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Mock Suspender Tights

by Pretty Polly from

Sheer hold up stockings are a great way to wear hosiery with your skirt and dress outfits, as well as infuse some heat to the bedroom. But what if you could wear them out in public? Like on the dance floor and at parties without looking tacky?

Mock suspender tights are the solution! The tights showcase a stocking and strap print, making it look like you're wearing hold ups and a garter belt. The difference is that they're comfier, uncomplicated and subtle. And not least, made for parties where you want to dress sexy without looking like you're trying too hard.

Pretty Polly mock suspender tights

Wear a pair with a short dress or a denim shorts. They are sure to add a cool 'n edgy sex appeal to your outfit! Another nice thing about them is that they're very flattering, making your legs look longer and leaner.

I have two pair myself - both by Pretty Polly at Tights Please. Check them out:

Pretty Polly Suspender &
Over the Knee Tights

These are a new and sassier option. This is actually a set of suspender and opaque stockings (not mock print), but without the belt and only garter bands that stick to your skin.

Pretty Polly super suspender tights

They are super sexy and of great quality. I like that the tights aren't sheer because it tones down the too-sexy look. I pulled up my dress a little for you to see.

Super suspender tights

Shopping bag pink You can buy them at Tights Please

Pretty Polly Pretty Mock Suspender Tights

These were my first suspender tights and I really like the simple strap strap print, making them more versatile than other mock suspender tights.

Mock suspenders

Shopping bag pink I purchased them from Tights Please in their Pretty Polly selection.

Fashion tip Style tip: Mock suspender tights are a great way to have some fun with fashion as well as stretch your style envelope. I can't quite imagine myself wearing the suspenders out in broad daylight, but the're pretty fab with a short dress on a night out in town!

Disclaimer: The first pair was given to me by, but I stand by my words. I love the tights and I would definitely recommend their store. They have a wide variety of hosiery at affordable prices and they have lots of satisfied customers (you can read and submit reviews on each product page).

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