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Desperate in Virginia!

by Heather Trumbo
(Marshall, VA)

Me last summer

Me last summer


I am a 38 year old mother of three children ranging from the ages of 16 to 6. I use to be pulled together, was considered stylish and hip all through my school years, but lost myself after I got married and started having kids.

My mom and sister swear I am an Autumn, but I am not always convinced, I would love to know for sure and even though I have purchased a Color Me Beautiful book, a more recent one, but still maybe a little outdated I think, I still can't really figure out my color!!

Feeling very frustrated and would love to be able to open my closet and know anything I pull is just right and I will look and feel great, like the old days.

Help please!!!

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In search of the FABULOUS ME!

by C Maria
(Raleigh, NC)

I am 42 years old, and through out my life I have always admired women that look great no matter what. Two of these women are my mom and younger sister; their hair, clothing, style, make-up, accessories and colors always look perfect, and they are always appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Me, on the other hand, I have always been fashion challenged. I remember many times since I was a little girl into my teenage years when I would literally cry before going out because I had tried every clothing item in my closet and I and couldn’t find anything that looked good on me, so I would end up grabbing the last thing I had put on and going out and feeling horrible about myself.

High School and college were a challenge, but it these years were more forgivable because I was young and followed trends (even if they didn’t look good on me).

At times I tried copying Mom and sister’s styles, but they would only look slutty or cheap on me. They have a different body type, I have an hourglass figure, with a very short middle section.

When I started working I relied on suits to get me through life , and it seemed to work because I looked neat, but never felt like I was putting my best foot forward. I have always felt I have been missing something, and that I could look better but did not know how to do it.

A couple of years ago I came to the revelation that there were people like you that transform people’s lives… I started researching the possibility of paying for the services, but everything was out of my reach.

Now I have my own business that I run from home, and I realize that now more than ever I need to look and feel my best.

So, why do you want a Style Makeover?

Because at 42 I’m ready to find the Fabulous Me!

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Better with Age

(New York City, NY)

I turn 38 this summer and I've ticked a lot of things off my list:

- Career: going well, new position as product manager suits me and I'm getting quite good at it.

- Love Life: married the most fabulous man 1 1/2 years ago; looking forward to a lifetime

- Friends: many awesome, many artists, all much better dressed than me

- Home: luckiest duck in the pond--I live in an architect's dream of 50's modern with a beautiful garden (so hard to come by in NY)

- Family: they stand by me and are unique & wonderful each

- Fashion: eeks, not so much--I'm not so blind as not to see how my outfits do NOT look good, and I am capable of putting a decent look together but overall, my wardrobe is a MESS. I have many things that go with nothing else and all are great by themselves but don't go together in the least. I can only put about 2 or 3 decent outfits together per season but even then the details are all off.

I'm hooked on your website b/c I appreciate a step-by-step logical approach. I am trying, but I'm sort of a hopeless case. Please HELP!!!


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Confused and Outdated

by Jenah Victor
(Naples, Fl, USA)

Me from a Sears family photo

Me from a Sears family photo

I still have clothes in my closet from 7th grade even though I am 37 years old and a mother of 2.

I typically can be found in flip flops and yoga crop pants and a yoga tshirt or a small t-shirt and daisy duke shorts and flip flops. I do wear a sundress to church. I live in Florida so I look like a beach bum most fo the time.

Luckily I work from home on the computer but I do have to dress nice for business once a month and 4-6 weekends a year so if I can I try to go to Express or Macy's and get at least one new outfit for the trip.

I finally lost the rest of my baby weight from my now 2 year old and so I am now a 0-4 but most of my closet is sizes 4-6 because I used to always wear clothes that are too big for me because my grandmother bought all my clothes for me until 2006.

I am so confused as to what to wear because other than shopping at Macy's and Express my grandmother has bought all my clothes for me over the years but she died in 2007 so I dont have much new to wear.

My husband wants me to find a style and shop and get a girlfriend to help but I am a tom boy and don't have any girlfriends.

