Travelling Light e-book Review

"How to Pack Light and Still Bring a Great Travel Wardrobe"

Travelling Light e-book cover

"Travelling Light"
by Imogen Lamport

Are you struggling with excess baggage whenever you travel?

Do you end up bringing more clothes than you really need or are able to manage?

If you tend to bring tons of things to your trips only to later discover that you only needed half of it, then you'll benefit from image consultant Imogen Lamport's excellent travel packing e-book "Travelling Light".

Imogen is a skilled traveler and has compiled her experience combined with her fashion knowledge into an e-book oodles of practical but stylish tips for travel packing (and beyond).

Imogen's tried-and-tested advice helps you eliminate tiring and frustrating situations associated with traveling and packing.

Examples are:

  • Heavy luggage that are physically exhaustive and annoying
  • Paying excess fees
  • Delayed or missing luggage
  • Jam-packed luggage that leaves little or no space for any last-minute purchases before and during the trip
  • That feeling when you realize that half of your stuffed luggage are unnecessary add-ons - and that you coulda, woulda, shoulda unloaded the trouble by leaving them behind

"Travelling Light" is 85 pages long and provides you with the basics-but-often-neglected strategies of travel packing that ensure your comfort and sanity while you're traveling. Imogen also gives you plenty of outfit ideas and tips on how to travel with style - on a light luggage! If you spend a lot of time on foot then this e-book is definitely a must-own.

My rating: Star Star Star Star 4/5

Highlights of "Travelling Light" e-book

"Travelling Light" is the only book I've come across that covers both the practical and styling aspects of travel packing, which obviously makes this book a great investment.

Advice on how to travel on a light luggage

Here are some of the things I enjoyed about her e-book:

  • Tips on how to effectively create a stylish Wardrobe Capsule. Basically, a closet "capsule" is a set of 10-12 (or less) garments that can be mixed & matched with each other to create a variety of outfit combinations. She gives you guidelines to work around with, such as: What colors to use and how to combine them, how to wear prints, and more.
  • What to pack and how to pack for the different types of travels, as well as some outfit ideas. The various trips include:
    • Business Traveling: 1-3 Nights, 2 days & 1 night, 4+ nights, winter business travel
    • Holiday: Beach, City, Country Weekend
  • I think you'll also like her advice on how to fit a lot into a little, which is excellent for short trips where you want to only carry a single hand-luggage. She introduces you to several methods of packing
  • If you're a last-minute packer or if you tend to forget the basic necessities (ie. toiletries) then you'll find Imogen's list of travel essentials handy
  • Advice on how to select a travel bag

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What to take on long haul flights

What to take on long-haul flights

"Travelling Light" focuses on how to create a stylish but practical te-bookravel wardrobe without bringing excess baggage.

I really like her advice on how you can easily implement to making the most out of a few pieces.

The outfit ideas with clear pictures and packing advice for the different types of trips take the guess work out of how to look travel appropriate but fashionable, and can effectively get the ball rolling when you start packing.

I also appreciated that she over-delivered by including her packing method-secrets, tips on traveling with kids, toiletries & makeup checklists, advice on what to wear on the plane, and so much more.

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Not familiar with creating a "Wardrobe Capsule"? Then you might find the lack of image examples a bit disheartening. I would've loved it if she demonstrated more clothing set combinations.

If you're young and super-trendy then you may not resonate with her choice of clothes. But I want to emphasize that it's more important to look at the basics of it. Like for example, look at how she combined the clothing types (not the style itself).

If you're big on having plenty of outfit options, I recommend you to get an additional resource on how to mix & match clothes, which you can find in Diana Pemberton-Sike's e-book "Wardrobe Magic".

Want to Relieve the Stress of Packing & Traveling?

Travelling Light e-book minicover
For only $27, you can eliminate the hassle of paying excess luggage fees and carrying heavy suitcases that make you break out in a sweat. Grab a copy of Imogen Lamport's "Travelling Light", and learn the secrets to effortless packing! With Imogen's straight-to-the-point advice combined with her expertise as an image consultant, you'll know how to travel with style and practicality. It's definitely worth every penny!

Get a copy of "Traveling Light" for just $27

PS: Purchasing the e-book will generate commissions.

Stay chic!

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