Never Short on Style E-book Review

"It Teaches Petites How to Look Fabulous"

Never Short on Style e-book cover

"Never Short on Style"
by Imogen Lamport

Are you 5'4" (162cm) or shorter? Then regardless of your weight, your height is classified as petite in size.

If you are struggling with buying clothes because of one or more of these issues:

  • Tops, shirts and jackets swamp you up. The fit around the waist and sleeves are boxy or hit lower on your hips, sleeves are a bit too long on your arms, etc.
  • The legs of your pants and jeans are long for your legs, and it doesn't help shortening the hem because the proportions of the bottom don't look right on you
  • Large prints and bold statement accessories overwhelm your body figure

.. Then it's time to sharpen the saw on your shopping and styling strategies! I know that the lack of variety in stylish petite womens clothes on the market can be an obstacle for many petite women.

That's why I suggest you to style an outfit that maximizes your height.

Don't know how?

Turbocharge your styling skills with Bespoke Image's Imogen Lamport's e-book "Never Short on Style"! This fun, affordable and not least invaluable book provides you with nuts-and-bolts fashion advice on looking fabulous with your petite height.

Best fashion tips and styling strategies for Petite women

"Never Short On Style" is 77 pages long and is chock-full of easy to implement styling strategies for petites. But I also believe the information could be beneficial for anyone who wants to:
  • Look taller and leaner
  • Visually elongate short legs or a short torso

I've purchased plenty of style & fashion guide books over the years, but very few addressed those who are- and this one, is hands down one of the best (or do I dare to say the only best) book on the topic!

My rating: Star Star Star Star Star 5/5

Highlights of "Never Short on Style" e-book

Imogen provides you with advice and styling tricks not usually seen elsewhere and she breaks the information into simple and easy to digest chunks.

Here's what I enjoyed about her e-book:

  • It contains guidelines for 8 body shapes, giving you plenty of specific fashion advice for the various petite body-variations.

    Body shape term interpreted

    Imogen's body shape system is a bit different from the one I use, so here are the translations...

    A = Pear or Triangular
    V = Inverted Triangle
    O = Apple
    X = Hourglass with wide thighs
    8 = Hourglass carrying most of its weight around the hips
    H = equivalent of a Rectangle
    I = equivalent of a very slim (narrow shoulders, waist, hips) Rectangle

  • Imogen's e-book gives heaps of advice on how to work with various body proportions and body variations - for both your horizontal (Hourglass, Pear, etc.) and vertical (short/long legs, short/long waist, etc.). And she also touches upon the subject of how to "slim-proof" an outfit with the "Golden Ratio"-rule which helps raise and slim your petite height.

    Fashion tip: One of the key pointers to looking lean and tall is body proportions. Like I've mentioned in the Body Shape-section: If you compose an outfit with great proportions, you'll encourage the eye to climb up on your body frame. In essence, that tricks the eye into seeing a longer (thus leaner) body figure. And this is especially an important must-know for the petite woman.

  • Styling tips on how to accentuate your body assets and camouflage the ones you're self-conscious about
  • Covers fashion advice for plus size petites and also for well-endowed petites
  • You'll like her tips on the best body placement for garment details and accessories to help lengthen your height

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Fashion advice for an Inverted Triangle petite body shape

Fashion advice for a Petite
with an Inverted Triangle body shape

"Never Short On Style" contains plenty of clear pictures and examples. She offers advanced fashion tips, but breaks it down in a no-nonsense easy-to-understand approach.

I especially enjoyed her advice on personal style, underwear, fit, scaling and fabrics. I think you'll like her tips on how to use colors to appear taller.

One of the biggest highlights of the book has to be the guidelines for the various body shapes. I appreciate that she doesn't generalize petite women - but rather treats each petite body variation individually with specific clothing & styling guidelines.

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Although she does cover some basic advice for plus size women (Imogen refers to plus sizes to "Voluptuous"), I wish she could have given more fashion tips and image examples.

Perhaps a technical con is that her e-book lacks a Table of Contents that links to the different chapters.

Ready to Look Taller and Slimmer in an Instant?

Never Short On Style e-book minicover
Then I highly recommend you to get a copy of Imogen Lamport's "Never Short on Style" for only $27. That's $2,25 a month for making the most out of your clothes and looking fabulous with your petite height!

This e-book holds the ins and outs of creating flattering and height-elongating outfits. A true gem filled with styling strategies that help you appear taller!

Want to cut the costs of hemming and look great in your clothes despite your height?

Then click here to grab "Never Short on Style" for only $27

PS: Purchasing the e-book will generate commissions.

Stay chic!

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