The Finishing Touch E-book Review

"How to Perfect Your Accessorizing Skills and Look Fabulous!"

The Finishing Touch e-book cover

"The Finishing Touch"
by Imogen Lamport

Did you know that accessories can...
  • Add personality to your outfit and make it (and YOU) look more interesting?
  • Dress up or down an outfit?
  • Accentuate your best assets and camouflage your "problem areas"?

In short, accessorizing is a versatile, inexpensive and fun way to spiff up your look!

But as much as the accessories can stylishly transform your outfit, the wrong ones can easily ruin it too.

Why's that?

Because accessorizing is something many women struggle with because they don't know how or where to start in terms of selecting pieces that look good together.

Are you one of them?

Are you clueless about how to complete an outfit with accessories?

If you're serious about saving money and get the most out of your fashion accessories, then I have a pretty amazing fashion resource I believe you'll find invaluable.

"The Finishing Touch" is a 110-page e-book written by image consultant Imogen Lamport from Bespoke Image, and is, in my honest opinion, one of the best books written on the topic of accessorizing your outfits. It contains almost everything you need and would want to know about the art of mastering accessorizing.

How to mix and match your fashion accessories

"The Finishing Touch" is packed with styling tricks and fashion advice, covering all accessory types - from jewelry to scarves, handbags to shoes, as well as glasses. But it also goes over the basics that serve as excellent shopping guidelines - making sure that you'll only buy accessory pieces that look good on you.

My rating: Star Star Star Star Star 5/5

Highlights of "The Finishing Touch" e-book

There are tons of fashion tips and information in this fun and practical e-book, and the best parts worth mentioning are..

    How to buy trendy and classic accessories

    Trends vs Classics

  • The why's of accessorizing. It sounds general, but I enjoyed the detailed examples and how they inspire you to experiment and express yourself with accessories
  • How to start accessorizing. Imogen gives you clear guidelines on how to select fashion accessories. For example: How to buy trendy and classic pieces, what accessory scale to wear for your body figure and face shape, guidelines on mixing & matching, the appropriate amount of pieces in one outfit, and more!
  • Insider styling tips such as; What texture to select (matte, sheen or shine?), finding your most flattering jewelry placement, creating an appealing accessory mix, things to consider when selecting a hairstyle, how to define your facial features, etc.
  • Over 20 chic ways to wear a scarf that help squeeze out every styling potential of one single scarf. This section also includes a link to a how-to video
  • The tips on how to style a belt is notable. If you have a straight body figure you'll like her suggestions. I also enjoyed her advice on tucking and matching your belt

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Do you always have to match your accessories?

"Do I have to match
the accessories in my outfit?"

"The Finishing Touch" is well-organized and holds plenty of clear pictures and examples. Plus plenty of fashion tips and strategies not found in your regular fashion magazine.

This is the fashion advice book for anyone who has lots of rarely worn accessories in their drawers, and need guidelines on how to start wearing them.

I also like that Imogen went beyond the styling-aspect of accessorizing and included money-saving advice on jewelry care & maintenance and how to organize your accessories.

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Wearing classy pearl necklace with an eclectic boho-print shrug

Boho + Classy-sleek

There's one topic I wished Imogen could have expanded more on and that is her advice on "Matching the Level of Refinement of Your Accessories".

She says that you will need to match the mood of your accessories with the occasion and the style of your clothing. For example:

1. Straw and cork work best for summer

2. Lace works best with sparkle and feather

I agree with her and I believe it's quite crucial to get this right when you want to look appropriate for an event. However, I wish she added some tips for the Creative fashionista who likes to combine various styles in one outfit. Because I really love wearing my sleek pearl necklace with my boho-print top :-)

Fashion tip: If you want to look classy but stylish, then fun pieces are best combined with classic accessories. For example, the reason why that pearl necklace works with the eclectic print shrug is because it's simple, creating an ultra-chic juxtaposition and doesn't completely clash with style of the clothing.

Ready to Perfect Your Accessorizing Skills?

The Finishing Touch: How to accessorize e-book minicover
I warmly recommend Imogen Lamport's e-book "The Finishing Touch" to anyone who wants to learn how to get the most out of their accessories and create stylish outfits.

Wouldn't you like to position yourself as a savvy fashionista and know the secrets to putting together stylish outfits?

Get your copy of "The Finishing Touch"s for only $27!

PS: Purchasing the e-book will generate commissions.

Stay chic!

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