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Plus Size Style Seminar Review

"Guide to Looking Slim and Confident"

Are you a plus size and want to:
  • Flatter your curves?
  • Look slimmer and taller?
  • Look and feel stylish, more confident in your full-figure body?

Then you'll find the "Plus Size Style" tele-seminar helpful! Long-time image consultant Diana Pemberton-Sikes has compiled her best fashion tips and strategies for women wearing size 14 or more in an informative and highly encouraging 60-minute audio seminar.

Plus size style seminar review

Diana introduces you to a variety of effective styling strategies that create a visually leaner you. This is not to force you to aspire to the size 2 ideal you see in the media, but to rather help you style your outfits in a way that eliminates bulk yet accentuates and flatters your curvaceous body figure.
Keep in mind that this is a tele-class so in order for you to quickly learn these fashion tips, I recommend printing out the transcript and take notes while you're listening to the audio.

My rating: Star Star Star Star 4/5

Highlights of "Plus Size Style Seminar"

An aspect of plus size fashion that Diana addresses, is the common mistakes the majority of plus size women make. These mistakes can sabotage your self-esteem and keep you from enjoying shopping for clothes. The way I see it is that you worrying about your size prevents you from feeling good, so she encourages you to enjoy the now and what you've got. Feeling good is a huge part of looking amazing.

Here's what I enjoyed about her eBook:

    How to look and feel goof in your plus size body figure

    Organizing your scarves

  • Advice on accentuating your best assets by assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Diana recommends that you look for clothes and accessories that flatter your curves, based on lines, colors, proportion and scale
  • Specific guidelines for the different plus size body shapes: A (Pear), V (Inverted Triangle and Apple body shape is classified as a V-shape), H (Rectangle) and 8 (Hourglass)
  • Addresses the best styling tricks that tackle common trouble spots for plus size women such as a large bust, large hips/thighs/butt and a prominent tummy
  • Covers fashion advice for plus size petites and also for well-endowed petites
  • List of items (tops, skirts, dresses, jackets, outerwear, swimwear and accessories) that work well on plus sizes. This "shortcut" is convenient and takes the guess work out of what complements your curvaceous body figure

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List of best swimwear and accessories for plus sizes

Best closet pieces for plus sizes

"Plus size style" teleseminar boils down the important elements of looking your best and leanest self. This fun and fast-paced audio may be short (60 minutes) but each tip holds a lot of horse-power that anyone can easily implement to their closet.

Her audio seminar gives you plenty of advice on how to save money by buying clothes that look good on you. If you're in the process of losing a lot of weight then you'll like her tips on what to do.

I personally enjoyed Diana's friendly voice and encouraging stance on how to deal with a lot of the issues most plus size women are faced with.


As this market lacks any good fashion books for plus sizes, I think I would prefer the content in an extended e-book format with plenty of illustrations. And judging from her other books, she's pretty good at giving outfit examples!

The transcript that comes with the audio file provides you with some pictures taken from online stores but I think it would've been terrific if she gave more examples, especially "Wardrobe Capsules" (set of clothing that can be paired together to create multiple outfits).

Also the fashion advice provided in this audio seminar may require you to understand the fundamentals of dressing well, which prompts you to purchase Diana's bestselling e-book Wardrobe Magic.

Ready to Start Looking Confident in Your Curvy Body?

Plus size style audio seminar cover
Get a copy of Diana Pemberton-Sike's 60-minute audio seminar "Plus size style. You'll learn everything you need to put together and outfit that flatters your curvaceous body figure.

PS: Purchasing the program will generate commissions.

Stay chic!

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