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"Denim Jeans Terminology"

This is a reference page on the different popular and common jeans styles. With this knowledge of styles and an understanding of your body shape you'll cut your hunt for the perfect denim jeans in half!

You'll know exactly what type of rise cut, leg cut and denim wash look best on your body shape.

It takes a lot of trials and tribulations when it comes to discovering the perfect jeans style for your body figure and personal style. Oh, I remember those days when low rise was hot (ot so anymore unless you want to display your butt crack in public) and high waists was a 'mom-thing'. But after many, many years of experimenting with fashion, I've learned that it all comes down to how you wear it and what looks good on your body type!

PS: This reference only covers the basics of the jeans styles.

Womens Jeans Rise Cut

Ultra low rise Brazilian jeans cut

Ultra Low Rise (Brazilian)

Sits very low on your hips, 3-5 inch below your belly button. Not to be worn unless you are a rock star, have toned abs or just really want to show off your butt crack.

Low rise jeans cut

Low Rise

Sits low on your waist, 2-3 inch below your belly button. A popular choice when you want to create a visually longer waist. Many women choose low-rise because it sits comfortably on their hips.

However there is a chance that your butt crack will peek whenever you bend. It's the worst cut if you love handles. But works well on gals with a short rise.

Mid rise regular jeans cut

Mid Rise (Regular)

Sits just a couple of inches below your belly button. A good choice if you have fleshy or wide hips. Lower rises will only create extra love handles on your shape, pushing up any amount of fat you have - while a mid-rise holds on to them and tucks them.

High waist rise jeans cut

High Rise

Fits at your natural waistline. Looks great with a tucked-in blouse. If you have a thick or short waist, add a skinny belt to define your waist and pick high waist jeans in dark wash and pair them up with a dark top as well for a lean upper body.

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Jeans Leg Cut

Have in mind that we're after the longest vertical line on your shape, so choose a cut that streamlines your body frame. An exception would be if you're tall/skinny and want to shorten your height and/or add some meat to your body figure!

Boyfriend - Straight/cigarette - Bootcut - Wide Leg - Flare Leg - Skinny - Capri - Cropped - Cuffed

Womens boyfriend jeans
Via Couture Candy

Boyfriend Jeans Loose and Comfy

It has a tight fit around your butt but slightly loose and relaxed at the leg. Their loose, baggy cut makes them look like you took them straight out of your boyfriend's wardrobe. Looks good on thicker legs and thighs and not mention if you want a laid-back look.

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Womens straight cigarette jeans
Via National Jean Company

Straight/Cigarette Jeans Popular

The legs are straight and narrow, and doesn't go wide at the calves or ankles. If you're a bit hesitant of skinnies but still want to wear a pair of jeans that fit snugly on your body, these will do good. They're particularly a good option for curvy gals who don't want to go completely out there with skinnys - the straight leg cut balances out the hips.

Womens bootcut jeans
Via of Tobi

Boot Cut Jeans Popular

Sit loose through the leg and wide at the leg opening. This cut look good on all body shapes because it streamlines your body frame, making it look long and lean.

However, it may not be the best option if you're average built (not skinny nor plus size) Petite - because the slightly wide leg opening tends to swallow up your body frame. See how it works for you - if it overpowers your silohuette then opt for straight leg.

Womens flare leg jeans
Via of Guess

Flare Jeans Sexydelic!

Feature a wide, flared opening from your knees and down.

For a chic 70's look, pair them up with a fitted turtleneck sweater.

If you're Petite and/r have short legs, make sure that the leg sits snugly around your thighs.

Womens wide leg jeans
Via Singer 22

Wide Leg Jeans Trés chic

Feature wide opening from your thighs and down. Looks awesome with a fitted top or shirt.
Unfortunately, they're not the best match if you're short. However, if that's your case then add an inch or two to your footwear - and look for the skinniest and fitted wide leg jeans you can find.

