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Yes, I know. The Latest Fashion Trends can be overwhelming and sometimes ridiculous. But the useful aspect of the current fashion trends showcased on the runway and in fashion magazines - is simply, the visual stimulation that forges ideas and inspiration.

Get the latest dish on the current fashion trends and how to wear them
* Note: If you want the solid 101's on how to prune and wear the current fashion trends, I recommend you to check out my other guidelines (navigation bar to your right) on how to make any trend work for you.

Here's what you'll find below:
  • The trends that I find chic and worth buying
  • Fashion tips and styling strategies to making almost any trend work for you
  • Outfit ideas on how to implement and wear a trend

Ready? Discover and comment on the latest trends

With that being said, no one's forcing you to follow the latest trends. Blogs, magazines and designers simply display their point of view and interpretation on how to freshen up your look for the new season.

And the wonderful thing about today's modern, uninhibited fashion era, is that we are valuing personal style and self-expression more now than ever before.

So you're basically free to pick and choose whatever tickles your fancy!

Keep in mind that my fashion persona is Classic so you'll discover plenty of toned-down translations of the current fashion trends! If we share the same style then you're in luck! If not, then chew on my tips on how to implement a trend and look your best :-)

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Spring Summer 2012 Trend: All-White 
May 16, 2012: Fashion designers have been all out for the total black-and-grey look for winter, so now it’s time to switch the table with a head-to-toe …

Spring Summer 2012 Trend: Daytime Sparkle 
May 2, 2012: Sparkle and shine aren’t limited for nighttime any more! It’s completely fine (and chic!) to add some glitter to your daytime closet …

Chic or Eek: Open Toe Boots 
April 23, 2012: A couple of years ago, way back in 2009, I pondered on the practicality of peep toe boots . I mean, what was the point in wearing boots …

Spring Summer 2012 Trend: Platform Sandals 
April 18, 2012: Platform sandals have been reinvented season after season, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re back and are fiercer than …

Spring Summer 2012 Trend: Print Mixing 
April 13, 2012: One of the fashion trends you’ll be seeing a lot this season is print mixing . It can be as subtle as wearing polkadots with stripes, …

Spring Summer 2012 Trend: Tail Hem 
April 2, 2012: I love this unfinished look on skirts and dresses. It's seductive and playful. The longer "dipped" hem in the back conveys elegance, …

Spring Summer 2012 Trend: Open Shoulders 
March 22, 2012: Letting both of your shoulders peek from your garment adds a super relaxed and seductive feel to your outfit. And that's definitely …

Spring Summer 2012 Trend: Printed Blazer 
March 14, 2012: Being the blazer-fanatic that I am, my heart skipped a beat when I saw print blazers in stores! There's just something about throwing …

How to Wear Mint for Spring Summer 2012 
March 1, 2012: I can't cover the Spring & Summer 2012 color trends without highlighting at least one lighter hue :-) Icy shades and pastels are on the …

How to Wear Kelly Green for Spring Summer 2012 
March 1, 2012: One of the trendiest greens this season is Kelly Green. This bright shade of green is sure to revive your closet this season! Kelly green …

How to Wear Bright Yellow for Spring Summer 2012 
March 1, 2012: Bright yellow is once again on the top list of color trends this spring- and summer time. This classic SS hue is clear, bold and almost …

How to Wear Coral Pink for Spring Summer 2012 
March 1, 2012: What I really love about Coral Pink is that it looks good on most colorings because of its mix of warm orange and cool pink. It's also …

How to Wear Orange for Spring Summer 2012 
March 1, 2012: Orange is one of the must-own color this season. It was seen in heaps on the catwalk during Fashion Week last Fall, by fashion designers …

Hottest Color Trends for Spring Summer 2012 
March 1, 2012: Oh boy, it looks like Spring is around the corner! After months of dark and gloomy days, it's time to store our winter clothes away and …

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