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"Cocktail Waitresses Secret Weapon to Flawless and Sexy Legs: Glossy Tights"

Glossy Pantyhose Wolford Satin Touch 20 Denier

Wolford Satin Touch 20D/ Tights Please

Glossy pantyhose is one of those things that can take your legs from ok to WOW. If you want to look sexy for a guy or just want your legs to look great for an evening night out then you should throw a pair of high gloss tights into the outfit mix!

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Now if you're wondering how those cocktail waitresses at your local bar (and cheerleaders!) keep their legs look lustrous then you've stumbled upon their secret. This page will provide you with fashion tips on how to buy and wear a pair of glossy tights, plus recommendations on the best high shine and gloss hosiery brands.

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says A pair of glossy pantyhose can keep your legs from looking washed out - the shine keeps your legs looking supple and blemish-free. Like light-diffusing makeup concealer it can make them look flawless. Like several guy friends have said to me when a girl with glossy pantyhose walked past them: "Oooh, those legs are to lick for. It makes me wanna caress her hot legs!" Yeah he sounds like a pig but I also found out that straight women reacted in a similar but discreet and envious way ;-)

How to Wear Glossy Pantyhose

    Beyonce wearing glossy sheer tights
    Beyoncé via Gettyimages and Celebutopia
    Golden apple They're appropriate for evening wear

    They look best in a low-light area because if it's too bright it'll just look completely silly like you're in circus show. You might even get some stares from people who are trying to figure out if you forgot to take them off after a night out partying. Well, that's what I would've reacted if I saw woman with shiny tights in broad daylight ;-) Glossy legs belong to party and evening occasions.

      fashion tip Tip: If you still want to have the extra gloss on your legs for everyday wear try ultra sheer instead. They're shiny and almost as good as the glossy ones, but without the sparkle.

    Golden apple Keep your outfit simple

    If you're wearing a pair of super high-gloss tights try keeping your outfit at a minimum. Too many accessories are only begging for a fight with the pantyhose. It's just too much. You can for example wear a simple beige dress with a pair of simple fashion hoop earrings.

    Golden apple Gloss can make your legs look a little bit thicker

    But the flawless finish compensates with that. If you're worried about highlighting your muscular legs go for something more matte like sheer hosiery

    Golden apple If you want to tease your guy or look very sexy

    Go for hold up glossy stockings.

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Shop the Best Glossy Pantyhose Brands


    fashion tip Note: Want to buy glossy tights closer to home? Then try Exquisite Nylons and Hosiery which is a US-based ebay store -- they offer many of the European brands shown like Pretty Polly, Silky, Gipsy and Aristoc at affordable prices (in the 13-14 range). You need a Paypal and eBay account though.

Kunert Satin Look

Kunert Satin Look

Has a wonderful shine, fit and texture. Consists of smooth flat seams and aloe vera.

Purchase at UK Tights.

They're also avaliable in Stockings and Hold Ups!

Knuert Moonlight Shiny Tights

Kunert Moonlight

Transparent with an alluring sheen and a pressurefree waist band.

Buy them at UKTights.

Also available in matte finish which is called "Mystique".

Levee XL Satin Sheer tights

Levee XL Satin Sheer Tights

Glossy tights for full-figure women and especially if you have thick thighs.

Purchase through UkTights.

Also available in Hold Ups.

Hudson Glamour Glossy Tights

Hudson Glamour Glossy Tights

A great match for the glamour girl. Transparent with a comfortable top.

Buy at UKTights.

Available in XL size and Hold Ups with lace bands (for a diva'ish look and feel).

Aristoc Ultra Shine Control Top

Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Control Top

is one of the best-selling product from the Ultra range which you can find here.

Ultra Shine 10 Denier is also avaliable in X-large, Hold Ups and Stockings.

Aristoc Ultra Satin 20 Denier

Aristoc Ultra Satin 20 Denier Support

Perfect for the woman on her feet all day or heavy legged at their desk. Gives a light support. They sit snugly on your legs without making you feel squeezed.

Purchase at MyTights.

Charnos Sheer Gloss Tights

Charnos 24/7 Sheer Gloss 10 Denier Tights

Brilliant glossy tights at a great value.

Get the most out of your bucks with Sheer Gloss Tights 2-pack in your preferable color such as black, barely black, sherry and champagne at UK Tights.

Gipsy Luxury Gloss Tights

Gipsy Luxury

For the very glossy or shiny leg look!

Available in Gloss and Shine.

Pretty Polly Nylons high gloss pantyhose

Pretty Polly Nylons

This range offers pretty vintage high gloss and shiny pantyhose.

Available in Tights, Hold Ups and Lace Top Stockings.

Falke Seidenglatt Glossy tights

Falken Seidenglatt 15 Denier

It has a beautiful glossy lustre said to be comfortable and very smooth.

They're available in Tights, Hold Ups and Stockings.

You'll also find these in opaque (70 Denier) with seductive luster. As seen in The Sun, Trinny and Susannah!

Purchase at Mytights.

Wolford satin touch tights

Wolford Satin Touch 20 Denier Tights

Celebs such as Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham have been caught wearing these. Wolford Satin Touch is a classic best-seller from their range. It's soft, luxurious with an elegant shimmer. Purchase them at

Wolford Neon 40 d glossy pantyhose

Wolford Neon 70 Denier Tights

A delicious pair of hosiery for the fashionista who loves a little bit opaque and luxurious shimmer in one. Buy them at

Mini globe Shopping tip for international readers: Expensive worldwide shipping? US store doesn't ship to your country? Save up to 50% off retail price in your home country and gain access to the goodies. Try a mail forwarding service!
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