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Here you'll find style makeover resources and help to help you on the road to a chic and fabulous you - along with product reviews on various clothing, accessories, fashion advice books & tutorials that I have personally tried and tested.

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If you run a fashion related store and you would like me to review your products, please send in your request here. I accept only fashion & style related products.

Update: I am currently not taking in products for reviews. Thanks for the understanding.

Style & Fashion books at The Chic

The Finishing Touch e-book by Imogen Lamport (Image Consultant)

The Finshing Touch ebook review
"The Finishing Touch" is a 110-page eBook and one of the best books written on the topic of accessorizing. It has almost everything you need and would want to know about the art of perfecting your accessorizing skills. This book covers all accessory types - from jewelry to scarves, handbags to shoes, as well as glasses. Learn more

Never Short on Style e-book by Imogen Lamport (Image Consultant)

Never Short on Style ebook review
"Never Short on Style" is a fun, affordable and not least invaluable book that provides you with nuts-and-bolts fashion advice on looking fabulous with your petite height. One of the biggest highlights of the book has to be the guidelines for the various body shapes. Learn more

Travelling Light e-book by Imogen Lamport (Image Consultant)

Travelling Light ebook review
"Travelling Light" holds tried-and-tested advice that helps you eliminate tiring and frustrating situations attached to traveling and packing. It focuses on how to create a stylish but practical travel wardrobe without overpacking. Imogen shows you how you can make the most out of a few pieces. Learn more

Wardrobe Magic e-book by Diana Pemberton-Sikes (Image Consultant)

Wardrobe Magic ebook review
"Wardrobe Magic" contains thrifty strategies that will stretch your outfit options. It's an easy to understand eBook that teaches you the ins and outs of how to give yourself a style makeover. The fashion advice is divided into 3 parts - starting from the basic principles of dressing well to preparing your closet and finally how to skillfully put everything together. Learn more

Business Wear Magic e-book by Diana Pemberton-Sikes (Image Consultant)

Business Wear Magic ebook review
"Business Wear Magic" provides you with effective and easy to follow tips and is in my opinion your go-to resource for creating a successful business attire. It contains strategies on how to dress for success offered by someone who has gone through trial and error in their own career. The advice you'll find here prevents any embarrassing mishaps at the office, increasing your chances for improved wealth and status. Learn more

Occasion Magic e-book by Diana Pemberton-Sikes (Image Consultant)

Occasion Magic ebook review
"Occasion Magic" is an extensive and handy reference book that helps you create a fabulous first impression on various occasions and social functions. If you're worried about looking like an "Outsider" because of your attire then Diana's guidelines will make sure that you'll walk out that door with ease, wearing your outfit with confidence! Learn more

Plus Size Style Seminar ebook by Diana Pemberton-Sikes (Image Consultant)

Plus size style seminar review
This 60-minute audio seminar introduces you to a variety of effective styling strategies that create a visually leaner you. The fashion advice here helps you style your outfits in a way that eliminates bulk yet accentuates and flatters your curvaceous body figure. Learn more

Color Revival ebook by Lora Alexander (Image & Color Consultant)

Lora Alexander's Color Revival ebook review
This is image consultant and licensed esthetician Lora Alexander's ebook on how to analyze your coloring and find your best colors based on the seasonal color analysis-system. I've written a review of what I thought about the information she provided in the book. Learn more

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Product reviews at The Chic

Color Swatches from Pretty Your World

The Chic Fashionista wearing suspender tights

Color swatches are convenient to have in your bag when you're out shopping. These quality color swatches consists of over 60 colors and you can purchase them at Lora Alexander's website. Read my review

Mock Suspender Tights from Tights Please (UK)

The Chic Fashionista wearing suspender tights

I bought a pair of simple Pretty Polly mock suspender tights at Tights Please a few months ago. And recently, they sent me a pair of their newest suspenders for me to review. They're trendy and affordable. Learn more

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Image consultancy and other services at The Chic

Mail Forwarding Services

Mail forwarding service reviews

Discover the best mail forwarding service companies who deliver packages from international stores (who don't offer shipping to your location) to your home address. Learn more

My Private Stylist

How to Wear Clothes - eStyle/My Private Stylist program review

This program helps you choose the right clothes for your body figure - including "problem areas". It also covers your face shape, underwear and what fabrics & textures are best for you, and much, much more! Learn more

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