I have never seen Sex in the City the movie or show but any time I have seen a commercial I have loved the way Sara Jessica Parker was dressed. I like what I have seen on Nicole Ritchie and Mischa Barton and Jenny on Gossip Girl or Silver on 90210. I love music and poetry and photography so based on online tests I would say I am a bohemian style of clothing personality but have no idea where to start.

Help! I want my husband to find me attractive now that we are older. Instead I still look like a college beach bum.

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I'm a Hand-me Down

by Karis Solis
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

My name is Karis and I am 26 year old mother of two. I live in Los Angeles and although it is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, I am not so fashionable.

I have not been shopping for clothes in about four years other than of course undergarments. Most of my current wardrobe has come from my sisters-in-law. Which of course it means the colors and sizes do not work so well for me.

I am big on the bottom and small on the top which is opposite of them. The staple of my wardobe right now is jeans of any kind that are not too stained or have too many holes in the wrong places.

Needless to say that I feel dumpy on the good days and down right hideous on the bad days. I want a Style Makeover not only to feel great about myself when I leave the house but to be the "Hot Mom" when I take my kids to school.

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Can You Say Frumpy?

by Theresa Dell
(Monticello, NY USA)

My wardrobe is great except for when I need to look professional. Having worked in a job for years where casual was accepted, I now find myself on the hunt for a job in different field. Banking is my main profession but I haven't had a job in the field for quite some time. The few pieces I have left that fit me are totally out of style. Everything else is way too big since I lost a lot of weight. A few simple pieces that are versatile enough to mix and match to make up several outfits would really help me out. Being out of work for a while has left me in a financial position where clothes shopping for a lot of items is not an option.

I tend to wear a lot of black but I realize that isn't always the best choice to use everyday. I am clueless how to combine other colors to the best effect. People say pink looks good on me but if I do wear pink, I pair it with black. Black is my fallback color. It would be wonderful to be able to choose outfits that work well without always having to wear something black. Once I have more confidence in my appearance, I know my dream job will be mine!

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Dreadful to Fabulous

by Jodie
(Oldsmar, Fl, USA)

Time to start over with a total new look. Recently lost 48 lbs, which took foreeeeever (so it seems). After being divorced for 18 years, I've decided it's time to get out and start dating again! A makeover is just the thing to help make this a reality. And maybe in the process I'll get back to taking my sign language class and not feel so much like an old(er) lady with all those college kids! It's a whole new outlook and I can't wait to get started.

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Here is Why I Feel I Need a Style Makeover....

by Lisa Jones
(San Tan Valley, AZ, US.)

me and my dad

me and my dad

I am a 40 yr mother of 3 children, one of who passed away a little over two yrs ago in a horrible car accident. He was 18.

I have let myself go alot over these last couple years and would like to re-join the world. I have a job in a jail, so I do not have alot of comparisons of other women, except this young, beautiful 24 yr old. I am not in this as a competition against her, but rather to feel alive again.

My husband thinks I'm amazing, (don't most-ha ha), but I have gained a little weight and my hair looks fried all the time. I do color it because of the grey. Yuk! I have never entered a contest before, but I felt like I needed a new look on life, both inside and outside.

Please grant me this wish, and put me on the road to self-confidence and feling pretty again.

Thank you for your consideration,
Lisa Jones

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Personal Stylist Needs Tweaking

by Alannah Jaret
(British Columbia, Canada)

I'm starting my own business as a personal stylist. I know how to dress others but have some challenges myself. I want to present myself in the very best possible way. It's stopping me from getting out there to sell myself, as my confidence isn't where I want it to be.

I'm a very young funky 50 year old who has a trim body and look good for my age, but I need to make some changes in how I present myself in day to day life.

Please give me that extra tweak, so I in turn can help others. Thanks so much.


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Totally Lost in Style-land...SOS

by Tammy Blaker
(Clarksdale, MS 38614)



I'm 54 years old, not 20 something,; I'm Plus size...Supersize? 3x or 26. I have no idea if I'm a warm color or cool. When a hot flash hits I'm warm and red. The rest of the time I'm cool and blue.

