Occasion Magic E-book Review

"How to Look Appropriately Dressed for Any Occasion"

Not sure what to wear to a wedding or a baby shower?

How about a cruise in the Caribbean?

Don't have clue on how to crack the dress code written on an invitation?

Women looking appropriate at a Baby Shower

Long-time image consultant Diana Pemberton-Sikes gives you the answers to that and so much more in her beefy 150-page e-book "Occasion Magic"!

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If you're worried about looking underdressed or overdressed for an event, then this book will give you all of the advice and guidelines you need to looking appropriately dressed for any function anywhere.

Dressing appropriately can help you:

  • Get along better with people. It clears out any judgment people may have
  • Give a fabulous first impression which can be of tremendous value when you want to score a job position, easily network with people in your job field, attract men, etc.
  • Look fabulous by feeling less self-conscious about what you're wearing

Diana explains the importance of appropriate dressing and how it can help you feel confident for any event that you may have to face.

It is a known fact that looking proper shows that you're respectful of the inviter. And this e-book is just what anyone needs to prepare a suave first impression!

Just imagine how at ease you'll feel when you're wearing the perfect look that exudes grace and etiquette.

My rating: Star Star Star Star 4/5

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Highlights of "Occasion Magic" e-book

The tips and advice in "Occasion Magic" is a nifty reference guide that covers almost every aspect of dressing for the occasion.

Diana starts off by helping you determine the formality of an event, how to read the invitation along with basic guidelines on the appropriate attire for various dress codes. And she further discusses how to look appropriate in various geographical locations.

Here are some of the things that I enjoyed about her e-book:

  • Addresses the importance of correctly assessing the dress code based on the event. Diana gives you advice on how to adjust your outfit to the Levels of Formality, which are basically classifications of a dress code. Examples are: Smart casual, Strictly Formal, etc.
  • Gives advice on how to look appropriate in different parts of the world:
    • The US (Californian's casual business attire is different from the traditional Northeast)
    • Western Europe
    • .. and more!
  • I appreciate her tips on how to read an invitation and how to RSVP
  • The list of dress codes with image examples and attire guidelines. It takes the guess work out of their definition, reducing any anxiety you may have about looking inappropriate
  • Covers a wide range of occasions with fashion advice and guidelines on what to wear for:
    • Child-related activities
    • Two women looking stylish and appropriate for a Cocktail party

      Look & Feel Confident for Any Occasion

    • Cultural events
    • Holidays
    • Parties
    • Recreational activities
    • Religious Ceremonies/Church Functions
    • Seasonal activities
    • Sporting events
    • Miscellanous "serious" stuff such as death and taxes
    • Parties
    • Recreational activities
    • Religious Ceremonies/Church Functions
    • Vacations
    • Weddings/Wedding festivities

    These general occasion categories are again divided by specific events. For example, for Religious Ceremonies Diana gives guidelines on what to wear for a Bar Mitzvah, Baptism, Funeral, etc.

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Image consultant Anna Villaruel

Trends vs Classics

"Occasion Magic" is an extensive and handy reference guide that aids you in giving a fabulous first impression on various occasions and social functions.

If you're worried about looking like an "Outsider" because of your attire then Diana's guidelines will make sure that you'll walk out that door with ease, wearing your outfit with confidence!

You'll discover the basics that give you the groundwork on creating an appropriate attire that projects proper etiquette.

Also, the outfit guidelines for each occasion are time-saving as they give you a solid starting point to work with.

The first part of "Occasion magic" is in my opinion the "meat" of her e-book. In this part of the e-book she explains how to assess what clothing pieces to invest in based on what you need, which is very convenient if you want to save money by buying clothes that suit your lifestyle.

Bonuses included with "Occasion Magic"

  • 1. Occasion Wardrobe Workbook - a 12-pages long pdf file that will help you plan your wardrobe makeover
  • 2. The Travel Planner - helps you take everything you need on your trips
  • 3. The Art of the Schmooze - tips on how to mingle in social functions


The reason I didn't give this e-book a 5-star is only a matter of personal taste and opinion, and that is the pictures and clothing styles she showcased aren't my cup of tea, and look a bit outdated.

Also, it would've been great if she could give some outfit examples or clothing examples for the various occasions.

Ready to Look and Feel Good in Your Attire?

How to develop your unique style
If you're attending an event that puts you on the spotlight or that can impact your reputation, then this practical and highly informative e-book makes sure that you get it right every time!

Grab a copy of "Occasion Magic" for only $24

PS: Purchasing the program will generate commissions.

Looking for advice on how to build a professional closet?

Then make sure to check out my review on Diana's other excellent e-book "Business Wear Magic"! There she covers all topics on building an effective a professional business attire that can help you achieve your career goals.

Stay chic!

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