What Style Suits My Petite Body Shape?

by E

Any advice on what styles I should wear? For short/petite and curvy women? Because I always see advice for petite and small women which doesn't match me.. I usually wear skinny jeans and whatever top. My favorite body part is my flat stomach but I always have a hard time choosing what to wear because my bust always makes me appear bigger.

My measurements:
Bust 35
Waist 24
Hip 35

But my height is only 5'3" (so I'm not sure if this is petite) and my body long, and my legs are not that long.

I feel my bust is too big every time I wear clothes, and buttoned shirts won't close if I wear the ones that are fit to my waist, and it comes up too loose if I get a bigger size to accommodate my bust.

Hi, your body measurements indicate that you're a proportional hourglass figure -- you're a full-busted petite with a long torso compared to your legs. When shopping for new clothes, you might want to focus on buying pieces that:

  • Minimize your bust
  • Emphasize your waist (and flat tummy)
  • Visually elongate your height
  • .. and lengthen your lower body

How to Dress Your Long Waist/Full Bust/Petite Hourglass Body

Outfits for petite hourglass body shape with full bust

1. To minimize your bust V-necks are a must since they visually slim your torso and draw the eye towards your narrow and flat waist (lucky you!). Long pendant necklaces and scarves worn loosely (no knots, just let each end hang in front) can also help slim down your bust. You can also wear rounded necklines as long as you add a long pendant necklace, etc. on top of it. Adding these pieces together in your outfit will make you look taller and leaner!

2. You're lucky for having a flat and narrow waist - I think your waist is a feature you should really accentuate to look and feel good. Any top or dress with nipped waist looks fabulous on you. You might want invest in belts to wrap around your tiny waist.

3. Speaking of your legs, the strategies to making your bottom half look longer is by wearing high waist pants (just make sure that it matches closely with the color of your top to avoid making you look shorter), straight and bootcut pants (skinnys can make your bottom look shorter), dark color bottoms, above the knee skirts and dresses, pants and shoes of the same color. What to wear if you have a long torso and short legs, is explained here.

4. To look taller I suggest wearing monochromatic colored outfits -- as in colors in a similar nuance. For example: black and dark grey. White and beige. Dark blue, medium blue, light blue. Also remember to pick pieces that won't break up your height into blocks, so that means no dark jeans with a white tee. However you can add a vest or sweater on the white top so that it 'connects' with the bottom. Heels are also a must, but if you're not comfortable wearing such type of clothing, go for shoes that have a slightly pointy toe instead of rounded shape. This will also help make your legs look longer.

If you need a comprehensive guide to what clothes to wear and what you should avoid, then an E-style personalized styling portfolio will be of great help as it covers everything you need to know about what clothes flatter your body type based on your shape, bust size, bone structure, height, face shape, vertical body line (short legs and long body), etc. Everything from shoes to coats, and how to coordinate them to look good:-)

Outfits for petite hourglass body shape with full bust

Hope this helps!

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Jun 14, 2016
Short skirt to lengthen your legs
by: Anonymous

I am petite as well and i think this type of skirts are perfect for petites like me: https://wheretoget.it/look/91851

May 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

Oh my god Mia 98pounds is about 7stone, get a grip girl................aaaarrrrrggggggg

May 26, 2013
nice u r rocks
by: pinal

my bust:34 ,weig:30,hips:36 plsss can u tell ne which types clothes suit me jeans tshirt shortyes party wear nd dress capries shirts plsssss give me ans

Nov 08, 2012
i need your advice!
by: Anonymous

Hi am 4'11 and never did i notice i was short i feel like i don't know how to dress my body because i look shorter all the time i want to try to look a bit taller and longer am very confused because my hips and down are long and my waist and up are short ...

Apr 12, 2012
I was just wondering!
by: Anonymous

Im 18. My measurements are : BUST: 32, WAIST: 24, HIPS: 32. im slim. what clothes suits me? please do give me advice.

