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Are you looking for fashion advice on how to wear womens dress shirts? Then you came to the right place! On this page you'll discover different chic ways to wear a dress shirt, how to accessorize it and how you can make your own fashionable adjustments to a starchy and boring shirt.

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A white dress shirt is one of the most-important essentials in every woman's wardrobe - yes, for all clothing personalities - Trendy to Sporty, Urban to Eclectic. Most people associate it with the corporate dress code world - however, if they just open their minds a little, they'll discover that a dress shirt can be styled in multiple ways by dressing it up or down.

How to wear a white dress shirt with a vest
Do you want to look manly in a dress shirt? Or a woman in a dress shirt?
... then I'm sure you'll find my fashion tips on how to wear womens dress shirts convenient!

How to Look Pretty in a Dress Shirt

... without looking stiff and manly!

Dress shirts are known to have that corporate-stiff sometimes manly look. Not the look you're aiming for, right?

I suggest doing these adjustments when wearing a dress shirt:

Unbutton that shirt

Leave the collar holes unbuttoned. In fact, leave the 2-3 holes from the top unbuttoned!

Womens dress shirts examples
Shirts from Savile Row Company Ltd

It softens the stiff look and creates a flattering line from your face and down.

Go for womens dress shirts in pretty colors

Go for pretty colors besides white and blue. Like for example, baby pink, peach, mint green or lavender.

Womens feminine dress shirts
Dress shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt

And if the dress code at your work allows it, opt for darker colors such as purple, blue and red, hot pink - and how about patterns like stripes or polkadots?

Be expressive with cute details

Look for dress shirts with cute, feminine details like ruffles, puffed sleeve, bib pleats and belted waist (not all together, of course!)

Dress shirt feminine cute details

These details add interest and a chic appeal to your office outfit. And if you don't want to bring too much attention to your outfit, a white dress shirt in one of these details carries your style envelope discreetly to work.

Accessorize it

Embellish your dress shirt with either jewelry, belts or scarves. One of the things that differentiates our style from guys, is that we can wear all kinds of glitz and beads. So sweeten it up a little with a pearls! Or try a statement necklace, cocktail ring or a a pair of huggie earrings.

  • Belt: If you're wearing a too big dress shirt you can always wrap a skinny belt around your waist to make it fit.
  • Jewelry: Your personal style decides what type of jewelry you want to wear.
    • If you want a sophisticated look, try a pearl or long crystal pendant necklace.
    • Accessorize dress shirt
    • For a more hip and eclectic look, try multi-layered necklaces, like for example beads and/or chain
    • How about a splash of color? Wear a gemstone beaded necklace in your favorite bold color (red, coral pink, blue, canary yellow etc.) It instantly adds an unexpected twist to a plain dress shirt.
    • If you want something that projects a fashion statement without looking over the top, try a cocktail ring!

  • Silk scarf: Tuck a nice silk scarf under the dress shirt's collar (just like a men's tie) and let it hang loose!

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Now let's take a look at the next pointer in how to wear womens dress shirts - styling and creating different looks with a simple white dress shirt!

Chic Ways to Wear a Dress Shirt

So if you have a plain white dress shirt lying around in your closet which you haven't worn for ages, here are some outfit ideas on how to bring it back to your style:

Sweater Outfits

How to wear a dress shirt with sweaters
1. With a v-neck sweater: A classic and typical office work example is the V-neck sweater and dress shirt-combo. For a sleek and sophisticated look make sure the sweater is fitted.

You can also pair the dress shirt with a crew-neck or rounded sweater, but keep in mind that it can make you look heavier on top. So if this is an issue for you, look into jewelry to slim it down.

2. With a cardigan sweater: This is another way to pair your cardigans with your white dress shirt. You can either wear it open or buttoned up. I personally prefer V-neck cardigans because they're slimming and make most body shapes look lean and elegant.

You can wear the cardigan open and show off your silk scarf or statement necklace. If you want to wear it with a belt for work - make sure you button it up to avoid creating bunches

3. With a wrap cardigan: This is a great way to layer a dress shirt and take down it down a notch on the stiff look. If you're more on the casual side, try an oversized or boyfriend cardigan.

4. With a vest: For a sophisticated look, you might want to choose fitted vests in solid neutrals such as black, brown, beige and gray. To counter the matronly look, top it off with a necklace or a colorful silk scarf. A skinny belt wrapped around the waist also helps spiff up the outfit.

