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This is your guide to womens fashion shoes - from how to select a pair of shoes that look fabulous on you to what shoes to wear with what. Get fashion advice on all kinds of shoe styles - from sexy womens high heel shoes to practical flats, fashion boots to strappy dressy sandals!

Brown ankle boots by Lucky Brand
Courtesy of Lucky Brand/Zappos

Below you'll discover:
  • Building a solid shoe collection that will last for years - making sure you have the shoes you need for every occasion and activity
  • How to buy the right size
  • Choosing the right styles that flatter your legs
  • Other neat tricks that keep your feet comfortable and the shoes great-looking
  • Ideas on what style of shoes to wear with what
  • Shopping tips and the latest chic shoe style recommendations
  • .. and more!

Anna, I don't have time!
Take me straight to the shopping & style guidelines!

Womens fashion shoes seem to be the biggest shopping treats and not least obsession among us females and it has been like that for as long as we can remember. And we even buy the same shoe style in every color, every occasion, every activity - several times a month.

When it comes to shoes, I'm sure you agree with me on how addictive they are. There’s just something about those artful sculptures that make your heart skip a beat and your wallet itch.

Our feet don't have hips, thighs and other lumps and bumps that make us feel we're fat. That make womens shoes our best friends :-) And with the super vast variety of styles, colors, textures and shapes - you're bound to bring home at least 2-3 new pair!

This is your guide to buying and wearing fashionable shoes – from sexy womens high heels, flats, sneakers to sandals. Just slip on a pair and you've got a whole new image!

Now let's look at the topics and shoe styles I'm covering:

Get fashion advice and tips on how to buy and wear womens shoes
How to Buy & Wear a Pair of Shoes

Fashion tips and advice on how to buy shoes that actually fit and what to look for! Important read.

You'll also discover:

  • What shoe styles give the most for your money
  • How to select your best shoes that look good with your body figure and legs
  • How to make sure they fit your feet

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Womens converse shoes
Converse Shoes

Converse sneakers are a must-have for Trendy fashionistas! I have these in brown leather, white and camel, myself.

They're timeless and affordable, and go with bare legs or your skinny jeans and leggings.

Learn more about Womens Converse Shoes »

Flat open toe shoes
Open Toe Shoes

Open toe shoes are a super-chic pair of womens shoes that you can wear for the office and on most social functions.

Peep toe pumps and sandals are great for adding glam-factor, and showing off your newly manicured toes. I often pair my open toe wedge sandals with denim shorts or a pretty sun dress.

Get styling & shopping tips on Open Toe Shoes »

Shop the latest Keds Sneakers for women
Keds Sneakers

Keds are some of my favorite casual sneakers that are made of high quality sole and canvas fabric.

I have them in dark blue and white in a slip-on style that makes it sooo much easier to take off. They go with most casual outfits. I usually pair mine with my khaki pants.

Learn more about Keds Sneakers »

Shop the latest Gladiator Sandals - also get fashion advice on how to wera gladiator sandals
Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are trendy and have been here for a while and show no sign of leaving the spotlight. A celeb's fave!

There are some gladiator sandal styles that look best on some than others. It comes down to the shape of your legs and also your body figure. This page gives you guidelines on how to select your best sandal style.

Get fashion advice on how to wear & buy Gladiator Sandals »

Shop the latest Womens ankle boots - Fashion advice on how to wear ankel boots
Womens Ankle Boots

Womens ankle boots are stylish and look chic worn with a dress and tights, and of course skinny and cigarette jeans!

If you have thick ankles/and or short legs I recommend selecting an boot style that sits low on your legs to maximize their length and make them appear leaner. For example, boot shaft that extends just below your ankle knuckles.

Learn how to shop for Womens Ankle Boots »

Shop the latest Minnetonka boots - How to wear Minnetonka shoes
Minnetonka Boots

Minnetonka boots are very cute winter shoes that can also be worn with a casual dress and tights for Spring and early Summer.

Very boho-chic. I love wearing my moccasin boots with denim shorts and a casual knit sweater.

Chic's Guide to Minnetonka Boots »

Shop the latest Slouch boots
Slouch Boots

Slouch boots give a cool slouch effect for that casual-cool look.

Great for adding texture and interest to your outfit, but may not be the best choice for short legs.

Read more about Slouch Boots »

Latest womens fashion boots
Latest Womens Fashion Boots

Want to update your shoe collection with the latest trends?

Then check out the latest womens fashion boot styles online:

Chic's Guide to Buying & Wearing Womens Fashion Boots »

More boots:

Nine West are experts in choosing and creating the must-have womens fashion boots of the season.

It turns out that Jessica Simpson has a talent in designing clothes as well! Love her cowboy boots.

Shop the latest stylish wide calf boots
Wide Calf Boots

I've gathered the best online resources for buying trendy and affordable wide calf boots for your shapely legs.

This page also provides you with tips on how to select a pair of boots that fit perfectly around your calves.

Shop the latest Wide Calf Boots »

Shop the latest Red pumps and high heels - get fashion tips on how to wear red high heel shoes
Red Pumps

Red pumps are perfect for va-va-vooming up your legs or for simply sprucing up a plain 'ol dress. Also great for drawing attention to your legs.

This page gives you styling tips on how to wear red pumps without looking cheap.

Learn more about Red Pumps »

Shop the latest Womens Cowboy Boots
Womens Cowboy Boots

They're great for sporting that fun, all-American look. Just pair them with denim shorts and a casual, and you're good to go!

You can find western-inspired boots in a variety of styles. I personally like the simple toned-down look because they go well with most outfits.

Get advice on how to look fashionable with Cowboy Boots »

Black dress pumps
Black Pumps

Sleek, classic and incredibly sexy. Black pumps are timeless and any fashionista's no. 1 shoe essential.

They take you from day to night, and look great with both casual and classy pieces, such as a pair of jeans or an elegant cocktail dress.

Chic's Guide to buying & wearing Black Pumps »

How to wear wedge shoes
Wedge Shoes

Who can resist a pair of wedge sandals for summer? They look great with your sun dress or casual shorts. What about wedge boots for fall? They look amazing with jeans or a dress with black tights.

And compared to other high heel shoes, wedge shoes are comfier and versatile. A super-smart closet inveestment!

Chic's Guide to Wedge Shoes »

Shop the latest Womens Oxford Shoes
Oxford Shoes

Womens oxford shoes ooze vintage and sophistication, a true fashionista's best friend.

An essential if you have a Romantic or Creative fashion persona. I love wearing mine with black tights and a vintage-inspired dress.

Tips on how to pull off the Oxford Shoe look. »

Looking for a specific shoe type, brand or topic?
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How to Buy Womens Fashion Shoes

As much shoes are our best friends, getting too attached can make you lose your common sense and hurt your wallet!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Shoes

Basic J Crew ballerina flats

Courtesy of J Crew

If you want to get the most out of your money you first need to secure womens fashion shoes in simple and timeless styles.

Examples of shoe styles that never go out of style are high heels pumps, ballerina flats, tennis sneakers and simple leather flat sandals.

And you can never go wrong with a pair of leather knee riding boots for fall :-)

(Don’t fret, this is just the minimum list ;) )

A tip is to secure the wardrobe shoe essentials and build on them based on your daily activities (work, casual evenings, traveling, parties, etc.) in simple designs and versatile neutrals such as black, brown and white/cream.

In this way, you'll be able to wear them with the rest of your wardrobe without worrying about if they match, and you'll always have something to wear for every occasion.

Click here to learn more about buying and wearing womens fashion shoes »

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