Apr 12, 2011
body type
by: lovee

hi i'm 5,4 hight and my measerment is 43,36,44 so i'm what body type.plz help me

Apr 07, 2011
pls giv tips?????
by: Anonymous

im 18 year old mi height is 4.7ft short. waist is 28. hip is 32..wat style suits for mi body shape. i feel very awkward wid mi height.pls giv me some tips

Mar 13, 2011
biiiig shoulders
by: Anonymous

i dont like my big shoulders, they make me feel boyish, my whole wardrobe is skinny jeans, tshirts,shorts, converse etc....
I want to wear girly clothes but i dont think i suit them
Im going out soon and i want a nice going out dress but i cant find one
1. Because im short 5ft1 3/4
2.my shape
Im a 34d bra
My waist is 28
My hips are 38
I know it seems like my hips are the biggest part but my shoulders are biiiiigger
When i go out sometimes i feel okay, but as soon as i see my friends all dressed up and girly i feel horrible and im in a downer for the rest of the night
I just want to feel girly xx

Nov 15, 2010
by: Mia

I'm 16 years old, 4'8" ft SHORT. I weigh 98 pounds. My clothing choices sometimes make me feel horrible about my body shape...

Tips for a better look? My stomach is not flat, my bust is 34A, my legs and torso are equally short.

Aug 17, 2010
petite and straight
by: kity

Hi I really need your advice how to dress my body.I'm 5"3
bust 37
waist 31
hips 37
my vertical proportions are

top of the head to hip 28
hip to heel 34
and I'm heigh waisted.
please answer,and thank you

Jun 19, 2010
im hopeless with fashion
by: Anonymous

hi, im only 40 kilos and im 24 years old my friends always criticize my putfit, like out of proportion. my body figure is 32-24-32, please help me

Jun 18, 2010
your advice to help me
by: Reem

I am thin am only 39 kilos I am 13 years old I want any advice to know what kind of clothes can be good to my body please send me your advice to know more about style ana clothes

Jun 06, 2010
great site
by: brigid

what shape is my body?My shoulders are 41ins,waist 30ins and hips 36ins.Im 5ft 3ins in height.

Jun 05, 2010
Problems short "top" half
by: Jo

I have real problems finding clothes to fit, as i am big busted, and it seems all my height is in my legs - and the measurement between waist and shoulders, is short, and all tops are too long. (i'm having to try and adjust all the tops i buy as where they should finish around the waist, its more like the hips..) - any ideas greatly appreciated, thanks :-(

Jun 01, 2010
I am very petite and can't find clothes that fits me right
by: Ro

Hi! I didn't had problems looking for clothes that fits me right until I had my two kids. I am 4'11 inchess tall and I have gained weight over the years.

My Measurements
36 - bustline
32 - waistline
40 - hips

I don't have problems looking for tops but when it come to jeans or pants, I can never find the right ones. Any suggestions on how to elongate my body, and what jeans or pants should I wear?

Apr 29, 2010
Looks like an hourglass
by: Anna Villaruel

Hi Finley, I have almost the same measurements as you. You're most likely an hourglass body shape but because of your belly I suggest you follow some of these belly slimming guidelines:

  • Wear dark colors around and on your belly. Remember that light colors highlight.

  • Opt for v-necks as they draw the eye in vertical motion

  • Wear bottoms with a slight lfare to draw the eye away from your mid-point

  • Opt for fabric that will flow gracefully over the area rather than cling to it.

  • Wear empire waist dresses and tops to draw attention to the bust and away from the belly

With your short torso you need to wear tops untucked and select jackets and sweaters that hit your hips to visually elongate your waist. This also helps slim down your belly as well.

Hope this helps!

Apr 06, 2010
Im Having The Same Problem BUT im slightly plummer
by: Finley

I do not know which style suits me the best as im wondering which body shape category I'm in, my measurements are as below :


Im not sure im an hourglass body or the reactangle body shape. I've been looking at your blog for quite some time and i find it really useful. But, i do not hav a flat tummy with really slim waist. Im having a belly tummy which really giving me lots of troubles. I love the way to wear the waist belt around my waist but im concerning bout my TUMMY. urgh!!

Besides, im a petite, longer legs but shorter torso. I love wearing skirts and shorts with heels and i love darker colors.

Im really do not know am i suitable for wearing the blouses that sit around my waist or trhe other way round ?? plus, i hav a triangular face shape

Hope i can get ur reply ASAP. thanks !!

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