I want to feel confident in my maturing body. It is the decade of the baby booms. I'm sure I'm not alone feeling left out on what is now right or wrong for older women; We're not our mothers but we are not twenty something either.

I want confidence in my large shape body too. I do have a shape. I don't want tents. I love jeans and I would like to know what to wear on top.

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Tomboy 2 Chic!

by Sanna
(Rovaniemi, Finland)

My usual outfit (see what I mean?)

My usual outfit (see what I mean?)

Why should I win a Style Makeover? Makeover will absolutely improve my (nonexistent) social life. Well, I'm a 18-year-old high school student, living in Finland. I have always been very shy and I think that's because I don't know how to look good. I want to feel confident and start dating guys without wondering if I'm pretty enough for them.

Although I'm size 6 I feel fat. I want to learn to look hot and still not too slutty. So, I need complete makeover. I don't want to be the girl whose name no one remembers because she looks so boring. And I want that guys realize that I'm a girl, potential girlfriend, not just some geek. I definitely want to get rid of tomboy image!

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Even College Couldn't Help Me Find Myself

by Mary Moury

Me, trying to pick up the latest fashion,

Me, trying to pick up the latest fashion,

My name is Mary Moury and I would like a fashion make-over mainly for the chance it will give me to find myself. I am twenty-one, and a recently newly wed of six months. I am still trying to figure out what it means to be a woman, let alone a wife. I want to look good for my husband, but also for myself.

I am a junior in college, and hope to teach elementary school, and left to my own devices, I usually look frumpy or juvenile. Neither image is the one I want to project to potential bosses. I am a romantic in style, and have an hourglass figure that has just recently fully bloomed. I want to look feminine, confident, reliable, and nostalgic.

I have never been confident in my looks, and I think that if I could have a make-over I could change that. My husband sees my beauty, but I want it to shine out. I want to walk down the street arm-in-arm with him, and have people notice. I want to feel young, in-love, vibrant, and alive.

I am usually found in a cami, v-neck, circle skirt or jeans, and ballet flats. As the only girl of four, I love all things pink and lacy, but often avoid them, as I look much younger than my age, and am tired of being taken for a highschooler.

I am stuck in the horrible in between of being too old for the teen section, but being intimidated by the womens, I want to make that jump, but am afraid of missing out. I want to look like a twenty-something, not like my mother, or my niece.

I have no idea how to find this happy medium, please help me.

Mary Moury

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He Loves Me? He Loves Me Not.

by Lisa D
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

He calls me fat but says 'don't worry I still love you'.

Does he really? It sounds rather untrue.

He calls me a midget but tells me 'short is adorable'.

No it's not. Being teased at is horrible.

He says I have thunder thighs but says 'curvaceous is hot'.

Really now? Then appreciate what I have got!

What does he really want? I honestly don't know.
A new girl? A slimmer me? ..even it were so,
I need a makeover to make his love for me grow.

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My Life is Changing!

by Anonymous

I'll be turning 30 in a little over a year. This fall I will be going back to school full time. I have been working full time at a job that requires a uniform, and will continue to do so. The problem is, I don't really have a personal sense of style anymore, just the remaining bits that survived from my first go-around as a student. Once I'm done, I'll be ready to pack away that uniform for good! In addition, I'm finally ready to start dating again, after a couple of years of healing, and I want to draw the right kind of man to me.

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Help! I'm Desperate

by Mary Brooks
(Huntsville, AL USA)

I have always wanted to find my true colors. Everyone tells me something different. When I go shopping the sales person always recommends something different in color and style from what I would be looking at. Sometimes I get confused and just will wear only one color, black. And I don't even know if I'm suppose to be wearing black. My eyes are blue-green with a lot of yellow and my hair is some color of brown. My complexion has pink and yellow. I don't know if I'm warm or cool. I would like to get it right. I'm am 66 years old and hoping to get married this year and time has passed to get it right.

