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Mail forwarding service

Mail Forwarding Service is heaven-sent for you who wants to access all "good stuff" in US and UK stores! Doesn't it bother you that all the nice clothes we see in magazines and internet come from stores that aren't in your country? Not to mention that they don't ship worldwide?

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Now whether you're a frequent international traveler, a fashionista who loves online shopping or someone who just wants to save money international shipping then I believe mail forwarding services will be the best shopping solution for you :-D

With a mail forwarding service you can start receiving packages from your favorite US or UK fashion store, such as Macy's, Old Navy, Gap, eBay and many, many more!

Use this service to:

  • Save on shipping. Many companies have very steep international delivery costs. Like if you only want one item from 3 different stores, you'll have to pay at least $20-30 on shipping for each package.
  • Buy cheap items from the US or UK. Need I say more?
  • Buy unique items that can't be found in your own country. They have some of the best and original fashion apparel and accessories in the whole wide world!
  • Order from online stores that don't ship worldwide. Gives you access too all the goodies in the US and UK.

This page will provide you with easy-to-understand information on how mail forwarding services work and how you can benefit from using such paid service. Also, I've gathered some of the best mail forwarding services in US and UK that I think are the best for online shopping addicts (like me!) ;)

So How Does Mail Forwarding Service Work?

You basically pay to set up and rent a virtual mail box/street address which you will be referring to when ordering online. The people behind this service are assigned to have the items delivered to your current street address anywhere in this world!

Tip: You can also share your account with friends and family but some charge a small fee for this service. But by sharing you'll actually save a lot of money. So tell your close ones about this unique service, or keep it a secret and have them envy you for your new clothes and accessories that can't be bought in your country ;-)

How Much Do You Have to Expect to Pay?

It depends on the weight, size and how fast you want to get you package/mail. Plus, you'll have to expect to pay for the shipping from the store to your virtual address, and for the delivery from your virtual address to your current address.

Tip: You can save money on shipping by using Free Shipping-coupon code when checking-out on the shopping site. Make sure you stop my shopping coupons and deals-section.

The neat thing about most mail forwarding services is that they can consolidate your items into one box so that you can have all the items you ordered separately packed in one "package" to save you money, unless you instruct them otherwise. Some do it for free and others charge a small fee for this feature, I'll let you know who does further down this page.

You Can Lower the Customs, Taxes and Tariffs Costs with Mail Forwarding Service

You will be responsible for any customs, taxes or tariffs and each country has restrictions on what items can be shipped to you. Fortunately, most mail forwarding services offer to prepare the commercial invoice based on the information that you provide.

You can decide what item description and value is appropriate on the shipments contents. This value could be retail price, wholesale price, or any other value you feel is truly reasonable.

Note: Most of the items you buy for $40 or 50 a piece are bought in bulks and at wholesale prices. A store often purchases items as low as $2 (which is the real value) and sell them for $50 and sometimes $100 a piece! I know this from experience after working for retail stores ;-)

Use this information to fill out the declaration note with a true and legal value while minimizing your cost. However, remember to do this wisely and ethically. If you for example buy a laptop for $1000 and declare the value at $100 don't expect people to think it's believable :)

UPDATE: This may only apply US and not UK mail forwarding services. Contact your UK mail forwarder before signing up and ask about how you can create a customs declaration document!

How to Start

You've made up your mind and want to sign up for a mail forwarding service account. How do you start?

Here are the 3 important steps:

1) Sign up!

Very easy but you have to make sure you've carefully chosen your membership type. If you scroll further down you'll find 3 mail forwarding service companies which I've examined closely.

Here are some guidelines on how to choose the right mail forwarding service:

  • Membership:
If you need their service for the occasional or one-time use then there aren't any monthly fee, however expect to pay a little more in shipping and personal shopping fee. If you go for an upgraded account you'll receive more freebies such as a couple of free shipments a month and of course lower shipping. The extra monthly fee ensures that they can maintain their special bulk delivery deal with the shipping companies. You'll save a lot with this option if you're planning on purchasing or receiving mails from the US or UK more than 5 times a month.

  • Personal shopper/Assisted purchase:
If using your international credit fails to work when buying on a US or UK store (let's face it, there are some companies that are very strict), then you need a B plan. It will cost you extra for this additional of service.

  • Shipping options and rates:
Do you need something in a hurry or don't you mind waiting out the whole "regular" delivery time of a couple of weeks?

  • Free storage:
This is a must if you're buying items separately but the last package happens to be on backorder and you have to wait a week. Having free storage for up to at least 30 days is a positive thing so that you can receive both packages in one without having to pay extra for making them store the first parcel. (for example, I want to ship item A & B together but item B wont arrive for another week)

  • Consolidation:
If you plan on making several purchases from different stores, make sure that they offer this feature so that you can save money on the shipping. Their shipping rates (per pound) decrease as the box weight increases so it is almost always to your benefit to have one large box sent instead of several small boxes. Some companies require you to upgrade your account to be eligible for consolidation.

  • A Street Address is a must
Many online retailers will not ship to PO Boxes.

2) Add the secondary billing address.

This is a must if you want to buy from a store that only accepts US or UK credit cards.

