in suits carrying sleek, leather backpacks. But this is more common with people who work in a creative field (eg. public relations, advertising, art, entertainment)

Messenger laptop bag by NUO

Courtesy of Nuo

Messengers are simple and also low-key, projecting a carefree look perfect for casual outfit/occasions. The most popular choices of materials for this bag style are canvas and leather.

I would definitely go for leather if you want to up the sophistication of your attire. It looks chic'er and is super-durable too.

What's your style? (style, color, print)

Getting the right womens laptop bags for your personal taste is an important part of expressing your style and fashion sense. We want to carry something we love and feel comfortable with. After honing down on what laptop style (messenger, backpack, tote bag, suitcase, etc.) you need - it's time to decide on the color and print.

Colors and prints can easily affect the mood and depending on a print/color they often stir up a first-impression. You want something that reflects your personality - something's that's totally you. But if you're planning on using it for work, make sure it's appropriate for the company's image.

Going the sleek and conservative route

If your job position is in a conservative field or you appreciate classic or minimalistic fashion in general - then solid neutral hues such as black, brown and dark navy blues are the perfect colors for you. If you want your bag to stand out a little and reflect on your exquisite taste, look for details such as gold or silver hardware. Or how about a luxurious-looking texture such as croc or quilt?

Classic, timeless, professional womens laptop bags
Courtesy of (left to right): Clark & Mayfield - Siamod Monterosso - Women in Business

Choosing a fun laptop bag

If you don't mind showing off your fabulous personality or you simply want to create a bold fashion statement then opt for prints or a solid, bold color such as red, cobalt blue - or cute pink! These are great for adding a pop of color and interest to your outfit.

Classic, timeless, professional womens laptop bags
Courtesy of (left to right): Obey - Claire Chase - Mobile Edge

Keep in mind (and this is the image consultant in me that is talking) - prints and unusual colors draw attention, so these may not be your best choice if you're self-conscious about your hips or thighs. If that's the case - then you may need something low-key and neutral so that it'll blend in with your outfit.
Note: Light colors such as light grey and white make dirt very visible so have this consideration when selecting a laptop color.

My personal taste leans on Classic so I'm all for leather (yes, even faux) womens laptop bags (I have one gorgeous Etienne Aigner in tan-brown PVC that I got from eBags which I absolutely love and frequently use), especially if I'm out consulting with my clients or just want to look well-dressed.

However, we all face those days where we just want to go the café in our jeans and sweatshirts, and would care much more for a laptop bag that is casual and fuss-free (and perhaps fun?). So if you live in front of your precious laptop, securing one classy and timeless computer bag and another one for your casual outfits is a must.

Get the right size

This is regarding the laptop itself. My advise is to select a womens laptop bag that fits your computer well so that it stays secure within the bag and won't slide around - unless you're planning on clothing it in a laptop sleeve.

To determine your laptop size - measure the visible LCD screen (without the border) diagonally. This will give you your laptop screen size, ie. 13", 15", 15", 17". So if you have a 15" screen you need a 15" laptop bag and so on.

How to measure your laptop that fits with a laptop/computer bag

Your body figure

Oh and another important thing to mention is your body scale If you're planning on using the bag for casual reasons and don't mind how you'll look you can skip this. But for you ladies who want to look your best, professional and want your outfit to look well-put - you need to look for womens laptop bags that get your body proportions right.

If you have a Petite, slim body scale you'll look smaller with an oversized laptop bag. Or if you're a Plus size you'll appear bigger if you're carrying a small laptop bag. So remember to get the bag scale right. Opt for a medium-scale if you're a petite plus size or have an average body scale.

Now that we've reviewed the step-by-steps on selecting a womens laptop bag - it's time to look at some details and functional benefits that will spare your laptop from harm and keep your shoulder comfortable and happy :-)

Pink briefcase double set
You want the best case for the least cost possible - and that makes the internet the perfect place to buy your laptop bag. You can expect to find womens laptop bags for up to 20% less (during sales) below the retail price. But if you're not comfortable purchasing a bag without seeing and trying it first - initially do your research online, head to the store and try/see/feel it and then head back to the internet.

Another alternative is to purchase at popular and reputable online stores who offer effortless returns such as Zappos and eBags.

What to look for: Basic (but important) functional requirements

1. Water-resistant

Water-resistant Laptop Bag Material
A laptop bag that is able to resist water is a must. We want to keep your laptop and the contents dry. The difference between water-resistant and water-proof is that a water-resistant bag will prevent water from getting through the material. A waterproof bag on the other hand can withstand being submerged in water.

Most womens laptop bags are water-resistant, but you want to be on the safe side and get all of the details of the bag. Remember that low-maintenance materials such as polyester and canvas need to be coated to be water-resistant.

Tip: To completely protect your laptop from rain and a possible water bottle leakage - protect it with a laptop sleeve and not least, organize your cosmetics and computer separately.

2. Right material

Again, your choice of material boils down to your daily needs and the image you want to project, as well as your budget. For example if you're frequently out with your laptop you need a bag that can handle everyday beating of work and commuting.

How to choose the right material for your laptop bag

You'll find womens laptop bags in a material that is very affordable and low-key such as nylon and canvas. However leather looks much more sleeker and professional (not to mention they're durable). The downside to most leather is that they add weight to the bag - so if that's an issue, go for fashion laptop bags made of faux leather such as PVC. You'll look chic and rich for less!
Note: Keep in mind that womens laptop bags made of canvas or nylon are cheap and low on maintenance - leather on the other hand needs regular care for it to look good. Faux leather is a great alternative if you have a busy lifestyle.


A lightweight laptop is of great importance if you're planning on beating it with your activities and lifestyle. There's no reason to carry a heavy bag - we want commuting to be as comfortable as possible.


Should you buy a lightweight laptop bag?
The weight of the bag may indicate if your laptop is comfortable or not - and this may be very important factor if you want to carry it everywhere you go and/or have a heavy laptop. If that's the case, look for lightweight materials. Also pay attention to if the strap of the bag is well-padded so that it'll distribute the weight evenly.

With the constant progression of technology, new fabric have and are being made to resemble quality, durable materials such as real leather but in a lightweight, durable version.

So if you're not bothered buying a bag in a man-made material (it's cheaper !) then look for laptop bags made of nylon, polyester or PVC (widely-produced plastic resembling leather but is way lighter). Other than that, you can never go wrong with canvas or nylon.

Note: You can find leather laptop bags that are lightweight - these usually have a thinner hide coming from calves or goats - processed in a way that leaves it soft, supple, lightweight yet durable. These cost more but oh boy do they feel and look fabulous! So if quality and that extra *something* are important to you, invest more money on this type of leather.

The best way to determine if a leather bag is lightweight is to check with the description and the brand's reviews such as at eBags and zappos.com. Lightweight laptop bags usually weigh around 2oz or less.

Laptop safety

Generously padded laptop bag for your computer safety
A part of your comfort is knowing that your precious laptop is safe and sound in your bag. So if you're planning on carrying it to longer trips and commutes, or any active activities look for womens laptop bags with extra internal padding unless you can clothe it with a sleeve inside of the bag.

A generously padded laptop bag can also release some weight because it "holds" your computer up from the gravity.

You also know by now that the more obvious your laptop bag looks then the higher chances you'll be a target for theft, so you might want to consider a general-purpose laptop bag.

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