Fashion Basics

.. Dissecting and Clarifying the Fashion 101's & Guidelines

It's time to go beyond the Fashion Basics - and look with a closer lens at some of the fashion advice offered on this website.

In this way you'll understand why there are exceptions to some of those "hard-and-fast" rules, and hopefully, you'll be able to bend the guidelines to make almost anything look good on you.

Learn more about the fashion basics on how to look your best and dress stylish
* Note: If you want the solid 101's I recommend you to check out my other guidelines (navigation bar to your right) on how to put the fashion basics into practice.

Here's what you'll discover below:
  • Tips on how to bend the style guidelines - from dressing your body shape to wearing your best colors
  • Clarification on the fashion advice that doesn't seem to apply for some women

Ready? Read and comment on the latest (updated) "fashion rules"

"There seem to be a lot of exceptions to these "fashion rules"..
Why bother giving them in the first place?"

We're hard-nosed, aren't we?

As an image consultant my goal is to help you feel great about your style. And as much as many image consultants and fashion stylists seem to have their nose stuck in their diagrams, proportions and what-not, their sole intention is to guide you in the right direction in looking your best.

I mean, who doesn't want a wardrobe full of "made-just-for-you" clothes that they're excited to wear?

What works for some may not for others

This is why one-on-one consultations are totally worth it because they give the image consultant an opportunity to evaluate you from top to toe, from the inside and out.

Creating a complete, personalized plan that works for you individually.

Because there are plenty of ways of making an accessory or garment work for you, despite it being deemed to be a "no-no" for a certain body figure/face shape/coloring/etc.

As an image consultant I try to give you the quickest route - but if the general guidelines fail, then I do have a Plan B or C ;-) But these are usually a bit complex to grasp because they require a full understanding of the bigger picture.

So look at this page as a place where I'll dissect the fashion guidelines and also where I discuss topics that I think deserve more attention :-)

Let's take a closer look at the Fashion Basics

Learn how to look your best...

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