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... Decorate Your Legs with Tights, Pantyhose and Leggings!

Womens fashion hosiery is definitely the epitome of sexy, stylish and feminine attire! Ranging from two-piece fashion stockings to full tights in various textures, prints and thickness. From ultra sheer to opaques, cotton legging to thick knit tights - they are sure to draw attention to and improve the appearance of one of the most sensual areas of your body: Your legs!

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In this Shopping & Style Guide to Hosiery, you'll get tips and ideas on:
  • What type of hosiery you should invest in to stay covered all-year-around and that go with the rest of your wardrobe
  • What to look for when buying tights, stockings, leggings, etc.
  • How to select the best hosiery for your legs and body figure
  • How to mix and match hosiery with your outfits
  • Shopping tips and recommendations on the latest fashion tights and hosiery

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Hosiery is great way to add interest and texture to your outfit. It also makes as excellent Summer-to-Fall transition piece, making it possible for you to wear your shorts and skirts for the colder months. Wear it to dress up an outfit or make a style statement, or simply for just having fun with fashion :-)

What I love about womens fashion hosiery is their super-ability to instantly give your legs a face-lift! So if you're shy about showing off your legs in fear of exposing their imperfections, then a pair of sheer pantyhose can smooth them over - covering razor bumps, pimples, spider veins and discolorations.

Let's look at the hosiery-topics I'm covering:

Tips on how to buy hosiery - how to wear and style fashion hosiery, from tights to thigh high socks and leggings
How to Buy Hosiery

What your legs are wearing can make a drastic difference to your body figure, and make you shorter or taller than you really are. So take some time and digest my shopping tips and fashion advice on how to select and wear hosiery to ensure that you'll always look your best.

You'll also discover:

  • What hosiery styles to invest in and that give the most for your money
  • How to select the best hosiery that flatters your legs and body figure
  • Chic ideas on how to mix & match tights, pantyhose and leggings with your clothes
  • Must-know hosiery terminology for the savvy fashionista

Savvy Shopping & Chic Styling with Fashion Hosiery »

Master Accessorizing

The art of accessorizing
Dress for Any Occasion

How to look appropriate on all occasions
Advice for Petites

Guide to looking taller

Shop the latest Fashion Stockings - Get tips on how to buy and wear stockins
Fashion Stockings

Whether it be vintage stockings, black or glossy stockings, they're sure to give your outfit an instant touch of glamour!

A pair of stockings is great for both work and play. Learn how to wear a pair with a garter belt, what stocking styles that never go out of style, and more.

Chic's Guide to Fashion Stockings »

Shop the latest Sheery Hosiery - Learn why sheer hosiery is sexy and chic
Sheer Hosiery

Sheer hosiery is an excellent way to showcase your womanly side while making your outfits look more complete and classy.

Sheer tights are timeless and ooze sex & style appeal, and can really give your legs that subtle sex appeal that many men find very attractive!

Learn more about Sheer Hosiery »

Shop the latest Glossy Pantyhose
Glossy Pantyhose

Glossy pantyhose and stockings are cocktail waitresses secret weapon to flawless and sexy legs. They're one of a savvy woman's arsenal of tools that can take your legs from drab to fab.

If you want to look sexy for a guy or just want your legs to look great for an evening night out then you should slip on a pair of high gloss tights!

Chic's Guide to Glossy Pantyhose »

Shop the latest Wool Tights - Get fashion tips on how to wear wool tights
Wool Tights

Wool tights are perfect with short hemlines in the winter. A must if you love wearing skirts all-year-around.

They're super-versatile and go with different outfits - from preppy college gal to rocker chick, classy lady to the trendy babe.

Learn more about Wool Tights »

Shop the latest Over the knee and Thigh high socks -  Fashion advice on how to wear Thigh High Socks
Thigh High Socks

I think long socks are a trend-essential for the cool winter months. They look chic and cute, but you can always turn them into something edgier to suit your personal fashion style.