Please, please, please choose me! HELP ME!
Thank you,
Mary Brooks

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Love The Package Inside and Out

by Cassandra Reese
(Stone Mountain, GA)

I grew up in a house of eight; being the youngest girl tall and skinny with feet like ski's. I was always critized of my height and size that I never knew what to wear. Being 6'0 and a size 6 was awful so I went thru my entire childhood to my adulthood hating the way God designed me. Shopping was so complicated I wore men pants because they were long enough.

I am 46 and loving who I have become and have discovered my career aspiration. Which is to become a Stylist to assist ladies who are less fortunate, on how to dress for different occassion; whether it is for an interview, black tie event, or just wanting to attract the right type of mate. I want them to love who they are at an early age, so they will be successful in whatever endeavor. Because to love others you have to first love yourself.

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My Scattered Style Personality

by Kaila

I need a Style Makeover because not only am I going into my first year of High School in August, but my style is somewhat all over the place. I want to be able to define my style so that I can look like an individual amongst a sea of freshmen. Winning this contest and getting the Style Makeover would help boost my uneasy self-confidence, help me figure out my style, and give me the edge I need to start a great year in high school.

My friends tell me all the time that I definitely have a great sense of style and that I can pick out fabulous pieces to create chic outfits. But they also say that sometimes my individual pieces are better off alone than together as an outfit. Previously stated, my style is all over the place. If I could win this contest and learn what style suits me then I could make more educated and style-conscious decisions in my wardrobe.

I also want to boost my confidence and be proud to be me for once. I have always had the issue of being envious of the "rich" and "famous" girls. I try so hard to be them instead of who I am. I'm tired of being completely unsure of myself and I am so ready to be an individual and set myself apart from the girls I try desperately to imitate. Being my own person would not only give me that needed confidence boost, but make me a much happier girl with myself and who I am.

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Lost in Time Capsule!

by Elva
(Miami, Fl.)

I am 53, but look 43. But I really don't have a style. Whatever I wear seems to have been "in" in the 80's. This happens to a lot of women, they get stuck in what looked good on them when they were a lot younger... This includes hair and makeup. I've had the same haircut for 10 years!

I feel like sometimes I'm wearing some things that are too "cute" or revealing for my age. How can I look modern and sexy without looking tacky and cheap?

Please help me!

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Three life styles

by Kay Evans
(Abbotsford, BC, Canada)

Hi, I have three life styles and I find it hard to not look like a frumb in all three life styles.

My first life style is my working life. I work in a federal penitentiary as the Maintenance Assistance. In a typical day I will be working in my office, walking through trades shops, dealing with inmate employees, taking minutes in a meeting with management or running the inmates pet cats to the veternarian. As you can see I can have a very varied day. Frequently I am the first person that a visitor to my department will see and I want to make a good impression. I find it hard to strike the right balance.

My second life style is my hobby. I have a horse that I ride and show. So on any given day I can be found working around my horse, riding, going to clinics and horse shows. I always find that I always look like I have been dragged backward through a key hole by the time I finish a session at the barn.

My third life style is what I will call my casual style. These are the times when I go shopping on the weekend,go out to a movie, go to visit frends or just around the house. Most of the time you will find me in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

I find myself comparing others in my work place and when I go out, I find myself lacking in the fashion department and I find that this effects my confidence. I would love to become a fashionista. Help!!!!

Yours Truly

Kay Evans (not a fashionista)

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I Make the World Wish They Were Blind

by Ila Martins

This may not be my daughter's, but it is an atrocity

This may not be my daughter's, but it is an atrocity

Hi, I'm a 48 year old women who wears my teenage daughter's unwanted clothes. I can't seem to resist their "funky" new age style. I've been told by a few different people, including my husband, that I need to let go of my teenage years and start dressing my own age.

Back before the birth of my third child, who is now 15, I dressed to impress. Working in a corporate environment, I had to dress accordingly. When my youngest child was born, I was diagnosed with a condition called Usher Syndrome, which left me with most of my vision and hearing decimated.

