Wardrobe Essentials: Accessories

"Wardrobe Checklist of Must-Own Accessories"

Most of the accessory wardrobe essentials on this page are basic but play an important role in keeping your outfits chic and balanced! Let's do a quick review of each item:

Wardrobe Essentials: Jewelry

The jewelry essentials keep you covered on all occasions and outfits where you want to wear a dash of bling - to either be put on as icing on the cake or when you're not able to wear your trendiest fashion jewelry!

The jewelry should be versatile as possible so that they won't draw that much attention - but rather work as an accent to your outfit :-)

Essential Jewelry - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    Diamond Stud Earrings

    A pair sparkly of earrings (shouldn't be bigger than 0.25ct) that don't attract too much attention. If your budget is tight, you can always go for Cubic Zirconia

    White Pearl Stud Earrings

    Classy and pretty. A must for us chic fashionistas! Good to wear with your everyday outfits. Make sure to buy the right shade of white.

    Hoop earrings

    Great for spiffing up a basic outfit without looking too much. Buy your first pair/secure hoop earrings with a size between 1 1/2 to 2 inches in a neutral metal (gold or silver) - depending on your comfort level and the scale of your facial features.

    Fun Earrings

    Get a pair of fun statement earrings in your preferred style - but I recommend you to look for versatility such as flexible colors/neutrals and shapes (for example, compare tricky heart and star shapes with basic rounds and oval)

    Dressy Dangle Earrings

    They boost the glam-factor of your cocktail dress or evening gown. Secure them in versatile metal color and shape. I would go for solid chandelier earrings.

    Pearl necklace

    Need I say more? :-) Looks amazing with anything - from casual to dressy clothes. Gotta love a modern-chic juxtaposition! If your style is creative and/or trendy I suggest buying a long pearl necklace that you can twirl twice around your neck and even create cute knots - very chic!

    Diamond Pendant Necklace

    Goes hand in hand with the studded earrings. Cubic zirconia is also an option if want to buy something affordable. Anything that is crystal-like will do.

    Statement Necklace

    Bring a plain tee or dress to life with a statement necklace! Looks also fabulous with a stiff dress shirt or for creating a juxtaposition with a casual sweatshirt :-) Buy it in a timeless color (doesn't have to be neutral) such as universal turquoise, blue or purple. Or go bolder on the style, for example cluster pearls!

    Metal Chain Bracelet

    Buy a simple chain bracelet in universal gold or silver. Great accent to any outfit, especially workwear. I would drop the frilly charms on this one.

    Metal Dress Watch

    A simple metal wrist watch in a cool or warm metal is essential. I suggest that you first secure a watch that is scaled to the size of your wrist - so if you have a small wrist go for small, average wrist opt for medium, etc. Build it from there with a leather watch and oversized watch if you would like to create a fashion statement.

    Cocktail Ring

    A cocktail ring is elegant and adds a pop of interest to your outfit. I would buy this one in a neutral such as versatile gold or silver with a focal in brown/black/white.

Up the chicness-factor of your jewelry-collection with:

After securing the basics of the basics - add jewelry in timeless colors. Meaning colors that withstand every season and that are a part of your personal color palette. Personal style never goes out of style ;-) Also have fun with expressing your taste - go bold, sweet, dramatic, bohemian - you name it!

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Wardrobe Essentials: Handbags

A handbag goes much deeper than looking good - it keeps all of your daily essentials and it projects your image to the world. Selecting the right bag or purse that go with your outfit is important because it can easily make or break your look.

The best way to build a solid handbag and purse-closet is to buy them in styles that cover all of your major activities. Practicality and versatility are important factors to consider so that you'll always have a bag that goes with any outfit.

Essential Handbags - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    Tailored Tote Handbag

    For us chic fashionistas we need at least one tailored tote bag that goes with our classy coats and dresses. Think Victoria Beckham! Great for looking extra polished - whether it be school or office. Secure a tote handbag in a dark neutral - and if you're an office gal invest in a tote bag in a lighter neutral for the cheery and lighter season.

