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Guide to organizing your closet - affordable organizing ideas and closet systems

So what is it about closet organizing that is sooo important?

Keeping your wardrobe and drawers organized is a must-do task for any shopping-savvy and fashion-conscious woman.

Not only will organizing your closet make the garments and accessories a joy to look at (like in a fashion boutique!) - each and every piece of garment and accessory you own will be visible and readily available to you!

Here's what you'll discover below:
  • Easy-to-understand step-by-step method that will effectively de-clutter your closet
  • Affordable organizing systems and ideas for your clothes & accessories
  • How to maximize the storage space in your room

Anna, I don't have time!
I want to learn how to organize my clothes now!

Sorting out your closet and drawers helps to draw a clear picture of what you have and don't have in your wardrobe. This eliminates the money-draining impulse shopping sprees that result in ending up with buying stuff you already have plenty of or don't really need.

A neat wardrobe also makes it easier for you to mix and match your clothes so that you won't quickly run out of outfit ideas.

If you've reviewed my outfit ideas-section you already know that closet organizing is the quintessential for making the contents of your wardrobe work for you.

Why's that?

Because if you don't take the time to gather and create an overview of your clothes, you don't know what you got in there because you can't see it - and you'll just end up feeling like you don't have anything to wear!

Reach Your Clothes Easily with an Organized Closet

Basically, keeping your wardrobe organized gives you more control of the clothes and accessories you've purchased over the past few years.

And it also helps you:
  • Identify what your closet is lacking in terms of what you need. Do you have the wardrobe essentials covered? What about your signature pieces that define your style? The Spring & Summer and Fall & Winter Trendessentials?
  • Get a picture of what you're wasting your money on (and these are usually items that you rarely or never wear)
  • See all your clothes and make it easier for you to put together outfits

This really ups the quality of the contents of your wardrobe and you're left with more money which you can spend on clothes and accessories that you love and you'll actually be wearing 8-)

It's time for some fun and effective wardrobe organizing!

How to organize closet step by step
Best Closet Organizing Method

There are several ways of organizing your closet, but there's one method I find quite efficient.

It's called the "SPACE"-method which stands for:

  • Sort
  • Purge
  • Assess
  • Containerize
  • Equalize

Learn how to strategically organize your wardrobe & drawers »

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Drawer dividers
Drawer Dividers

Messy drawers make it harder for you to find what you are looking for. And one of the things I dislike is balls of stuff that are hard to untangle!

If you've gotten yourself in a messy-drawer-drama then a super-affordable solution for that is dividers. With a drawer organizer you can sort your office tools as well as your underwear, camisoles and tees.

Learn more about drawer dividers »

Handbag organizer
Handbag Organizers

Plenty of storage solutions are available for your handbags. You can store them in plastic boxes, on a dedicated shelf or in a drawers.

But what if you don't have a lot of closet space?

Click here to see various neat handbag organizer solutions »

Looking for a solution that can organize the contents inside of your purse? Click here

Clear plastic storage drawer
Plastic Storage Drawers

If you don't have a lot of storage space under your bed, closet or shelves - then you might want to try a storage drawer.

A drawer is a cheap and simple way to save vertical space!

Learn more about plastic storage drawers »

Clear Shoe Boxes
Clear Shoe Boxes

If you love wearing your shoes and have somewhat generous space in your closet, then you should definitely go for see-through shoe boxes!

They're a convenient option to regular cardboard boxes.

Click here to learn more about clear shoe boxes »

Cheap jewelry armoire cabinet
Cheap Jewelry Armoire

Do you own a lot of jewelry? Or maybe you need a practical solution for storing your precious gemstone and fine jewelry pieces?

Gather all of your jewelry and store them in a jewelry armoire! If you're not too fond of the lady-like look of an armoire then there are other more minimalistic and modern designs to choose from.

Click here to learn more about where to buy affordable jewelry armoires

Best jewelry organizer ideas
Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry organizers range from jewelry trees to trays, racks to hanging canvas boards, and also cabinets.

Some of my preferred solutions is the hanging board which you can keep flat on the wall or in your closet - it takes less space that way.

See some of the affordable & stylish ways to organize your jewelry »

Under bed storage boxes
Under Bed Storage

Did you know that the space under your bed is big enough to store at least half of the contents in your closet? (well ok, it depends on how much stuff you have)

With me, I store my handbags and crafts supplies under my bed. But what if the bed legs aren't tall enough? Then you'll need a bed riser.

Learn more about how to use under bed storage to maximize your storage space »

Looking for a specific organizing topic or solution? Search for it here:

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By Organizing Your Closet You'll:

    Minikiss icon Save money because you'll avoid buying something you already have but can't find or just don't remember you've purchased

    Minikiss icon Save time and energy when deciding what you're going to wear

    Minikiss icon Create space that you didn't thought you had. Because everything won't be scattered all over the room (or worse, the whole house)

This page is your guide to closet organizing; from the principles of de-cluttering your stuff, to tips on where to buy shoe and jewelry organizers. We're going to turn your wardrobe into an exciting boutique you'll look forward to browse through everyday!

No more "Where the HECK did I put" "I know I put it here somewhere..", "I can't find it. I'll go and buy a new one" "Everything's a mess; I don't know where to start".

Now you don't need to settle down with boring paper boxes, I'm going to show how closet organizing can be a stylish and fun affair!

How to Organize Your Closet

There are several strategies to organizing your closet, but the most effective in my opinion, is the SPACE method by Julie Morgenstern who is an expert and veteran in the organizing industry.

SPACE stands for Sort, Purge, Assess, Containerize and Equalize.

This method can also be used to all areas of your home, not just your wardrobe :-)

Which Area Frustrates You the Most?

Organize the most cluttered space first
The surest way to make the organizing process go smoothly to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed is to start with a structured plan.

I recommend that you start off by evaluating each of the areas you plan to organize and determine which one causes the most distress and begin by organizing that.

So if your main closet is the one that has been weighing you down then use the SPACE method on that first, and then move over to the second area that frustrates you such as your jewelry stash or your lingerie drawer.

It's really up to you!

But if you're a person who gets easily overwhelmed and stressed than you should definitely start small by taking one closet or drawer at a time.

It might sound like an awful lot of work at first but trust me, if you commit yourself to this project, it'll simplify your life and you'll be happy you did!


Learn the SPACE method and let's go through the closet organizing process step by step »

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