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... Add Femme Fatale to Your Look with a Dress!

Womens dresses (or frocks in plain British) are one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. They're easy and comfortable, and I just love that a dress can stylishly showcase your shoes and hosiery.

I enjoy how a dress can make me look chic and dressed-up - it can turn heads and really show off your feminine side!

Black sparkly cocktail dress form French Connection
Courtesy of French Connection

A great thing about dresses is that they great for expressing your femininity. It's flirty and pretty. And if you're looking to change (and soften) the opposite sex' impression of you then wearing a dress will definitely help!

In this Shopping & Style Guide to Womens dresses you'll find fashion tips, ideas and inspiration on:
  • How to select the best dress for your personal style and look good
  • How versatile dresses such as the Little Black Dress (The LBD) can work many wonders and help you save money
  • Building a solid dress closet that will keep you covered on all occasions and seasons
  • Shopping tips and recommendations the latest styles and the best online stores

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Take me straight to the shopping & fashion tips!

There's a vast assortment of fashionable dress styles out there. You can find dresses in a variety of styles and colors that can help you accentuate your personal style, as well as highlight your best assets and disguise the ones you're not so proud of. It's all about knowing what you want and find a dress that has the details that match that.

From elegant maxi to dressy cocktail dresses, the classic LBD (little black dress) to casual tunic and sweater dresses - there is something for everyone, no matter body shape, size, personal style or age!

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says Despite being an image consultant, I tend to overdo it when it comes to fashion dresses. They look so chic and glamorous - and wearing one makes me feel extra pretty! Skirts and dresses are some of my fashion obsessions that I've made into my signature style, so I think it's absolutely ok to put bulks of my money on them :-)

If you're not much of a frock-gal but want to benefit from the chicness of wearing one, then you'll find plenty of dress style alternatives that are more toned-down, sophisticated & professional, or even casual.

How to select the best dress style for your body figure - get fahsion tips on how to wear and style a dress
How to Buy a Dress

If you want to get the most out of what your dresses, it's necessary to select the styles that suit your personal style and are easy to mix & match. This page has fashion advice and styling tricks on how to look fabulous in a dress.

You'll also learn:

  • What dress styles to put the bulk of your money in
  • How to build a solid and fully-functional closet with dresses
  • Dresses that help flatter your body figure

Learn how to shop for Fashion Dresses »

Shop the latest Black cocktail dresses
Black Cocktail Dress

The little black dress, also known as "The LBD" - is one of your wardrobe indispensables that can be transformed into multiple looks for various occasions.

A very wise investment, if you ask me!

Chic's Guide to Black Dresses »

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Shop the latest Long formal evening gowns
Formal Evening Gowns

If you're attending a formal social function, then a gown is most likely a part of the dress code.

This article teaches you how to look elegant, sophisticated yet chic in a formal gown.

Chic's Guide to Formal Evening Gowns »

Shop the latest Red cocktail dresses
Red Cocktail Dress

The sassy little red dress can turn heads and boost your confidence. Unless you're intending on looking like a sexy vixen at a party (and attract the opposite sex), it's crucial to style the red dress right to create a tasteful and chic look.

Red is a head-turning power color that can impress but intimidate. So there are some guidelines to keeping your outfit tacky-free.

Chic's Guide to Red Dresses »

Shop the latest Lace dresses
Lace Dresses

A black lace dress is sexy, seductive - and definitely a style essential for the Fall/Winter season, but white and cream lace lend well with your summer closet.

One of the thing to keep in mind when styling a lace frock is to limit the amount of color and details to maintain the alluring look of the dress.

Learn how to style Lace Dresses »

Shop the latest Plus size summer dress
Plus Size Summer Dresses

Your most-flattering dress shows off your best assets and downplays your body areas you don't want to draw attention to.

This page showcases the latest plus dress styles - giving you ideas and inspiration on how to update your closet with dresses that flatter your voluptuous body figure.

Chic's Guide to Plus Size Summer Dresses »

Shop the latest Petite dresses
Petite Dresses

Petite dresses have the size and shape that are specifically designed for women with a shorter body frame. This page provides you with fashion advice on how to look your best in a dress with your petite height.

Also check out the latest fashionable petite dresses - from maxi, short, office to casual dress styles.

Learn more about Petite Dresses »

Shop the latest One shoulder dresses
One Shoulder Dresses

Want to create an alluring fashion statement without looking tacky?

Wearing a one shoulder dress is saucy way to show some skin without having to bare it all.

Chic's Guide to buying & wearing One Shoulder Dresses »

Shop the latest Sweater dresses
Sweater Dresses

Need a change in your Fall/Winter style?

Swap up the jeans and knit cardigan with a knit sweater dress! This is a stylish way to show off your hosiery and boots. I love wearing my rib knitted sweater dress with black opaque tights and a pair of slouchy knee high boots.

Get the low-down on how to look chic in a Sweater Dress »

Shop the latest Wrap dresses
Wrap Dresses

A wrap dress is a closet classic that flatters almost all body figures. It helps define and also create a thinner waistline.

Very office-chic friendly and a wardrobe essential if you want to wear a feminine yet sophisticated attire for work.

Click here to learn how to style a Wrap Dress »

Shop the latest Maxi dresses
Maxi Dresses

You don't have to wear mini skirts and short dresses to look stylish. A longer hemmed dress exudes elegance in a chic fashion.

Shop the latest maxi dresses online » (or simply window shop and get ideas on what styles to add to your summer wardrobe).

Get fashion tips & styling tricks on how to wear Maxi Dresses. This page gives you advice on how to select and wear a long dress that flatters your body figure.

Shop the latest Long Summer Dresses
Long Summer Dresses

If you don't like showing off your legs for summer but want to maintain an on-trend look then you should definitely go for a long dress. It's super-pretty and not least elegant.

Long summer dresses are good for covering up your legs without sweating your butt off. And if you know how to select the right style for your body figure you'll be able to look like a Greek Goddess without looking like you're drowning in it (note for petite!)

Chic's Guide to Long Summer Dresses »

Shop the latest Sun dresses
Sun Dresses

A pretty sun dress is the closet piece that define a chic Spring/Summer wardrobe.

A casual white summer dress is an essential, but you can build your collection by adding bold, eye-popping summer colors such as turquoise (looks good on any coloring!), orange, yellow or a tantalizing deep ocean blue.

Check out the latest Sun Dresses online ».

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How to Buy Womens Dresses

How to wear a dress
Courtesy of Lulu's
If you have closet full of dresses but haven't worn half of them, then it's safe to say that you need to improve your spending habits.

Buying a dress that is difficult to mix and match are some of the frustrating things you're faced with. It's also an indicator that you haven't given much thought into what you're purchasing and if you really need it.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Dresses

My best advice to you is to secure the wardrobe dress essentials first and then focus on the styles that are basic in color (solids will do good too) and style, and then add the trendier ones after that.

You'll get the most out of your buck with versatile womens dresses that can be easily transformed into different outfit combinations - just by switching the belts, scarves, bags and jewelry!

Click here to learn more about how to buy and style dresses »

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