    Casual Everyday Handbag

    A hobo handbag is perfect for this. Casual enough to throw over your arm in your jackets and tees & jeans-outfits. Make sure the color is neutral so that'll blend in with your outfit.

    Messenger Bag

    This is another necessary casual everyday handbag but perfect for your laptop and books - but not as sophisticated as a laptop bag. Good for when you want to bring your electronics and paperwork to a cafe.

    Laptop Bag

    Use it as a briefcase to work for your documents and laptop. It should be classier looking than the messenger bag - especially if you're planning on bringing it to work or just want to look extra chic.

    Clutch Purse

    Great for casual parties or for looking chic in your sun dress and sunglasses. Bring it to late cocktail with your friends or for a date. It should be as neutral as possible.

    Cross Body Bag

    A small cross body purse bag (smaller than a messenger bag but big enough for your basic needs) is a good choice for carrying to the movies, dates, amusement parks, shopping, leisure time, sightseeing, etc. For whenever you want to keep your hands free.

    Evening Purse

    Preferably in dark neutral and another one in a light neutral - keeps you covered on all kinds of formal to semi-formal events, such as big birthday parties, weddings, Baptism and so on. The clutch purse is good for casual parties.

    Travel Bag

    Invest in a durable leather travel bag in a dark neutral. A must fir short trips and weekend getaways.

Go beyond the basic handbags with:

Details and styles that represent your personal style. Think tassels, studs, fringe, zipper and buckles, etc. If you want to create a fashion statement add a couple of statement bags and purses in colors you love (eg. red, purple, electric blue, bright green, mustard yellow +++)

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Wardrobe Essentials: Belts

A belt can define and create a waist as well as curves - and instantly polishes your outfit. You can also use it to update the shape of a loose top or dress.

Secure them in neutrals and get them in both wide and skinny style.

Essential Belts - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    Wide Belt

    Looks good on all body figures and defines/accentuates your waist (create an illusion of a waist). If you're an Apple shape or someone with a thick/full waist I recommend looking for stretch belts in a dark neutral or color that blends with the color of your top.

    If you're short waisted and/or petite with a skinny figure I suggest that you choose the thinnest wide belt you can find as big ones can swallow you up. Also make sure it blends with your top to avoid chopping up your silhouette.

    Skinny Belts

    This is super-chic worn with a slightly too-big shirt or if you just want to create/define a waist without the trendy look of a wide belt. Can also be worn with your high waist dress pants and denim jeans. An instant clothing "polisher"!

Stretch your style envelope with:

Colors besides the neutrals and trendy details such as statement buckles. Add a double string belt and experiment with various textures such as faux snake/croc and braided! You might also want to include textile string belts :-)

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Wardrobe Essentials: Scarves

Scarves are amazing at adding interest or a pop of color to a plain outfit. If you don't feel like wearing a necklace or flashy accessories - then a scarf will do good - and it can even be twisted and worn on other parts of your body besides your neck :-)

Scarves in neutrals and versatile colors go hand in hand with a trendy accessories and won't take people's away from your outfit.

Essential Scarves - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    Pashmina Scarves

    Pashmina is soft, comfortable and incredibly luxurious - and not least versatile! Secure it in both dark and light neutral to keep you covered throughout the seasons.

    Wool scarves

    You need at least wool scarf for Winter to keep yourself warm. If you live in an all-year-around warm climate then a pashmina may be enough. *not a must if you live in a warm all-year-around climate

    Cotton Scarf

    A cotton scarf is lighter and thinner than pashmina, but practical for chilly summer evenings. Try a leopard scarf (it's neutral because of its brown print!)

    Gauzy Summer Scarf

    You need one airy scarf for your sun dresses or simply for the last finishing touch of your Spring outfit.

Build on your scarf-collection with:

Prints, colors and various textures. Try plaid, leopard, boho, stripes, tassels, etc. Have fun with chunky knits and infinity scarves. Add a pop of color during depressing winters with reds, blues, greens, purples and yellows.

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Wardrobe Essentials: Hosiery

Hosiery are amazing for layering and adding that unexpected flair of interest to a plain outfit. Pair simple opaque tights with your denim shorts or add lace stockings to your classy pencil-skirt ensemble.

