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"How to Wear a Skirt:
Chic Outfits & Styling Tricks that Help Conceal Your Problem Areas"

What to wear with fashion skirts?

Chic ways to wear fashion skirts
Courtesy of ASOS

On this page you'll find ideas and inspiration on how to create chic outfits with basic (just to give you a starting point - accessorize them as you please!)

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Here you'll also discover tricks on how to wear a skirt to disguise classic problem-areas - from how to minimize curves and a muffin top, to looking taller in a skirt.

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We're mostly focusing on the styling aspect of skirts, but if you want to get the most out of putting together your skirt-outfits, I suggest that you also check out my tips on how to choose the right skirt for your body figure.

Now let's learn how to style your skirts:

Secure the Basics First

The best skirt styles that eliminate the I-don't-have-anything-to-wear frustration when you're putting together an outfit, are: simple, timeless skirts that cover your major daily activities as well as look good on your body figure.

The versatility of basic fashion skirts makes it easier for you to mix & match your outfits - which is super cost-effective, helping you save time and money!

How to Build a Solid Skirt Closet

If you want to get the most out of your money, you first need to secure basic styles in neutrals without any fancy details. Look at them as a canvases where you can embellish with accessories and colors - giving more focus to your tops and showcasing your great sense of style.

The closet skirt essentials are:

Wardrobe sweater essentials
  • All-season dress/office skirt (eg pencil skirtin a light and dark neutral. Keeps you covered throughout the seasons
  • Day-to-night skirt in dark and light neutral
  • White summer skirt
  • Dark blue denim skirt

This is just a minimum (especially if you're more of a jeans and t-shirt gal). If you love skirts and wear them all-year-around, grow your collection with various styles in a wide spectrum of neutrals, colors and details, that reflect your personal style! Click here to learn more on how to define your personal style

Here are a couple of ideas on how to grow your style envelope with fashion skirts:

Classy womens skirts
Courtesy of Zara, House of Fraser,

These are versatile and work as canvases for accessorizing and styling, but are signature pieces for showing off someone's classy and sophisticated personal style.

Romantic womens fashion skirts
Courtesy of Stylebop,, Dorothy Perkins

If you want to soften your outfit and express your girly side, then these skirt styles will do exactly that. They're also fabulous for mixing various styles to create a unique and stylish look. I looove the vintage-look, don't you?

For example: Ruffle skirt with a classy white dress shirt or a casual sweatshirt.

Trendy fashion skirts
Courtesy of Style for Less, H&M, House of Fraser

These skirt styles are perfect for trendsetters, fashionistas who love adding bells and whistles to their style and anyone who wants to draw attention to their hips, thighs and legs. You need the confidence for this :-) They're great for stretching your style envelope and have fun when you're out clubbing!

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Ways to Wear Basic Fashion Skirts

Here are 9 ideas on how to wear your basic skirts: All-season dress skirt, black day-to-night skirt and a plain dark blue denim skirt. Let me show you how you can take it from plain to chic!

PS: Accessorize and layer them according to your personal style.

With Casual Tops

Basic fashion skirt with tees outfits

You can create different looks with a basic skirt and casual top; from laid-back, down-town look to casual evening outfit. You just need to up the chicness with layering and accessorizing.

1. Denim skirt: Pair it with a basic v-neck tee and casual tennis sneakers. Boooring, I know! So adjust the look with an oversized watch and a long pearl necklace. Classy and sporty.

2. Black day-to-night skirt: Wear it with a white tank top and a wrap cardigan. Add a funky bead necklace and splashy flat ballerina shoes. Throw in a cocktail ring if you will. Casual office dress code-friendly. Switch to heels in the evening :)

3. Dress skirt: Take a black pencil dress skirt with a three-quarter sleeve v-neck top. Add some color and texture to it with a red wide belt, beige pointy flats and a gold medallion pendant necklace.

With Dress Shirts & Blouses

Basic fashion skirt with dress shirts and blouses outfits

You can't go wrong with pairing a plain skirt with a dress shirt or blouse. It polishes your look in an instant!

1. Denim skirt: For a fresh and light summer look, pair it with a dress shirt. Tuck it in or not, it's up to you. If you decide to wear it untucked - throw in a skinny belt around the waist if you want. Also include something expected such as an oversized ring a pair of trendy wedge sandals.

2. Black day-to-night skirt: Pair it with a denim shirt or white dress shirt. And then throw in a statement necklace and a pair of red pumps.

3. Dress skirt: Do a color-block outfit by combining a black pencil skirt with for example a yellow blouse. Polish it further layered pearl necklace and a pair of statement with open toe pumps.

With Hosiery

Basic fashion skirt with hosiery outfits

Want to wear a short skirt? Then how about adding some flavor to your outfit with fashion hosiery.

