Fashion Costume Jewelry

... Create Multiple Looks on a Budget with Fashion Jewelry!

Fashion costume jewelry is a fantastic for updating your style and multiply your outfits on a budget. And compared to fine jewelry, the variety is endless – making experimenting with fashion fun and affordable!

Trendy gold bangle bracelet
Courtesy of Fantasy Jewelry Box

In this Shopping & Style Guide to Fashion Costume Jewelry you’ll get ideas and learn how to:
  • Build a solid jewelry collection that will keep you covered on all occasions, outfits and seasons
  • Select the best fashion costume jewelry (as well as fine jewelry) for your personal style (yes, even for your body figure!)
  • Strategically use it to accentuate and downplay your face and body features
  • Shopping tips and recommendations on the latest styles – from earrings to necklaces, bracelets to rings, and watches
  • Tips on how to deal with nickel allergy and where to buy nickel-free jewelry

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One of the things that makes jewelry super fun and exciting is that it can create distinctive fashion looks! The hundreds of styles have something for everyone with different personalities, tastes and preferences.

You can look classy and polished with a pearl necklace or bohemian-chic with wood and shell bracelets.

Or throw on a huge statement necklace and you've meshed a trendy outfit with drama.

Add silver stack rings and a couple of leather bracelets and you've got yourself a rocker chick look.

... And it doesn't have to cost a fortune!

So let's get running and learn how to use jewelry to your advantage and look fabulous:

Advice on how to buy and wear fashion jewelry
How to Select Your Best Fashion Jewelry

If you want to get the most out of your jewelry, then it's important to purchase jewelry pieces that look good on you. And it's an absolute must if you want to save money by going for quality over quantity. This page provides you with the know-how's on how to evaluate if a jewelry piece looks good on you.

You'll also discover:

  • What jewelry styles give the most for your money
  • How to select the right style for your face shape
  • How to choose the right jewelry for your body figure and body scale

Savvy Shopping & Styling with Fashion Costume Jewelry »

Master Accessorizing

The art of accessorizing
Dress for Any Occasion

How to look appropriate on all occasions
Advice for Petites

Guide to looking taller

List of any fashionistas' jewelry essentials
Your Jewelry Essentials

If you're an office worker then the Jewelry Essentials might be just as important as the closet indispensables!

That's because they're versatile and go with the rest of your wardrobe - and securing these can help you save a lot of time and money.

Click here to learn more about the Jewelry Essentials »

List of cheap fashion jewelry store
Cheap Fashion Jewelry Stores

This page provides you with a list of the best online fashion jewelry stores where you can buy trendy jewelry at super-affordable prices - from high-quality gold-filled to sterling silver, and cheap gold to silver plated fashion jewelry.

Chic's Guide to Cheap Fashion Jewelry Stores »

How to deal with nickel allergy
Nickel Allergy

You can find many solutions to living with metal allergy without sacrificing your style - from nickel free jewelry to liquids that create a protective barrier between your skin and the barrier.

How to Live with Nickel Allergy without Sacrificing Style »

Where to Shop for Nickel Free Jewelry »

Find the latest jewelry organizers for rings, necklaces, bracelets and more
Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry organizers range from jewelry trees to trays, racks to hanging canvas boards, and also cabinets.

Some of my preferred solutions is the hanging board which you can keep flat on the wall or in your closet - it takes less space that way.

Chic's Guide to Affordable Jewelry Organizers »

Shop the latest Fashion hoop earrings
Fashion Hoop Earrings

Wearing a pair of hoop earrings is fabulous way to spruce up your look. And it's definitely a quick way to dress up a plain party dress!

Click here to learn how to buy Fashion Hoop Earrings »

Learn about Big Hoop Earrings for a glam fashion statement »

Click here for advice on buying Huggie Hop Earrings »

Diamond stud earrings
Diamond Stud Earrings

A pair of crystal stud earrings keep you covered on all of those inevitable occasions throughout one's lifetime - from weddings to birthday bashes - and when you want to add that subtle sparkle to your outfit without looking like a diva. And they're excellent as gifts!

Learn how to buy Diamond Stud Earrings »

How to buy diamond jewelry online
How to Buy Diamond Jewelry

So you want to buy diamond jewelry?

Purchasing luxury goods online requires a lot of research and knowledge. This page splits the tedious diamond jewelry information into smaller, easy-to-understand tips.

Chic's Guide to Buying Diamond Jewelry »

List of the Top Reputable Diamond Jewelry Stores Online »

Shop the latest Gold Bangle Bracelets
Gold Bangle Bracelets

You can find gold bangle bracelet in a wide variety of styles, so there is something for everyone! For the classy to the trendy urban gal. And from single to stacked bangles, from enameled texture to colorful beads or sparkly cubic zirconia.

Learn more about Gold Bangle Bracelets »

Shop the latest Hamsa jewelry
Hamsa Jewelry

The Hamsa symbol is notable in many religions and cultures, for its long-standing reputation of being an amulet of protection.

