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Discover fashion inspiration that will help you evolve your personal style

Here you'll find fashion inspiration and fashion tips that will freshen up your outfits and inspire you to express yourself with clothes and accessories.

Putting together an outfit that reflects bits and pieces of your personality is what chic style is about. This is something fashionistas should bring home to take their Classic Fashion Persona to the next level!

Stretch Your Style Envelope with
the Different Fashion Styles

Fashion Tip:

Details can easily create different looks and it's affordable! Invest more in fashion jewelry and accessories. You get the best bang for your buck.

On this you'll discover various looks, styles and clothing types, as well as fashion eras that you can implement into your own wardrobe!

I've gathered the best and most popular of the different fashion styles I find stylish and chic - everything from boho to vintage, french, to global street fashion (it's exciting to see what fashionistas from around the world are wearing!). Other looks such as Preppy and Rocker-Chic will be added sometime in the future.

By drawing fashion inspiration from outside of your comfort zone you'll discover new ways of reinventing your outfits which helps in developing your unique personal style. So experiment with high-end and low-end; mix the new with the old; and trendy with the classics!

How to Achieve a Unique Personal Style

The trick to achieving a unique style that is all you is to combine elements from different fashion styles as well as from various aspects of your personality/taste/lifestyle/mood/etc..

"I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern - wearing head-to-toe designer has become a bit passe. It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."
- Alexander McQueen (British fashion designer)

However, keep in mind that if you want to look ultra-chic you need to whip up an outfit combination consisting of basics and trendy pieces to keep your look balanced and avoid a head-to-toe loony look.

So make sure you've already secured the wardrobe essentials first before you start shopping for the current fashion trends that are likely to fade 6 months from now.

Now let's look at the topics I'm covering:

Chic Fashion Inspiration:
Different Fashion Styles & Looks

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says I've gathered the 'best of the best' of chic fashion inspiration based on my personal opinion. These are styles that remain in today's fashion regardless of the current fashion trends. For example: Bohemian fashion is considered a state of mind, vintage is timeless because it covers a wide range of time eras, it's original and brings a charming nostalgia your outfit, while street fashion is a mix of everything people are creating around the world no matter how the trends (catwalk) are evolving. Enjoy!

How to achieve french fashion style
How to Dress Parisian Chic

Learn the art of dressing like a stylish French woman with a confident flair! Also get tips and resources on where to buy French-inspired womenswear.

You'll also discover:

  • Colors & color combinations that embody French chic
  • Clothes and accessories that are typical French style
  • Where to buy French-inspired clothing online

Get French Fashion Style Tips »

How to achieve classy Chanel style
How to Wear Vintage

Add charm and interesting details to your outfit with vintage clothing and accessories!

Get fashion tips on how to add some nostalgia to your style with vintage style elements, from how to mix & match to where to buy affordable womens vintage clothing.

Chic's Guide to Womens Vintage Fashion »

Master Accessorizing

The art of accessorizing
Dress for Any Occasion

How to look appropriate on all occasions
Advice for Petites

Guide to looking taller

What's Chic fashion?
What is Chic Fashion?

What is exactly chic fashion?

Let's step away from the "fashion rules" a bit and take a look at the main differences between fashion and style - and how to dress chic!

Learn more about Chic Fashion & Style »

How to achieve bohemian fashion style
Tips on Achieving a Boho-Chic Look

Is your fashion persona a mix of Natural and Creative?

Do you favor ethnic prints and rich colors?

If yes, then check out these fashion tips on how to dress bohemian without looking ragged.

Also discover fashion advice on how to look boho-chic and where to buy boho-inspired clothing.

Chic's Guide to Bohemian Fashion Style »

Guide to Street fashion style
Street Style Inspiration

Get dressed the funky and urban way with super-fresh fashion inspiration from the fashionistas on the streets around the world.

Click here for Street Fashion Inspiration »

Guide to Eco friendly clothing and fashion
Eco-friendly Fashion

Using reusable shopping bags when buying groceries and buying secondhand or vintage are ways to make a difference in this world.

Get tips and ideas on adding sustainable fashion to your lifestyle.

Chic's Guide to Eco-friendly Clothing & Fashion »

Chic 1980s fashion - image of Madonna
80s Fashion Inspiration

Get stylish 1980s fashion ideas and inspiration - purely the best of 80s worn the chic way, from jumpsuits to acid wash jeans.

Learn more about 80s Fashion »

Chic 1970s fashion - image of Farah Fawcett
70s Fashion Inspiration

Add some retro to your personal style with 1970s fashion - from wide leg pants to platform sandals and wrap dresses.

Learn more about 70s Fashion »

Guide to the Current fashion trends - how to select from the various trends
How to Craft a Trend into Your Own Style

Fashion advice, tips and ideas on how to implement the current fashion trends that look good on you, and styling tricks to make a fashion trend work for your personal style.

Implement the Current Fashion Trends to your closet »

How to wear the latest fashion trends
How to Mix & Match Fashion Trends

Get fashion advice on how to coordinate and wear the latest trends the chic way – mixing the wardrobe essentials with the trends.

You'll find tips styling tricks on how to put together a chic but trendy outfit.

Chic's Guide to Wearing Fashion Trends »

How to find your personal style
How to Define Your Personal Style

Looking chic is a lot about knowing what looks good on you, as well as wearing what you like. Learn how to assess and define your personal style for the ultimate chic factor.

Uncover your own fashion persona and how to define it in the way you dress!

Guide to Developing Your Personal Style »

Want more creativity boost and craft your personal style?
Explore the 6 Fashion Personas from the Fashion Style Quiz are?

Classic personal fashion style Dramatic personal fashion style High fashion trendy fashion style
Sporty personal fashion style Romantic personal fashion style Bohemian personal fashion style

Looking for a specific fashion topic?
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Timeless Fashion Styles

Ashley Olsen personal style
Ashley Olsen via InStyle
French fashion is one of the chic'est look you can achieve. Chic fashion is highly influenced by the French - the sole founders of style: Smart, timeless and sophisticated style! It's classy but a bit sassy.

It's not that difficult to appear like you came from the streets of Paris. Achieving a French fashion style is all about mixing wardrobe staples and self-confidence! Looks effortless this way.

Bohemian fashion is my personal favorite when it comes to fashion, so that's why I want to share some of my tricks and tips on how to achieve a modern boho-chic look. Looking chic is never stiff, it's free-flowing and effortless. I especially love how bohemian style clothing looks casual, pretty and exotic.

One of the best ways to elevate your personal style is to add some charm and nostalgia with vintage fashion. Somewhere in the baskets and racks of mothball-smelling grandma skirts and scarves lies a perfect jewel waiting to connect with your style persona.

You'll find vintage clothing almost everywhere. Vintage fashion ranges from the early 1900's to 1990's so you might find something that will work for you. I think my tips on adding vintage to your style and how to buy vintage clothes online and offline will help you get started.

For a fresh outlook on style, seek out for fashion inspiration from the streets in metropolitan cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong etc. Street fashion is a cool way of dressing stylishly - it's fashion made by people!

And why not add some eco friendly clothing to your wardrobe as well? It's a great way to wear clothes without draining our earth's natural resources.

Now I'm not trying to go all hippie on you and start chanting: "Save our earth" and preach about being one of earth's children. I'm just saying that it's the small things that count that can make a difference in our nature's and environment's health.

How about using a reusable shopping bag when picking up groceries? It's the least we can do if you don't want to invest in a new wardrobe with organic made clothes.

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