If you want to look extra polished for work, look for dress vests and pair them with dress pants like Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez wearing a dress vest with dress pants and white dress shirt

Dress vests are also a great alternative to blazers.

For a casual and hip outfit go for slightly oversized vests (you know, the slightly baggy knit grandpa style vests) or wrap vests. Colors and prints are also a fab way to add interest to a vest-outfit.

How to wear a white dress shirt with a vest

If you have an Apple body shape or Rectangle body shape, (round, full waist and/or chest) - avoid fitted, light colored and patterned vests. It'll only emphasize your mid-section. Choose sweater vests in black or other solid dark colors. If want to slim down your bust and waist wear an unbuttoned button-down vest.

Pants Outfits

What to wear with a white dress shirt - various types of pants and shorts
1. With dress pants: You don't have to stick to plain black straight dress pants. Try dress pants in dark brown or beige! Or how about cream-white for summer?

Or how about flared or wide leg pants?

You can even try high-waist for a chic twist or dress pants with pinstripes.

2. With jeans: Jeans can work for casual office work, but not formal. Make sure to wear them with a pair of jeans in dark blue or black as they go with everything and are more appropriate for work. Jeans trousers are especially sleek - paired with a leather jacket or a trench coat.

Like this:

Shirt and jeans office outfits

As with dress pants, try different types of jeans styles such as flared or wide-leg, or high-waist.

If you want to wear it casually, try jeans with a faded wash - tuck it in or wrap a belt around the waist.

Shirt and jeans casual outfits

Jeans shorts can also work with a white dress shirt for a casual-preppy look on a warm summer day.

3. With cargo pants: This is another way to look casual in a dress shirt. I would personally wear it with a pair of slim fitted cargo pants - but can also go with the slightly baggier style. Just make sure the pants are fitted around the hips to avoid looking like a sack!

Shorts Outfits

With shorts #Office: Shorts are never suitable for any formal or corporate work environments. But they can work for casual work settings.

How to wear dress shorts with a white dress shirt

The trick is to choose shorts with a tailored edge. That means, clean cut and minimal details, and in neutrals like black, brown, beige or white. Navy blue will also work.

Mix your shorts with a sharp blazer, black pumps and a couple of jewelry for a very chic city office look!

    Mini notebook icon Tip: Mini-shorts will definitely draw attention at work so go for city shorts that fall right above your knees (also known as bermudas)

For a trendy fall look, pair your shorts with black wool tights!

With shorts #Casual: If you want to look casual - pair your dress shirt with whatever shorts you like! How about short dress shorts (1) with wedge sandals and hobo handbag? Or faded jeans shorts (2) - topped off with flat leather sandals, bangle bracelet and hoop earrings?

Shirt and casual shorts outfit

    Mini notebook icon Tip: If you have a rectangular body shape wear a semi-fitted button down dress shirt and wrap a belt around your mid-section to create a waist.

Skirt Outfits

How to wear a white dress shirt with a skirt

1. With a pencil skirt: For a sleek office work-look pair the dress shirt with a black pencil skirt and black pumps.

Spiff it up a little (without looking inappropriate) with a statement pearl necklace and perhaps a trendy tote handbag in a bold color - such as purple, red, yellow or blue?

2. With a circle skirt: Create a playful but office-appropriate outfit with a knee-length A-line circle skirt.

Make your legs look extra long with a pair of nude pumps - and add a chic flair with a silk scarf.

3. With a denim skirt: Combine the dress shirt with a denim skirt - dark blue denim for casual office settings and everything else elsewhere! Pair the outfit with sandals or boots and a cardigan. During winter, top it off with tights.

If you have an Apple Body Shape you might want to do a few adjustments. The tucking and the waistband will only emphasize your thick waist. But you can fix this by wearing a semi-fitted cardigan on top of the shirt, disguising your heavy mid-section.

4. With a colorful pencil skirt: For a fun and trendy look, inject a splash of color with a pencil skirt in a bold color. It adds interest and makes people happy :-)

Up the sleekness factor with a clutch purse, black pumps and perhaps a pearl necklace.

The trick here is to make skirt the focal point of your outfit and use accessories and neutrals as accents to it. For example, if you're wearing a bright yellow pencil skirt top it off with accessories in neutrals that accentuate the warm color - such a brown bag and perhaps gold jewelry?

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