Now once you receive your virtual address, contact your credit card company and add it as a secondary ship-to or secondary billing address. Now, when you make purchases from US or UK. retailers, your shipping address will match your records on file with the credit card company.

All credit card companies should allow you to add the secondary address. If you encounter any difficulties, I suggest you speak to a manager at the card company.

If you are still having trouble adding the address, then you should consider purchasing through the mail forwarding service's personal shopper/assisted purchase option.

3) Fill out USPS Form 1583.

This one is required for anyone who wants to receive packages/mail from the U.S.

It is required by the United States Postal Service for your mail forwarding service to be able to act as your agent for the purpose of receiving mail and packages.

Form 1583 is a legal requirement and they can't waive it under any circumstance. It is required for you to send it by snail-mail. However, some companies such as MYUS offer the opportunity to have it sent through email or fax.

Best Mail Forwarding Service Agencies

I've carefully examined 3 different mail forwarding services in the US (more is on the way), based on shipping options, special features and prices. I recommend all 3 but you have to decide for yourself which one is the best for your needs.

They offer:

  • A safe policy regarding customer privacy and confidentiality.
  • Secure payment
  • Consolidation to save on shipping

Note: 'Fuel surcharges' (determined by international standards) will apply (a new rule in many countries).


They offer 3 types of memberships depending on how frequent you shop; standard, premium and premium+mail. They offer DHL and Fedex Priority for super-fast shipping in 3-5 days.

Sign Up Fee: $15- 23 depending on your choice of membership (Just Mail, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum)

Membership Fees: Free for Standard membership, $7 on Premium and $23 on premium+Mail

Personal shopper fee: 5-10% on Standard and 3-6% for Premium and Premium+Mail members

Add additional names on the account: FREE on Premium. $20 annual fee per name on Premium+Mail. Standard type is not mentioned on their site.

Address Location: You'll receive a US street address in Florida.

Minimum weight charge per parcel: 0.5lbs/0.2kg starting from $20.69 depending on membership type.

Consolidation: FREE (except for Standard membership)

Storage: Free for the first 45 days. After 45 days, customer agrees to pay storage fees of $5 per box plus $1 per pound per month. Examples: If you have package that weighs 15 you'll have to pay $15 + $5.


  • A highly reputable company, top picked among consumers because of their excellent service and well-informed website. Check out their testimonial page.

  • Not the best option if you're looking for cheap shipping
  • Expensive first pound shipping charge
  • Extra $5 plus $1 plus pound just for storing your packages after the 45-days free storage period
  • The Standard membership doesn't include parcel consolidation

Click here to learn more about MyUS


MyUS logo

They offer 5 types of memberships; Just Mail, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and are based on how frequent you would want them to send your items. The bronze membership requires only a one set-up fee, however the other types have a monthly fee. They ship your items through UPS, Fedex or DHL.

Sign Up Fee: 15- $23US depending on your choice of membership (Just Mail, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum)

Membership Fees: None on the Bronze membership ($10-44 on the other memberships)

Personal shopper fee: 10%

Add additional names on the account: Free up to 3 additional names on Just Mail, Silver, Gold and Platinum. They only allow one additional name on Bronze membership

Address Location: You'll receive a US street address in Texas

Minimum weight charge per parcel: 1 pound (charged at US$29.95 for first pound and $5.95 per pound after)

Consolidation: Free

Storage: 45 days are free of charge. If you have items stored in your mailbox for more then 45 days they'll charge 1 dollar per pound. Examples: If you have a package weighing 23pounds, you'll have to pay $23 until you tell them to ship it to.


  • Consolidation is free of charge

  • The first pound is very expensive ($15.95 to 29.95 depending on your choice of membership)

Click here to learn more about USA2Me

Shipito (Best Value for Your Bucks!)

MyUS logo

They offer three membership types; Individual, Virtual Mailbox and Virtual Mailbox Premium. You have option of having the parcel shipped with USPS Priority, Express, Flat Rate (box and envelope), Fedex or Shipito Air Mail.

Sign Up Fee: None.

Membership Fees: None on the Individual membership. $50 per year or $10 per month on Virtual Mailbox. 25$ per month on Virtual Mailbox Premium

Personal shopper fee: 8%

Add additional names on the account: FREE.

Address Location: You'll receive a US street address in California.

Minimum weight charge per parcel: They charge $8.50 fee per package on Standard and Virtual Maibox, $4.50 fee on Premium. If the weight of the package surpasses 30 pounds, the higher the surcharges (over 30 lbs. = extra $8.50, 70 lbs.= $20, etc.) The shipping costs are based on where they have to ship the parcel to. You'll have to check their shipping calculator.

Consolidation: They don't offer consolidation on Individual membership (they ship the packages separately). For the other memberships, you'll have to pay $2 per package added.

Storage: Those who choose Individual membership will be charged $8.50 per package after 7 days of storage. For Virtual Mailbox members, the packages are stored for free for 45 days. After the 45 day-period they'll charge you $8.50 per package for each month.


  • Very low shipping charges as they offer inexpensive USPS Express or Priority Mail.

  • New accounts have a monthly spending card limit. You'll see your current limit on your account. It will rise as you use their services. And if your provide them with Form 1583, your limit will increase by 50%.
  • Requires a deposit payment

Click here to learn more about Shipito

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