Learn how to wear thigh high socks without looking tacky »

Shop the latest affordable Fashion Leggings
Fashion Leggings

Basic Spandex leggings complement most outfits and color combos, but a pair of fun fashion leggings spruce up your look! Some of my favorite legging styles are leather and denim, and I'm definitely loving the ones with lace texture.

Most fashion tights are eye-catching, so you need to be careful with what you choose and how you wear it.

Chic's Guide to Buying & Wearing Fashion Leggings »

Shop the latest Leather and Wet look Leggings - Get fashion tips and styling tricks on how to wear leather leggings
Leather Leggings

I personally like the gloss of this hosiery because opposed to plain black leggings, it adds a whole new dimension of edgy chic.

Leather leggings inject an exciting feel and and a completely different texture to your outfit. If you love wearing black as much as I do then faux leather leggings are a must in your wardrobe!

Learn how to wear a pair of Leather Leggings »

Shop the latest Lace Tights - fashion tips on how to wear lace hosiery
Lace Tights

Lace hosiery can be made romantic, sophisticated, elegant, edgy and/or sexy.

But it's the way you combine them with other clothes and accessories will determine the look they present.

Learn how to look chic with Lace Tights »

Shop the latest Spandex stretch leggings - tips on how to wear leggings
Spandex Leggings

A pair of basic Spandex leggings are a quick-fix when you want to wear something underneath a very short dress, a mini skirt or with tunic tops and shirts.

But they should never be worn as pants :-)

Learn more about Spandex leggings »

Shop the latest Denim leggings - how to wear jeggings
Denim Leggings

If you don't like wearing thick and stiff skinny jeans then a pair of denim leggings can be a great alternative.

They're comfy, light and trendy and taper nicely around the butt, hips and legs.

Chic's Guide to Denim Leggings »

Shop the latest Wolford hosiery
Wolford Hosiery

Wolford delivers hosiery of outstanding quality, perfect fit and aesthetic appeal. It is said to be one of the most finest flattering womens hosiery brands.

They're 4 times the cost of regular stockings, but they last 8 times as long.

Click here to learn more about Wolford Hosiery »

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How to Buy Womens Fashion Hosiery

If you have long and slim legs then you're primed for all kinds of fashion hosiery!

But if your legs are a bit on the shorter or curvy side, you might want to carefully select the right hosiery because the wrong ones can easily add pounds and even shorten them :S

So be extra careful with tights that add width (eg. horizontal prints) because they'll make your legs look the worst thing imaginable on a pair of legs - short and stumpy!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Hosiery

Essential, basic black tights
If you want to get the most out of your money you first need to secure hosiery in simple, versatile styles and colors.

Examples are: Sheer pantyhose and stockings, as well as black spandex leggings without any fancy or complicated details.

To maximize their flexibility you might want to select a neutral color such as black or nude! In this way, you'll be able to wear them with the rest of your wardrobe without worrying about if they match, and you'll always have something to wear for every occasion.

A tip is to begin by securing the wardrobe hosiery essentials and then build on them based on your major daily activities (work, casual evenings, traveling, parties, etc.), personal style and latest fashion trends.

For example, if you've secured basic sheer pantyhose in black and nude, you can build your collection with a pair of lace hosiery or sheer tights with black polkadots or vertical stripes.

Click here to learn more about how to look fabulous in fashion hosiery »

Wear Fashion Hosiery to Attract Men

Isn't it just amazing how hosiery can make you look and feel like a lady? It's not just the feeling of femininity and sliding pantyhose up your legs that makes you wear it. It simply hides your flaws, makes you look chic and fabulous, and men love seeing you in it!

It's being said (Google it!) that men find women wearing hosiery (sheer pantyhose to be exact) a notch more attractive then those who go bare.

Intrigued? Read more about it here »

Legs are said to be one of the most sexiest assets of a woman's body so if you want to feel and look attractive towards the opposite sex, then hosiery is one of your ultimate secret weapons!

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More Shopping & Chic Inspiration at the TCF Blog:
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