Soon after, the gouvernment took away my drivers license. I was going blind and it wasn't safe for me on the roads. I currently only have 10 percent of vision and I wear hearing to help me hear. It isn't very easy for me to pick appropriate clothing when I can barely see what I'm wearing.

I was able to persevere through the loss of my two major senses but life became exceedingly difficult when my second child was diagnosed with a painful condition called Ulcerative colitis. Her condition required frequent trips to the hospital and left me with very little time to consider my own image. Now that most of the shock and trauma is over, I can't begin to guess what is fashionable for my petite "older" figure.

I truly hope that I am lucky for once during my luckless times and win this amazing opportunity.

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Old and Grey

by Laurea



Hi - Why do I need a style makeover? Why don't I? At the ripe old age of 53, I still don't have a clue. I can not determine my 'color me beautiful' season no matter how many times I take the test/quiz. I can't see yellow in my skin, nor can I see blue.

I constantly write down what goes with what, and what colors go with which. I observe the mannequins in the shop windows and only dream of being able to buy the whole outfit so I'd know I have at least one outfit that looks good. Whether it would look good on me or not would be debatable, regardless.

I know this... I don't want to wear old lady clothes and I don't want to wear teenager clothes. But, I don't know what is appropriate for me, either. I can't seem to find an in-between look.

So, I could really use some help. You can just call me...

Clueless in Canada.

Thanks for reading!

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Why Mrs Jennifer Waller Needs a Style Makeover

by Jennifer Waller

I am in desperate need of a style makeover as I have been walking around with the same haircut and makeup for some years. We have had a new addition to the family and have been losing weight, to be honest had some botox and lip enhancement and now feel that I need to get a grip on the fashion side of things and become a modern woman to match the inside.

Please help the vision I have of myself!!!!

Thanks for reading this.

Jenn Waller

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Why I Need a Style Makeover

by Claudelle Baatjes
(Empangeni , Kwazulu Natal, South Africa)


I have just recently got married and promoted and have absolutely no time for myself. I don't get my hair or my nails done and have completely out dated clothing. I am only 25 years old but feel like I could have been 40. I really need help with my look.

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"Why I want a style makeover"

by Michelle

So much has happened in the last year and a half. Two weeks before Christmas 2008 my youngest son (now 26 yrs) moved home and in January 2009 my oldest son (now 29 yrs)also moved back home. Both boys had been having problems, but my husband and I didn't really know the extent of their problems. It turns out that BOTH are bipolar!!!

There has been so much to deal with (medicines,treatment,social security,etc.) that sometimes it's completely overwhelming. Also, I've had much care of aging parents since my sister died of breast cancer in 1993. And, just recently I lost my Dad on March 8,2010.

Life has certainly taken a much different turn than I could ever have imagined.

My husband recently took a new job 2 hours from our home. That means he maintains an apartment during the week and is home on the weekends.I'm 55 and in good shape,but some days I feel old, dull and just not like ME any more. A style makeover would certainly be fun and bring some sparkle back into my life.

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Time to Shine

by Loraine Adams
(Houma, LA, USA)

Recently, I changed careers due to the economic down turn and uncertainty. My new direction is being an Esthetician. Before this choice I would only wash my face with soap. I have investigated many skin care lines and have found one that I love. Tomorrow, June 22nd, I will be getting a new hair style and a color analysis will complete the new me and perfect for representing the beauty industry.

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Versatile Lifestyle

by Zooey (Colleen) Williams
(Toccoa, GA)

Right after a haircut!

Right after a haircut!

Hey Chic Fashionista:
I am an "older" mom to a 17 year old daughter who is always stylish. I am also a personal trainer/ fitness instructor so my "career" is sporty and athletic. I have always tried to combine a casual approach to clothing because most of my days are spent in spandex!

HELP!! I need a sophisticated/ classier look when we head to Atlanta and attend city events. I need a cool, stylish look to avoid the matronly-mama look and embarrass my darling put-together artistic daughter!