Unsurprisingly it has turned into a fashion trend, tickling bohonistas interest because of the exotic and inspirational look.

Read more about Hamsa Jewelry »

Cubic zirconia jewelry
Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia is known for its (1) Perfect clarity, (2) Vast color options, and not least, (3) Low price.

So if you're on a tight budget, then CZ (shortcut for Cubic Zirconia) is a fantastic alternative to expensive diamonds.

Chic's Guide to Cubic Zirconia Jewelry »

Read about Cubic Zirconia Necklaces »

Shop the latest large chandelier earrings
Large Chandelier Earrings

The special thing about large earrings is that they add that extra *va-va-voom* to any outfit! They're excellent statement earrings and really bring attention to a pretty face.

You can find them in various styles - from the wooden beaded earring for the casual gal to Glam 'n Shine cubic zirconia crystal chandelier earrings.

Learn how to buy & wear Large Chandelier Earrings »

Shop the latest affordable pearl jewelry
Affordable Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry is a drawer must for a Parisian finesse. It's a classy piece of jewelry and it looks good with almost anything - just throw a pearl necklace with a casual flowy boho dress, or a pair of pearl stud earrings with jeans and tee.

It'll polish your outfit, for sure!

Chic's Guide to Affordable Pearl Jewelry »

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Secure the Jewelry Essentials

If you want to get the most out of your money you first need to secure jewelry in simple, versatile styles and colors. The metal should be neutral such as silver or gold, and the beads that go along with it should be low-key. Think clear, black, brown, dark blue, or any variation of them.

In this way, you'll be able to wear them with all of your outfits without worrying about if they match, and it also keep you covered on all occasions all-year-around.

Jewelry essentials for every woman

Grow Your Collection with Your Personal Style

A tip is to begin with securing the jewelry essentials and then build on your collection based on your personal style and the current fashion trends.

For example, if you've secured a pair of round gold studded crystal earrings, then buy the same style in another color (amber, black, pink, etc.) or shape such as Princess (square). Or try hoop earrings in a different textures and details like for example wooden or/and gold beads.

Whether you're a jewelry-lover or not, you must make sure you have these essentials. These staples never go out of style and they'll work with everything - from different color combinations, styles to those inevitable occasions.

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Jewelry to Enhance and Minimize Parts of Your Body Figure

Angelina Jolie wearing rounded teardrop earrings to soften her angular jawline

Courtesy of Wireimage

Another great thing about fashion costume jewelry is that you can strategically wear it on parts of your body that you want to draw attention to.

Got newly manicured nails? Add a statement ring.

Want to highlight your toned chest? Put on an eye-catching necklace.

Just got a new haircut? Show it off with a pair of hoop earrings.

The right jewelry is also useful for flattering your face shape.

A square face can wear teardrop earrings to soften their jawline, and a round faced gal can use shoulder long earrings to visually make her face look slimmer.

These styling tricks are mentioned here:

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How to Savvily Shop for Diamond Jewelry

I believe that every quality-conscious fashionista should at least have a basic understanding of the 4 C's of a diamond - the basics on of how one place a value on a diamond based on 4 different factors:

Diamond jewelry, learn about the 4 C's

Why is it so important?

Because with this knowledge you'll be able to spot if your engagement ring is the real thing or not (many 'fakes' such as cubic zirconia get easily mistaken for being a real diamond) ;-)

Any street smart gal should know what the 4 C's mean!

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Cubic Zirconia – the Affordable Luxury

Cubic zirconia stones

If your wallet won't stretch enough to pay for real diamond jewelry you should opt for cubic zirconia jewelry.

It's a great alternative to the real thing if you can't afford or don't want to spend a lot of money on real diamonds.

They look like diamonds but they're actually made of glass, but what makes them such an attractive choice is that compared to diamonds they are perfect in color and clarity. You can even find cubic zirconia in all of the rainbow's colors and they're of high quality for less.

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What to Do If You're Allergic to Jewelry

Nickel jewelry solution
Nickel allergy can be a pain in the bottom. I know this from experience.

But there's hope for you! Simply Whispers has a great selection on stylish and affordable nickel-free jewelry.

They have a pretty extensive jewelry collection - they sell everything from nickel-free wrist watches to hoop earrings. It's a highly recommended online shop if you have sensitive allergy-prone skin.

Learn more about what nickel allergy is and how to treat it and live with it »

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Where to Find Unique Jewelry

If you don't like the typical, mass-produced fashion costume jewelry being sold at Target, H&M and other cheap stores, then handmade jewelry is the way to go.

There are 3 good reasons why you should buy handcrafted jewelry:
    Handmade jewelry made with love
  • 1. It's made with love and care - resulting in a high quality piece of wearable art.
  • 2. It's unique - you can choose between Limited edition or One-of-a-Kind jewelry
  • 3. The designer is usually open for customization. There's a huge chance they'll customize the jewelry according to your wishes.

You can also opt for vintage jewelry, which is a fabulous way to add some eco friendly fashion by reusing secondhand accessories!

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