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Want more inspiration and outfit ideas? Then check out my Chic Finds!

Despite being an image consultant who educates people in shopping-savviness, I'm still human (a whuman!) with cravings (I guess it's sorta obvious, right?)

And I love shopping for new clothes and accessories! Without the occasional closet updates and frequent window-shopping I deprive myself from my creative flow. I love looking at pretty, chic and beautiful things - imagining the outfit combinations, and oh, devouring in the possibilities!

And what fashionista doesn't appreciate snapping up a good deal? ;-)

Stay up-to-date to the latest shopping picks and chic finds
* Note: If you want to make each and every purchase a sweet success (you'll be wearing an item more than twice), then I recommend you to gain some insight on the fashion basics of updating your closet and selecting the best fashions for your style. Check out the navigation bar to your right!

Here's what you'll find below:
  • Chic and affordable trends
  • Handpicked shopping recommendations
  • Recommended online womens clothing stores
  • Sales & Discounts - the newest fashion deals from around the Web
  • Link Lovin' - link round-ups and highlights of useful posts from other fashion blogs and websites

Don't Want to Wait? Discover and comment on the latest Chic Finds & Sales

This shopping-section keeps you up-to-date on the latest finds, handpicked by me. I also announce current and upcoming sales, discounts and coupons on various online fashion stores.

You'll also find the occasional link round-ups and featured-post of quality, useful posts and websites that I believe are worth mentioning!

    Important: Please remember that I do not have my own inventory. The clothes, accessories and services displayed on this section (and throughout the website) belong to their respective store/company and all transactions are processed in their internal systems. I also want to add that I earn a commission for each purchase made through these links.

Check out the Latest Chic Finds, Sales & Discounts

Chic Finds SS 2012 - Printed Sunglasses 
May 1, 2012: Wearing a pair of printed sunglasses is a fabulous way to throw in a cool 'n trendy fashion statement for this fun & breezy springtime! …

Chic Finds SS 2012 - Tribal Delight 
Aprl 26, 2012: Fashion is taking an exotic turn – perfect if you love bohemian fashion ! This season’s tribal trend consists of bold, graphic prints …

Chic Finds - Street Fashion Stores 
April 24, 2012: Although my personal is Classy I do enjoy adding an interesting, edgy conversation piece every now and then. This is a typical "street …

Chic Finds SS 2012 - Pretty Florals 
April 19, 2012: Florals are (yet again) paving their way to spring! With the bold color trends come a high-octane dose of flower power - from the necklace, …

Chic Finds SS 2012 - Nude Sandals 
April 17, 2012: Nude sandals beautifully complement your skirts and dresses for this springtime - the nude color blends with your skin tone and really …

Chic Finds SS 2012 - Bohemian Deluxe Accessories 
April 12, 2012: Accessories are without a doubt excellent outfit add-ons - injecting spiff and interest to any basic outfit. If you adore the exotic …

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