Thank you for offering this contest!

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A Teacher Candidate in Need of a Style Makeover

by Kelly
(Long Beach, NY, USA)

For the past few years I've been really trying to dress like a person as I like to put it. I'm a senior in college and throughout High School I always just bought a trendy shirt, belt, bag etc. and I really didn't know how to dress.

When I got to college I gained a lot of weight, I was on many different medications becasue I was sick. I became a bum and only wore sweats because that's what fit me. I was so sick, I had to go class and I did not care what I looked like.

When I gained weight I wouldn't buy any clothes because I didn't want to loose the weight and have to throw them away. It took me two years to loose the weight I gained and two years to now have a wardrobe of sweats and comfrotable baggy clothing. Even after the weight and keeping it off I still wear them. A few of my friends from class told me they didn't now I had a body until they friended me on facebook.

This past year I had to start going into High School's and Middle School's for my major to observe classes and to teach. I had to dress nicely, it made me wake up and realize that I can't dress like such a bum anymore and that I actually really like to get dressed. However I'm so lost on how I should dress with having lost the weight.

I feel like I always buy black clothes because that's what I did when I weighed more. I don't know what colors to wear or what looks good on me anymore. I need to learn soon since in a year from now I will be student teaching and need to dress to part. On the rare occasions that I dress nicely (or how I look to put it normal person) I feel great about myself. I would like to have that feeling all the time.

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My name is Tina from Nigeria. My reason to why I need a style makeover is not for the fun of it but because I truly believe in it and the confidence it brings whenever I'm going out or when I'm in the office. I am not that pretty in nature and most of the times when I see people my age with so much ability I envy them, please do not get me wrong the truth is that it enhance me and bring me alive. I love fashion anything that could make you different and smart.

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Need a Little Bit of a Sassy Celebration!

by Kathleen Whipple
(Mesa, AZ, Maricopa)

I'm extremly interested in fashion and love the "classy" look. My family (there are 4 girls) depends strongly on me to help them pick out clothes, etc. The only problem is i'm not any where close to being an expert!

I feel guilty because I can't give them the answers they seek! Please help me become a fashionista so i can help my family to be Chic and Hot!

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"Why do you want a Style Makeover?"

by Aiko Mae Takahashi
(Cebu City, Philippines)

Hi, my name is Aiko Mae... I am 17 years old.
I am a girl extremely interested in fashion, but I don't have money to buy a pretty dress.

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Make Up My Mind Makeover

by Roxanne

I am in my mid forties, and I feel drab. Same old, same old. My husband (wears glasses) looks me in the eye (not at my clothes) and says I’m beautiful; my two young children (home schooled) think I’m wonderful; my father (a widow) thinks I’m a great cook; my sisters (all with an eye for design) and mother-in-law (loves a coffee) are good friends and wonder why I rarely go shopping with them. I have few complaints, but little time and less money, and even less confidence in my ability to choose a wardrobe or find my magic colors.

Why waste time shopping when I know I won't be able to decide on anything and probably won't be happy later if I do?

I need some professional help! (Not in white coats!)

A makeover sounds like a dream from another life!

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From Self-Conscious to Classic-Eclectic... We'll See!

by Anonymous
(Jacksonville, FL )

I'm a 31 year old "mixed chick" who has had several blows in my life, when it comes to self confidence. Due to illness, I've had to endure alopecia (hair loss) and severe scarring resulting from an allergic reaction to a medication.

Although the most traumatic experience (the allergic reaction) was over 5 years ago, I still find myself looking in the mirror and seeing the results of the huge blisters that once covered both cheeks. The discoloration is something that I live and cope with, whenever possible with little to no make up because I'm just not the make up type. In addition to the discoloration on my face, I've had several occurrences of hair loss. The result is naturally curly hair (which I love), but that has lost its thickness, volume and body. Just when I was starting to learn how to love and manage my naturally curly locks, their texture changed. Now I simply don't know what to do. After having finally cut my hair "Halle Berry-short" in an effort to camouflage the thinness, I have since found myself growing my hair back out to see if the texture would return to its original state. It hasn't. Now my hair is just another thing that sometimes keeps me from going out and facing the world as the "social butterfly" that I once was.

