Seasonal Color Analysis Troubleshooting: Cool Despite Warm Freckles?

by Elisabeth

I have dark blonde hair and gray-blue-green eyes and light skin with a slightly pink undertone. My veins are blue-green, gradiating to blue and blue-purple at the inner wrist.

These traits would make me a summer, and I have already been analysed as a cool summer. However, I do have freckles. Not ash brown freckles as some of the summers have, but warm, orange-ish freckles as the springs and autumns!

When I was younger I had golden blonde hair. I am 20 years old now, and my hair, albeit dyed so I cannot judge its true colour properly anymore, is a dark blonde - seemingly without any flashes of gold nor red.

So, my question is as follows: How come I am a cool summer when my freckles, according to older books and other websites, claim they are an indicator of me belonging to the warmer seasons?

Hei :)

Yes, having freckles can be an indicator that you belong in a warm seasonal color group, and since you don't have anything else in your overall complexion that is related to your freckles (such as red or strawberry blonde hair, peachy skin, etc.) I suspect they're there because of genetics, creating an unusual mix of both cool and warm traits.

August 2011 Update: This post was written a couple of years ago, and since then I have come to the conclusion that freckles are not a strong indication that you're warm. In my practice as an image consultant, I have met women with this combination (overall coloring but "warm" freckles) and discovered that the skin tone is less significant than hair and eye color. The new, improved seasonal color analysis is based on your dominant characteristc and Elisabeth's case her main characteristic is Cool and her freckles do not affect her color palette.

Genetics are a mysterious and sometimes funny thing. Unfortunately the seasonal color analysis doesn't have enough variation to include everyone. However you should remember that we all belong to more than one single color group. I think Cool Summer is your main group but you may suit some of the colors from the Cool Winter palette due to the similar coloring traits.

I know that this doesn't explain why you're a Cool Summer despite of the mix of cool and warm coloring traits... But I don't think you should worry too much about the freckles (unless you have very visible freckles, on both your face, shoulders, arms, etc.). I mean, your hair, skin tone, veins and eyes are very predominant in your appearance, and what matters is that you wear colors that complement them.

On the other hand, you could be a very light Spring (suggesting that your freckles aren't only genetically inherited), but I can't be sure because I haven't seen you in person...

To find out if you are cool or warm, I suggest that you take a look at these color palettes:

Which of the color palettes are you mainly attracted to?

Which of them greatly flatter your appearance?

Hope this helps!

Feel free to comment on this page, if you have any other questions, submit a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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Comments for Seasonal Color Analysis Troubleshooting: Cool Despite Warm Freckles?

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Jul 10, 2013
delete comments NEW
by: soliferi

is it possible to delete my older comments? lol they're so stupid it's killing me XD I'm a summer not an autumn..

Nov 10, 2012
Can you help me? NEW
by: Amie

I have fair skin but an unsure whether I am warm or cool. My veins are both blue & green. I have curly, level 7 hair color with a mousy tone. I have dark & light freckles and hazel eyes.

Nov 01, 2012
title. NEW
by: soliferi

I would also like to add that in general the soft autumn colour charts are .. 'not good' you can see inconsistencies everywhere. leaving out charcoal on a soft autumn (autumn-summer) scheme is dumb for one. the best i've found was this one:

Nov 01, 2012
title. NEW
by: soliferi

I have the same colouring and just figured out I'm a soft autumn!! ^^ YAY FINALLY! for reference i have pink/very subtle beige 'transparent' skin dark slightly auburn hair, very much so in the sun but dark indoors and same coloured eyes as my hair. my veins are very bluey green (sounds creepy) anyhow I hope this helps! : D

Sep 06, 2012
Neutral NEW
by: Elsa

Marina, I too have the same skintone as you. My natural haircolor is med. neutral brown. My veins are blue green and my eyes are green with gold flecks. Right now I am tan but since my eyes are not dark nor too light, and my hair color base at the moment is dark blonde, I can pretty much wear colors in the middle part of the spectrum. Most of the light colors look weird and black doesn't look that great either but brown black looks good and icy blue grey looks great as well. My cheeks are naturally rosey so peach looks weird on me. Gold is a nice accent when worn with jewel colors but with blues, I like to wear silvers and pewters. I think I am finding that if I stick with a neutral base, I can highlight my hair anyway I want and it looks good but when I go really light, its to hard to keep it from look yellow. That's when it doesn't work for me. So I guess I'm a neutral.