Secure them in versatile styles - too many details and colors besides neutrals often create fashion statement - but you should basic hosiery to cover your basic needs and to multiply your outfits (think dresses, skirts and shorts for Fall/Winter!)

Essential Hosiery - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    Sheer Pantyhose

    Don't listen to people who says that sheer pantyhose is outdated! A pair of black sheer pantyhose looks absolutely chic with your denim shorts and pretty dresses. And the nude ones are essential for whenever you're wearing skirts and dresses at work, as well as on semi-formal occasions. Sheer stockings are also another option or an add-on to your hosiery-drawer.

    Black Opaque Tights

    For the colder season and for adding a chic flair to a Fall outfit (eg. layered underneath your shorts and sweater). Also makes it possible to wear your summer clothes! Wool tights are also another add-on to your closet. *not a must if you live in a warm all-year-around climate

    Black Leggings

    Comfy spandex leggings to go with your tunic tops and slightly too short dresses.

    Dress Socks

    Essential for layering over your leggings or tights during winter - or with your pants. Secure them in a light and dark neutral. Can also be worn alone with your sandals. Thigh high socks are an extra add-on to your regular socks.

Build on your hosiery-drawer with:

Lace tights, faux leather ( also called wet look) leggings, denim leggings (or jeggings!) and opaque tights in fun colors such as purple, mustard yellow, red or electric blue! Add sheer hosiery in various textures, like polkadots, stripes, cuban back seam - just have fun! Layer knee or thigh high socks over your sheer tights.

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Wardrobe Essentials: Shoes

Shoes are some of our irresistible and biggest fashion indulgences - they're great for creating a fashion statement. With me, if I get the shoes wrong with my outfit I feel out of place :/

You need to secure shoes in versatile styles and that cover your outfits, lifestyle and major activities such as work. Getting them in neutrals rather than colors is a cost-effective way to really solidify your wardrobe.

Essential Shoes - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    White sneakers

    Casual sneakers such as Keds (tennis sneakers) that can be worn with your casual outfits without looking like a complete youngster. Low Converse sneakers are also an option. Goes with your jeans but also chinos and dress pants.


    They go with anything - from pretty floral dresses to your jeans & tee outfit. Super-chic and versatile. Great as everyday shoes.

    Leather Sandals

    Secure at least one pair of simple flat sandals in a neutral color. Try gladiator or thong sandals.

    High Heel Sandals

    Essential for spicing up your summer outfits, such as denim shorts and sun dresses. Casual and super-chic. I recommend wedge sandals - and if your legs are short then select a pair in a color that matches your skin tone :-)

    Dress Sandals

    Secure one pair of dressy sandals in a neutral color to go with your dressier and more formal outfits.

    Black Pumps

    Black pumps are essential in any woman's closet - and cover various occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and more! They're a must for any office gal. For variety, I would also recommend adding a pair of nude pumps.

    Nude Pumps

    Good for dressing up - and they're stylish with your casual workwear. Super leg-elongating. You might want to buy a pair that closely matches your skin tone for maximum elongating effect.

    Ankle Booties

    You need these whenever you get sick of your knee high boots or when you just want to showcase your bottom garments and legs more. Fabulous for showing off your hosiery! Get these in black! :-)

    Casual Boots

    A fall/winter essential. However, cowboy boots can work for warmer months. I would buy one pair for dressier occasions (eg. office), another pair for casual everyday wear (such as flat slouch boots) and a pair for party occasions (eg. ankle booties)

    Knee-high Riding Boots

    You need these for Fall - creating well-dressed and chic outfits with your sweater dresses, skinny jeans and yes, hosiery.

Build on your shoe-closet with:

Platform high heel sandals, comfy & cute moccasin boots, slouch boots, embellished shoes. Shoes in bright colors that bring attention to your legs.

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Wardrobe Essentials: Swimwear

Your choice of swimwear is completely based on your personal style and what you're comfortable with, no one is forcing you to wear a skimpy two-piece and you're not limited to that either.