But I'm in no depressed state of mind. I'm a successful Elementary Teacher and entrepreneur. In addition to my acting hobby, I also have interests in interior decorating and possibly one day opening a boutique. The problem is, I need help to look the part. I've been told more than a few times that I look like a teacher. And while teaching is an honorable profession (I'd rather be told I look like a teacher than a prostitute. lol), it's not exactly the look I want to present at all times.

I think I have a good eye for fashion. And I know what I like. What I need is someone to help me pull together a signature style. I need someone to help me decide what to keep of the overflow of clothes in my closet that fit into a variety of styles.

On top of these things, I'm going to visit my brother in Los Angeles, California on June 29th. I'm from Jacksonville, Florida and I don't want to stand out like a sore thumb in L.A. Sure Florida and California both have sunny climates that warrant packing light, but east and west coast styles are different. And me being the mixed chick that I am, I want to blend all of these elements together. East Coast, West Coast and a little mixed up.

I think it can be done. Classic-Eclectic is my style. Can you help me?

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No more wishing that COULD be me!

by Anonymous

I'm tired of wishing some fabulous fashionista will come up to me and want to take me shopping. I love people-watching. And there always seems to be a woman who has her look down. You want to know her, what's her story? My current wardrobe is so PLAIN JANE it conveys nothing about my personality. I want to feel EMPOWERED by being that stylish woman myself! And knowing for myself that I've made the best wardrobe decisions for me. I want to convey that I'm happy and that I like me.

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by Tina
(Orilla, ONT)

I have 2 children and have lost my sense of style. I'd like to appear more confident as I would like to get into hair and make up. The only thing I'm missing is STYLE.

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15 Years Old and Need a Makeover

by Linda
(Stockbridge, GA, USA)

Hi, my name is Linda and am 15 years old (I'm probably not over the age limit but I could't find the age requirement).

Okay I'll just get straight to the point, I would love to get a style makeover. I guess you can say I haven't really found my own unique style and I just need a little help. I like to have more confidence in myself and when the summer term is over am going to be a Junior in high school and by then it would be nice to have a makeover by then.

And I know that hundred or even thousands of people have entered but I would just like to thank you that you have read this cause it must be hard to read all of the others reason why they need makeover.

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Confidence in New Stage

by Anonymous

I would like to have a style makeover because it would give me the chance to fit in and have a new beginning.

I have graduated and started my teaching career (how do teachers dress?! what shall I wear to go to work?! Colleagues look at me as I am one of the senior students?!). How can I keep up when life is too busy and I barely have time for myself! I am currently working two jobs and doing a master's... life is just too hectic and too stressful for me to worry about what to wear!

After a few months I have realised that I have put myself in the third place of my priorities, if not further down 1st: teaching jobs, 2nd: master's student, 3rd: 'me?'. I have come to a place where next week I will quit one of the jobs because it is just too much and I feel I can't keep up. - Admitting that was quite hard, I am not used to admitting I have failed at something.. aren't we all scared to do that?

So, I have decided that I need a fresh start; I am quiting one of the jobs to get some time for myself, have time to actually take a look at my style, my personal life, and my happiness and those of the people I have around.. This year has been too difficult keeping up all by myself, looking dreadfully, falling asleep everywhere, sitting all day at the computer working when I am not teaching, and most importantly: not being there for my friends. I need to be comfortable with myself so I can actually feel good about me, take the time to go out and have fun and then I will be in shape to be there for my friends and family who need me.

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Shattered Self-Esteem

by Erika

Newest picture I have, I wear a lot of baggier clothes most of the time like in this picture.

Newest picture I have, I wear a lot of baggier clothes most of the time like in this picture.

I used to be very confident and have a very good self-esteem. Unfortunately that was all shattered when my husband (of 3 1/2 years) made me feel like a cow.

