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We all need some Chic Inspiration that will rescue us from the occasional wardrobe-misery.

Or when you want fresh outfit ideas on how to wear your clothes and the latest fashion trends!

Get the latest fashion tips and styling strategies, outfit ideas and celeb style inspiration
* Note: If you want the solid 101's I recommend you to check out my other guidelines (navigation bar to your right) on how to build the foundation of your personal style. In this way, you'll have that covered before moving on to these outfit ideas.

Here's what you'll find below:
  • Fashion advice on how to adjust the current fashion trends to your personal style
  • Outfit ideas on how to wear both timeless and basic wardrobe essentials
  • Fashion tips on how to copy celeb style, and more!

Ready for Some Outfit Variety? Discover and comment on the latest outfit inspiration

This section provides you with fashion advice & styling strategies to looking your best and making great use of your existing clothes - as well as the garments and accessories you are planning on including in your closet.

Yes, I'll guide you through those tricky son-of-a-beasts (like colored jeans and fun but hard-to-match prints and colors) to super-plain closet pieces that make you roll over in boredom - giving you outfit ideas and style tips on how to implement them to your personal taste, lifestyle, plus various occasions.

Keep in mind that my fashion persona is Classic so you'll discover plenty of toned-down translations of fashion!

Check out the Latest Fashion Inspiration

Get your creative juices flowing..

How to Look Classy with Leopard Print 
May 15, 2012: Leopard prints are timeless and can be worn all-year-around without looking outdated. It might appear “loud” for fashionistas who appreciate …

How to Wear a Breton Navy-striped Top 
April 30, 2012: A classic navy striped cotton top , also called "Breton Top" - is a closet essential for any fashionista (especially if your style is …

How to Wear Black Lace Tights for the Office 
April 25, 2012: Black lace hosiery can add the perfect amount of sexy chicness . Depending on what you decide to pair them with – they can be made …

How to Wear a White Dress Shirt for Spring  
April 11, 2012: If you want to take your white dress shirt beyond professional office work attire and away from its reputation of being too plain - then …

How to Look Chic in Red Colored Jeans 
March 20, 2012: Red colored jeans have recently been spotted on Katie Holmes, Ashley Greene, Kerry Washington (as well as Pippa Middleton and Kristin …

How to Chic Up a Chambray Shirt for Spring 
March 5, 2012: One of my favorite casual closet pieces has to be the chambray shirt (as well as denim shirt). It's very versatile and you can wear …

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