Womens skinny jeans
Via Macy's

Skinny Leg Jeans Hot and Popular

These are tight jeans that sit snugly around your legs. Looks pretty good on slim and lean shapes, but can be worn by anyone as long as they style them in conjunction with the shape of their clothes.

Skinnys emphasize curves - so if you're self-conscious about your hips, opt for straight leg/cigarette instead.

Womens capri jeans
Via Macy's

Capri Jeans Perfect for summer

Hemline is just below your knee - often right above or on the calf.

If you're petite and/or have short legs, pay special attention to how this length looks on you - as hemlines that fall right on the widest part of your legs (calves) make the legs look stubby and can overpower your short body figure.

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Womens cropped jeans
Via Net-a-Porter

Cropped Jeans Trendy

Covers three-fourths of your legs. They look stunning with a pair of high heels.

Cropped jeans can make your legs look longer and leaner - just make sure they extend down to above the thinnest part of your ankles and somewhere below your mid-calf.

Also, this leg cut should never flare at the hem unless you're going to wear them at home.

Womens cuffed jeans
Via Macy's

Cuffed Jeans Stylish

Have the same length as shorts, cropped or capri but refer to jeans that is folded at the leg opening.

If you have thick ankles take extra precautions as details like folds can make them look bigger. Too big cuffs can also drag down a petite's body frame.

Pair the cuff jeans with heels for a maximum leg slimming effect.

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Womens Jeans Wash

Have in mind that you should choose a jeans wash that de-emphasizes the parts of your body you're not confident about.

For example, if you're bothered by your thick thighs, avoid distressed jeans with creases around the thigh-area and go for dark wash in either indigo blue or black to slim them down. Details and embellishment highlight and dark colors minimize. Click here for more fashion advice on the Enhance and Minimize effect.

Dark Wash - Light Wash - Black Wash - Grey Wash - Stone Wash - Acid Wash - Distressed - Destroyed/Ripped

Womens dark wash jeans
Courtesy of Tobi

Dark Wash Jeans Classic and Versatile

A deep indigo color which is quite versatile and makes it easy to combine with all colors and clothes. They can also be worn for casual office settings.

They slim down and make your legs look longer.

I advise any fashionista to secure at least 2 pair of dark wash jeans to ward off laundry days.

Womens light blue jeans
Via Karmaloop

Light Blue Jeans Stylish

Have either a sunbleached or light-dye look.

Looks awesome with romantic blouses and even tees for a summer fresh look.

This serves a different vibe than the dark wash - frehs, young and airy - which is very much appreciated after months of snow and grey skies.

Womens black jeans
Via Karmaloop

Black Jeans Classic and slimming on all shapes

Black jeans slim your legs and can be worn by curvy gals.

They have a slight punk feel to them which can make your outfit look trendy.

Worn with the right top and shoes, you can wear them to casual work environments.

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Womens grey jeans
Via Couture Candy

Gray Wash Jeans Trendy!

Looks super trendy with white and black tops or sweaters and tan colored shoes.

Gives that chic grunge look - but is a nice switch form black and blue womens jeans.

Womens stone wash jeans
Via Macy's

Stone Wash Jeans Casual and light looking

Has a light, more broken-in appearance with a soft feel.

If you want to wear a pair of womens jeans with an interesting details but don't like the way how acid wash accentuate your thighs then this wash is the way to go.

Womens acid wash jeans
Via Tobi

Acid Wash Jeans Cool

Totally 80's complementing grunge and rocker clothing styles.

Acid have been used to strip off the top layer of the denim dye, exposing the white fabric underneath it.

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Womens destroyed jeans
Via Yes Style

Distressed Jeans Sexy rocker chick

Looks agitated and strung-out with crinkles and/or frayings.

A lot more interesting than regular dark wash which adds a little bit of vintagey-punkish feel to your look.

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Womens distressed jeans
Via Alloy

Destroyed Jeans Edgy

Ripped and torned look with holes and shreddings. Adds a little edge to your outfit.
Looks great with a blazer and pair of pumps for that classy-trendy juxtaposition.

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