It started when he first said that he didn't think that he could sleep with me b/c of my size (being larger than other women he'd been with who were TINY, the ones who nearly any average woman is going to look huge compared to).

This was before we started dating. Since we've actually been together & been married he never tells me I'm beautiful, pretty, anything.

I made a comment once (being the goofball that I am sometimes) while wrapped tightly in a blanket that I was going to turn into a beautiful butterfly (I felt like a caterpillar in the blanket)... His response (mind you this is while we have been married a few years) was "you can if you want to be, you just have to work hard at it."

There was another time when he told me that there was something that he didn't think he could do with me because I have bigger legs (I have always had thick thighs and have been self-conscious about them).

It wasn't until I got accepted into John Casablancas (earlier this month) that he started telling me that I looked pretty (I'm still more than sure that it is my face that he speaks of since I know that my body is nothing special, I've always been told I had a great smile and eyes).

Since going to John Casablancas and being told that I am wanted for TV & print modeling, going through the classes, photo shoots, and everything I have started feeling a little better about myself but not entirely. I feel that my style/fashion sense is too safe and accentuates the wrong areas of my body making me feel even worse. I am afraid to try out new styles a lot of times because I am so self-conscious.

I need to come up with fashionable outfits (including fitness outfits) for my classes but I don't want to feel like a heffer. I can't count how many times a week I sit alone and cry over things that have been said to me the past years and how I feel about myself now. It's hard to gain back that confidence.

Please help.

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I Have No Sense of Style...

by Anonymous

I practically don't know anything about fashion. I'm almost 21 and I've been a tomboy ever since I was in elementary school. My wardrobe is full of jeans, one color shirts and sneakers. No dresses, no high heels, basically nothing good to wear. Seriously.

Every time I go out to buy clothes I end up getting nothing just because I'm not sure if it would look good on me. I'm sure that at least 50% of the clothes I own belonged to a family member.

My social life? A complete disaster. I'm very shy. I avoid most of social activities and when I do go out I feel very uncomfortable. How sad.

Now that I'm a few months away from completing college I feel that it's time for me to change. I'm sure this could help me regain confidence, improve my self-esteem, social life and of course my fashion sense.

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Wants to be classy and cute, and practice good self-care!

by Christine
(Excelsior, MN, United States)

Hi :),

I am a gal who is interested in dressing conservatively, but also stylishly. I have been stuck in a rut of conservative, but pretty unflattering.

I know that it is possible to dress stylishly and still feel classy and good about myself, but I have not yet mastered the technique. I finally figured out that it is ok to make myself look as best as possible with what I have and can do, and I need some help in actually doing that. If you would be willing to help, I would appreciate it.

I am recovering right now from some eating disorder and body image issues, with the help of a group involving serious effort and spiritual growth.

I feel like the fashion tips received from you would help me socially, and professionally as well as to help me to "love myself" and declare by my actions that I am worth time, effort, and thought to look good and be well taken care of.

All the best, and thanks for the help on the website I've received so far!


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Mom of 3 Needs a Makeover

by Cindy
(Schuyler, VA)

Hello, I am a 30 year old women with 3 kids. I am always putting my kids and husband first and never have time to do something nice for myself. I feel like I can look better with a makeover.

I need to feel for confident in myself and look nice for my husband. I am always wearing shaggy clothes and don't really have anything nice except a few skirts. If you could help me, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks so much,

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Dull and Drab and Needs Help Badly

by Carol Humphries
(Burnaby, BC, Canada)

I am over 50 and feel very out of date and want to feel good about myself. I have been diagnosed with fibermayalgia and copd and chronic fatigue syndrome.

To top that off I was just in a car accident at the end of April. I have been trying my best to work out with the physio and am in a swimming fitness club as I can move very well in water. I would really like a makeover from top to bottom as according to your lists I am failing badly which is probably why I can find nothing to wear in a full closet.

Thanks for listening,
Carol Humphries

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