Diamond and Heart Face Shape

"Styling Tricks that Flatter Diamond and Heart Face Shapes"

I've placed both Diamond and Heart face shape together on this page because they have two things in common: Wide cheekbones and narrow jawline.

Celebrities with diamond heart face shape
Scarlett Johansson's heart face shape - FAME; Jennifer Love Hewitt's diamond face shape - Alberto Rodriquez/Gettyimages; Reese Witherspoon's heart face shape - Michael Loccisano/Filmmagic

Diamond face shape

A diamond shaped face is almost an oval where the widest point hits the midpoint of the sides of the face. The hairline and chin are noticeably narrower than the center (the widest part of the face).

Heart face shape

A heart shaped face resembles a diamond. The only difference is that both forehead and midpoint are wider than your lower face.

Styling Focus for Both Face Shapes

Achieve balance between upper and lower portions of your face.


  • U-necks to tone down your pointy chin
  • If you want to highlight a pointed chin, choose a pendant or earrings that mirror your face shape
  • For the diamond - earrings with curved shape at the ear post
  • For the heart - long earrings like chandelier and tassle
  • Chokers and short necklaces with gentle roundness to them
  • Hair styles if you have heart face shape: Chin-length or longer styles. Side-parted hair styles. Swept-forward layers around the upper face but with gently wispy bangs. A chin length bob also looks great as it creates a balanced look by giving fullness where you need it - the jawline.
  • Hair styles if you have a diamond face shape: Almost everything works with your face (as long as you are a true diamond with wider midpoints and narrow forehead and jawline). You can wear shorter styles, however if you may need to leave weight in the back nape area like a heart shaped face. This will achieve more balance between your dramatic cheekbones and more delicate chin line.
  • Eyewear & Sunglasses: Frames that add width below your eyeline. Round or oval frame shape. Rounded aviators.
  • Hats: Prominent crown - makes your forehead look longer and narrower. Wear a hat on an angle.

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