However, I recommend securing at least a classic black bikini along with a fun (think colors form your personal palette and cute details) but versatile swimsuit. You also need to buy a basic cover-up such as a sash or a cotton tunic.

Essential Swimwear - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    Black Two-Piece

    Try a string bikini or a swimsuit with more coverage such as tankini. It should have minimal details.

    Fun, Basic Two-Piece

    So how is it possible for a fun swimsuit to be "basic" and "versatile"? Well it doesn't have to be a neutral (eg. black, beige, white, etc.) but it should be solid or a neutral print (eg. blue and white polkadots).

    Neutral Cover-up

    A swimsuit coverup can be a beach sash/shawl, tunic or a dress. It's completely up to how much you want to cover up. And I would get this is a neutral so that it goes with all of your trendy swimsuits :-)

Build on your swimwear-drawer with:

Tankinis, bikinis, one piece bathing suits, monokinis, bohemian beach dresses... Various prints, colors and details. Have fun with ruffles around the neckline or over your hips. Express your exquisite taste with gold metal hardware. Have fun!

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Wardrobe Essentials: Shapewear

If you don't have at least one shapewear lying around in your drawer then you obviously don't know how amazing body shapers are! That, or maybe you have a perfect body?

Body shapers smooth over your lumps and bumps (muffin top, anyone?) and can take inches off your body figure in an instant! Perhaps you gained some weight around the belly over the Holidays or after pregnancy and want so-badly to fit in one of your skinny jeans or fitted dresses again? Well, a shapewear is your solution!

If you want to wear it often then I recommend buying them in both dark and light neutrals - which work for your light and dark clothes!

Essential Shapewear - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    Panty Girdles

    Perfect with your pants and when you want to let your legs move freely. If you want to wear shapewear on a daily basis I recommend you to invest in shapewear hosiery. It's basically pantyhose or tights which trims the area from your tummy down to your legs - and can be worn with your dresses and skirts.

    Skirt Slip

    This is ideal with you skirts and dresses - eliminating your muffin top and smoothing out your hips and thighs. If you're a dress-gal then you may want to add a shapewear dress or full body shaper with legs.

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Wardrobe Essentials: Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses serve us as eye protectors but are fabulous for when you want to create a cool, glamorous or trendy fashion statement out in the sun.

I recommend securing a couple of versatile fashion sunglasses in neutrals to go with the rest of your closet and with various styles and color combinations. Nothing is more important than selecting the right pair for your face shape and facial feature - so please make sure you get it right :-)

Essential Sunglasses - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    Basic Sunglasses

    In an "emotionless" frame shape such as round, oval, square or rectangle. You can find variations of each shape - so that they'll suit your face shape. For example, angular rectangle or rounded square.

    Fun, Basic Sunglasses

    I explained the same thing about versatile and fun accessories and garments - however, these should be a neutral but in a style and shape of your choice. Think timeless sunglasses such as aviators or wayfarers. In this way they'll go with anything but still make you look trendy.

Build on your sunglass-stand with:

Wayfarers, aviator frames, bumble bee round, frames with gold or silver metal accents, cat eye... Also have fun with bright colors (eg. red, white, blue, etc.) and half-faded frame lenses.

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Wardrobe Essentials: Hats

Hats and caps don't seem to be for everyone - but they're necessary for creating an effortless and cool look. They're also practical for protecting your face form sunburn under the sun and keeping your head warm.

Buy them in neutrals and you don't ever have to worry about if they match with your outfit. Just make sure to select a hat that suits your face shapes.

Essential Hats - Your Wardrobe Essentials

    Straw Hat

    A straw hat is incredibly handy for summer - you know, when your hair is greasy, and you just want to hide the mess from the public? And it looks super-chic with your shorts and tee outfits. Adds that uber-cool unexpected flair :-)

    Wool Beanie

    A wool beanie or beret is a coat's and jacket's winter companion. Injects that cozy-cute feel to your outfit.

Build on your sunglass-stand with:

Try newsboy, and breezy Panama and floppy straw hats. Fedoras are cool too. Experiment with bright colors to bring attention to a pretty face or nice makeup.

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