Aug 14, 2012
by: Anonymous


May 23, 2012
can you not fit into seasonal analysis by being neither warm or cool NEW
by: Anonymous

I could altogether be completely confused as long this season analysis goes. I think some people don't fit at all and I am one of them. I was told I was a winter as a teenager, but then somewhere else I was an autumn. Then somewhere else I was a Spring with a winter influence. Personally I think the third is the most likely. Here is why.

My natural hair color is medium-dark brown with a few red highlights but only in the sun. I dyed it because I never cared for it so it Dark Brown with Soft Mahogany. I researched the color after the I knew it looked really good on me to see if was warm or cool. Well it not really either it neutral

My eyes were blue when I was a kid now they this light bluish green color with with little soft brown center, most of the iris is the bluish green color.

I worked to trying to figure it out if my skin was cool or warm truth be told I can wear both silver and gold; lucky me. I think silver looks great on me with warm stones, and gold and gold with cool stones. Here is what is for sure I look great is Coral, and Salmon and I wear Fuchsia and Magenta well. I have look good in red. I took to wearing coral pink eyeshadow because well it direct opposite color of my eyes I wanted to bring them out. It is not that I could not have worn any other color. Bright colors look good on me but honestly believe my skin is neither cool or warm to fit the seasonal analysis. I burn the first time I am in the sun, then I peal. Then if I get in the sun again I tan.

My skin is light and I would my veins are bluish green or greenish blue. As long decent goes I am a Scandinavian and Gaelic mix; if that helps anyone at all. My skin is light but not ivory or Porcelain more like light neutral beige. Neutrality means I guess I can wear any color I want and never look washed out. I look best in bright colors though.

So what happen if your skin and hair are more neutral with seasonal analysis?

Dec 09, 2011
mixed colors
by: Marina

I guess I have some mixed colors too, so I don't really fit in seasonal color analysis types.
My hair looks coffee brown on white light/red brown on sun light. My eyes are hazel with golden speckles (they can look greenish, honey or amber, depending on the light). My skin is really white and has no visible undertone, except that I have pink cheeks with light brown freckles and my lips are a vivid pink-mauve color. Since I have green, blue and purple veins, I can use both silvery/white and golden/ivory but silvery/white look a bit better, I suppose I'm a neutral-cool type with warm hair/eyes/freckles. In fact I look better in white, black, dark greens/blues/reds/purples, but I can use almost any color in dark or "not-too-bright" shades. It's not quite the color itself, it's the "brightness" that make me look sick (I can use light pale yellow, olive, peach, salmon, rose-brick, coffee brown... but I look sick in bright orange or any fluorescent yellow/green/pink/blue). I also look wasted on beige and yellow or orange browns.

Jul 05, 2011
by: Anonymous


Mar 29, 2011
cool with warmer freckels
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am swedish and I have just the same, very dark ash blonde hair light blue eyes with a dark blue rim, light skin, pink undertone and warm golden brown freckles! I suit cool colors but not too muted though.

Dec 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

My Irish grandmother has almost the exact same type of natural coloring as you Elizabeth, and I believe that she is a summer too because she suits a lot of blues and blue-based pinks although I strongly suspect that she may flow with spring a little bit because clear aqua looks really good on her!
She is definitely predominantly a summer though because silver jewelry is very flattering to her skin tone and she doesn't look good in yellow.

I was also always sort of confused by the fact that she has really warm colored freckles too though! And I always wondered if she was the only summer who had that trait?

I am also thinking that the trait must be genetic and might possibly be sort of common in people of certain backgrounds. I have heard that some of the Irish are descended from Norwegians so it might actually be a Scandinavian trait. :)
Or maybe not, I'm just guessing.
Anyway, I found your post interesting, thanks. :)

Jul 06, 2010
Similar to Elizabeth
by: mary

My coloring is similar to Elizabeth`s. I have medium ash hair, pink skin,and many freckles. but dark blue eyes. I get the most compliments when I wear a dress with medium shades of cool colors on a white background. All muddy colors make my skin look dull. I find a medium shade of lemon yellow flattering, too.

May 04, 2010
Please help
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have blue-gray/blue-green eyes. I have natural dark blonde hair with very light skin and ruddy looking freckles, not as much as Lindsay Lohan though. I look good in every color, but really dark or muted colors. I am said to be a warm because of my golden undertone. However, I look good with a platinum blond as well as a golden blond. I am just so confused with all of this. Could you please help?

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