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Outfit Ideas: The Basics

"Womens Ultimate Guide to Putting Together Stylish Outfits"

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Like I mentioned in the main Guide to Outfit Ideas, before we start learning how to put together outfits, it's important to go through your wardrobe so that you'll get an overview of what you have, what pieces are missing and what you need more of.

Look at this as buying and securing all of the ingredients you need to make outfits. Wardrobe Essentials (think of them as kitchen-essentials - flour, salt and sugar) cover the base of your outfits, and make it easier to mix and match.

Step 1: Organize
- Organize Your Closet

All pieces should be visible and readily available to you.

Now imagine drawing a picture in the living room with your crayons scattered all over your house. You need red but aren't sure if it's somewhere in the kitchen. You want blue but it's under your bed. You could really use some brown but you're not sure where it is.

Now the most common reaction to this is to go out and buy new crayons.. even though you already have them somewhere in your house!

And then one day while you're cleaning under the bathroom sink you discover the missing brown crayon you needed when drawing your picture. Now you have two of the same crayon when you only need one.

Note: Having an organized wardrobe is very important when putting together an outfit - you should have an overview at your clothes and accessories. It gives you easy access to your garments and a clear picture of what you have and don't have (and may need) in your wardrobe.

How to Organize Your Closet

One of the best ways to organize your closet is to keep all of your tops together, followed by pants, jeans, skirts and dresses. Keep your shoes in one place. Tights and socks in a drawer. Jewelry on a stand or compartment drawer. Scarves and belts on racks. And then sort them by color.

Organize closet step by step (from keeping & tossing to giving your items a place to live). Get ideas and guides on how to organize wardrobe

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Step 2: Plan
- Have a Shopping Plan

Without a shopping plan, you'll keep going around in a loop because the clothes and accessories you need are missing from your wardrobe!

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says It's easy to get side tracked when going shopping. Despite being an image consultant, I'm not perfect and tend to occasionally stray from what I really need to buy!

But I find having a shopping plan - or simply a list - is helps in put on some leash on my impulses!

Now after organizing your closet, it's time to sit and rationally write down what you need and don't need, and really start filling you newly-organized closet with clothes that are the backbone of your style.

Here Are a Few Tips on How to Create a Shopping Plan:

  • Make sure you have covered all of the Wardrobe Essentials
  • With that being said, go through the list and buy the garments that are missing from your closet first before you indulge in other trendy pieces.

    The magic with these basic items is that they can be worn with absolutely everything and they're trend-proof!

    More fashion advice on closet essentials:

  • List down what you don't need
  • Ask yourself: "Are there any pieces you have too many of?"

    By 'too many' I mean garments you have 3-4 of that still have their price tags on or that get rarely worn. These are unnecessary and take up too much of your precious closet space.

    By writing down the things you have too many of, or by simply checking off the essentials you already have - you'll know what not to buy!

  • Figure out your personal fashion style
  • .. and invest in clothes and accessories that define YOUR personal clothing style. See Guide to Finding Your Personal Style.

  • How many outfits can you make out of one garment with the rest of your closet?
  • When shopping for a not-so-basic piece make sure you know how many outfits you can pull off from it with what's already in your closet before deciding on purchasing it.

  • Assess your lifestyle
  • This is important to make sure that you invest most of your money in the right type of clothes.

    I mean, if you’re an office worker then your closet should consist of mostly dressy and sophisticated clothes such as blouses, suits and dress pants. But of course, this completely depends on the dress code.

    How to assess your lifestyle:

    Have a weekly planner in front of you and look at where you spend most of your time from day to day (even weekends). Set up your typical schedule. Where are you in the weekends, daytime on weekdays, evenings on weekdays, etc.

    Creating a pie chart helps getting a visual look of how a week looks. Does your closet correspond to your activities? If it doesn’t I suggest that cut down on the type of clothes you have too many of and put more of your money on your frequent activities.

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