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... Style & Shopping Guide to Womens Fashion Tops, Blouses & Tees

Fashion tops are clothes that can completely change the look and feel of a pair of jeans, dress pants or a skirt. It can create a style statement when worn alone with a bottom garment; or add interest layered with a cardigan or pullover sweater.

Black floral vintage-inspired pussybow blouse by ASOS
Courtesy of ASOS

In this Shopping & Style Guide to Womens Tops you'll discover:
  • How to build a solid foundation of tops ad shirts that will work with your bottoms all-year-around for every occasion and season
  • How to select a top that looks good on you
  • What details to look for and avoid to help you strategically accentuate and de-emphasize parts you like and don't like
  • The latest womens tops - shopping tips and recommendations
  • How to wear and style different types of tops

Anna I don't have time!
Take me straight to the shopping & style guidelines ASAP!

I love how tees, blouses, tunics and shirts can really transform your outfits. I completely get it why a lot of women say that you can never have too many!

However if you want to avoid digging a hole in your pocket and ensure that your tops won't go to waste - you'd want to make sure that you only buy trendy tops that complement your closet and lifestyle!

So it's a matter of getting to know your personal style (body figure, face shape, colors and the whole nine yards). Some top styles look better on some body figures than others, and some necklines (I really want to burn those crew necks!) flatter other women's top half better than yours.

Now let's take a closer look at the top-topics I'm covering:

How to buy the best fashion top styles for your body shape
What Are Your Best tops?

Getting the right top or blouse style for your body figure is a key factor to looking your best. Other factors to keep in mind when you're buying fashion tops besides the style, are neckline, length and sleeve shape.

This page gives you the guidelines on how to choose swimwear that is best suited for your body shape and "problem areas". A must-read!

You'll also discover:

  • Timeless tops that give you the most for your money
  • How to select the best top for your body shape
  • How to flatter problem areas such as flabby arms or a small chest

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Plain tank top
Casual Tops

One of the most wonderful things about plain t-shirts is that they're trendproof. Casual tops are versatile which means that you can create multiple outfits with accessories like jewelry, scarves, fashion headbands, handbags. All with the same basic top!

Chic's Guide to Casual Tops »

Learn why V-necks Tops are universally flattering »

How to wear a tank top - shop the latest womens tank tops
Tank Tops

Compared to a long-sleeved t-shirt, a tank top is superb for layering - and are your to-go add-ons to your summer bottoms.

They're also very affordable and come in a wide range of colors and styles - for both day and evening.

Chic's Guide to Womens Tank Tops »

Shop the latest Tunic Shirts
Tunic Shirts

A tunic shirt is an all-arounder that you can wear for any season. For the warm summer months - drop the pants and wear it as a tunic dress, or pair it with mini or slim capri shorts.

When winter is approaching try a combination with your jeans, wool tights or denim leggings - and then layer it with a knit cardigan.

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Shop the latest womens Plaid Shirts - get fashion tips on how to wear a plaid blouse
Plaid Shirt

I enjoy dressing casually with a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt, and juxtapose the outfit with a pair of high heeled sandals.

You can find various stylish updates of the plaid shirt which you can implement into your own clothing personality - such as pink plaid prints, bibs and tunic styles.

Chic's Guide to Plaid Shirts »

Shop the latest Womens Denim Shirts
Denim Shirt

You'll love how well it works with other pieces that are the opposite from casual - like for example a a pair of flirty high heeled shoes or a feminine floral dress.

It's such as great piece for juxtaposing the cool with the girly! It has an excellent layering capability which makes it a really great add-on to your Spring and Fall closet.

Get fashion advice on wearing a Denim Shirt »

Shop the latest womens Dressy Tops - get fashion tips on how to style your dressy tops
Dressy Tops

From glamorous silk blouses to cute and trendy ruffle blouses, prints to fabrics, as well as unique details such as ruchings, pleats, flowy sleeves, lace, cute trims, bows - there is something for anyone who wants to unleash their girly side!

Chic's Guide to Dressy Tops »

Learn about Ruffled Blouses & Tops

Shop the latest Silk Blouses
Silk Blouses

A silk blouse gives a nice soft touch to an otherwise plain and stiff office outfit.

The beauty of silk clothes is that they can be worn in both hot and cold climates. You'll be amazed by how the garment adjusts to the temperature. So wearing silk feels warming during the winter, and cooling during summer.

Get buying & outfit tips on Silk Blouses »

Shop the latest Party tops and clubwear
Party Tops

Part and evening tops are a necessity when you want to feel confident and attractive when you're out there meeting new people and having fun on the dance floor - or when you want guys to check you up.

You can find going-out tops and sexy club wear in all kinds of gorgeous styles - from alluring lace to vampy bustier tops, open-back to one shoulder tops, from glitter to studs and ruffles.

Chic's Guide to Part Tops »

Shop the latest Graphic t-shirts
Graphic T-Shirts

I find any type of graphic t shirt that transports your memory to your past, chic and casual, giving that cool nostalgic feel to your outfit. But of course it depends on how you wear the tee.

Gone are the days where graphic tees were worn with jeans or sweatpants. In today's ever-evolving fashion climate, it's all about mixing the old with the new and the girly and dressy with the cool and casual!

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Guide to Womens Dress Shirts
Womens Dress Shirts

Looking for fashion advice on dress shirts?

This page gives you fashion tips and recommendations you need to select and wear a dress shirt - everything from the best online stores to styling shirts and looking chic yet professional.

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Chic styling tips on wearing a dress shirt »

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How to Build a Solid Closet with Tops

Whether you have a lot of money or a low budget, if you want to get the most out of your money and wardrobe, I recommend you to secure the basic and timeless tops first, before adding the latest fashion trends.

These pieces can easily be accessorized into multiple outfits and are quite flexible in creating various looks. Some top styles can be worn from day to night, going from casual to a dressy outfit - and are versatile to wear for most occasions.

There are 3 types of fashion tops that you should secure to keep you covered all-year-around and those are:

    Red long sleeve basic top for women
    Courtesy of Overstock
  • 1. Casual tops:
  • Basic tees for layering and simple cotton tops in solids with minimal details. They're great for everyday wear and can also be worn to many dressier occasions as long as you accessorize and match it right.

  • 2. Dressy tops:
  • Dress shirts, blouses and tops with cute and dressy details. Essentials for dressier occasion, officewear and dinner parties. Or when you need to look cute and sophisticated at for your relatives and perhaps a conservative grandmother, aunt or mother-in-law.

  • 3. Party tops:
  • Also known as club wear. Party tops are sexy and slightly daring. Secure them in styles that highlight your best assets such as fashionable party tops with a low'ish neckline, cut outs, open back, bust enhancing bustier, etc.

How to Buy Fashion Tops

I know from experience how wild it can get when shopping for tops. It's good for feeding your impulses but can hurt your wallet too.

Buying tops that can only be worn once or twice, or are just simply difficult to mix and match are some of the frustrating things you have to face after the shopping spree honeymoon is over.

My best advice to you is to secure the wardrobe essentials first and then focus on tops that are basic in color (solids will do good too) and style, and then add the trendier ones after that.

Simply put, you'll get the most out of your buck with versatile womens tops that can be easily be transformed into different outfit combinations just by switching the belts, scarves, bags and jewelry!

Click here to learn more about how to buy and style womens fashion tops »

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