1. Denim skirt: Change the look and feel with black tights or sheer pantyhose. Add a cozy knit sweater. Throw in a trendy necklace and a pair of casual boots if you want.

2. Black day-to-night skirt: Take it with a pair of plum opaque tights and denim shirt (or a teal top). Tuck it in and add a statement ring and a pair of black ankle booties.

3. Dress skirt: Wear it with a white blouse or shirt. Add the unexpected with black lace tights and a wide belt, or a pair of red-hot pumps.

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Classic "Problem Areas"

How to De-emphasize Curves

If you have:
  • Wide, full hips
  • Full thighs
  • Thick legs

.. and you want to draw the attention away from them, then plain and basic fashion skirts are your best bets.

Neutrals are Basic

As explained in the body proportions-page - light colors enhance and expand, while dark colors minimize and retract.

Examples of dark neutrals are:

  • Black (also includes charcoal gray and most deep nuances of gray)
  • Dark brown (eg. burgundy, chocolate)
  • Dark navy blue
  • Deep olive green

Click here to learn more about neutrals
    fashion tip Tip: If you have more curves than you are comfortable displaying, invest in slimming underwear like a body shaper that will hold in the extra weight.

Skirt Styles for Your Curves

If you really want to downplay your hips, thighs and legs, look for details that slim and take the focus away from them.

Here are some of the best skirt styles that downplay curves:

Fashion skirts that tone down curves
Courtesy of Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, House of Fraser, Debenhams

  • Simple black skirts
  • A-line shape - it perfectly skims your curves.
  • Full circle skirt
  • Vertical details such as darts, pleats, visible vertical stitches, elongated pockets, etc.

Also add interest on top to simply draw attention away from your lower part by wearing something that highlights your upper half.

How to Look Curvier in a Skirt

If you want to add curves to a skinny frame, or narrow or straight (little or no waist definition) hips, then you're faced with a wide spectrum of fashion skirts!

Compared to curvy gals, you'll benefit from light colors and shiny fabrics because they visually expand your hips and thighs.

Here are some of best fashion skirts to add/accentuate curves:

Fashion skirts that emphasize and create curves
Courtesy of Dorothy Perkins, TheOutnet, House of Fraser

  • A-line skirts
  • Faded wash denim skirts
  • Bubble/balloon shaped skirts
  • Prints

If you have a Rectangle body shape you can wear snug skirts that taper around your thighs to create curves.

How to Disguise a Muffin Top

If you have a full tummy or a muffin top, your best fashion skirts are the ones that flare outwards from your hips, specifically A-line. This adds balance to your hips and tummy that hold the extra weight.

Here are more examples of your best skirt styles:
    How to hide a muffin top with a skirt
  • Full circle skirts
  • Wide waistbands
  • Mid-rise to skim past the muffin top and extra weight

Skirts in slightly heavier fabric, such as denim, leather, or linen, help hold in the tummy.

How to Look Taller in a Skirt

Skirts cut up your frame and can make your legs look shorter. And as explained in the Vertical Body Shape-page, long legs are highly appreciated because they can make a Petite look taller than she really is.

Also, exposing more of your legs can make you look taller, so select fashion skirts with shorter hemlines that end just above the knee or shorter.

Here are examples on how to elongate your legs in a skirt:

    How to hide a muffin top with a skirt
    Courtesy of Macy's
  • Wear footwear that blends with your hosiery or skin
  • Skirts that are similar to the color of your skin
  • Fashion skirts that are slightly snug around the hips to create a long, lean silhouette and avoid the boxy look

Also have in mind that monochromatic outfits will make you look taller.

For example:
  • Black skirt with black hosiery and black shoes
  • Or..

  • A print skirt and a pair of tights in one of the colors in the print, along with shoes that are similar in hue as the hosiery

    fashion tip Tip: If you're not comfortable in a short skirt, add hosiery. Throw in pair of solid-colored tights or leggings, and balance out the look with a top or sweater to cover more of your upper half.

And of course, a pair of heels will definitely help you look taller!

The Right Hemline

For an instant slimming effect choose a length that falls right below your knee or shorter.

Fashion skirts in various lengths

If you're short, curvy or have full legs, avoid letting the hemline fall on your widest part of your legs as it can "cut" them in halves. An exception is if you select a skirt that sits snugly around your thighs and legs (mermaid style). This creates a long, lean body frame. Learn more on how to select the right skirt for your body figure.

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Time to Shop for the Latest Fashion Skirts

Now that you've gone through my tips and shopping advice on fashion skirts, it's time to shop!

PS: Make sure you've also read my guidelines to selecting the right skirt style for your body figure.

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