Business Wear Magic E-book Review

"Dress for Success - Smart Woman's Guide to Efficient Business Attire"

If there's one effective way to boost your credibility, status and position at work, then that has to be improving the way you dress!
Learn how to build a profitable and effective wardrobe to ensure your success in your career

How you "package" yourself to your boss, clients and colleagues has a major impact on how they treat you. It can either power up or jeopardize your image, so making sure that you get this right can make an amazing difference in your career.

Are you..

  • New to business attire and are clueless on what to wear to give the best possible impression to your colleagues, boss and clients?
  • Confused about what to wear for a job interview?
  • Looking for advice on how to improve your image for achieving your career goals?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then you are in need of help with building a ready-for-success career wardrobe!

So where do you start?

Business Wear Magic e-book cover banner

The best and not least inexpensive place to start is with image consultant Diana Pemberton-Sikes' e-book "Business Wear Magic".

In her extensive and easy to understand book, you'll discover the proven dress codes that yield success at your work place. Here she discusses the best strategies for creating an effective business attire. She basically gives you the tricks of the trade on the art of "Dressing for Success" based on your audience, location and career goals.

My rating: Star Star Star Star Star 5/5

Diana's e-book is 175 pages long and is filled with everything you need to know about developing a business clothing style that will help you accomplish your career goals. She guides you through the nuts-and-bolts of building a professional wardrobe - starting from the very basics of what clothing pieces to invest in to what to wear at different points in your career.

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Highlights of "Business Wear Magic" e-book

"Business Wear Magic" is comprehensive and covers what to wear for future work situations that you are most likely to face during your career, which are:

  • Every day work activities
  • Meetings with upper management
  • Meetings with the "Big Boss"
  • Meetings with clients and prospects
  • Seasonal wardrobe building
  • Different points in your career
  • Business-related special occasions
  • Job interview
  • and more

Let me briefly go over what you can expect from Diana's fun and informative e-book:

  • The topic on the "4 Levels of Business Attire" and how to dress for each level. I like the informative guidelines on what's considered appropriate for the different lines of work.
  • Essential jewelry pieces for the office

    Essential Jewelry Pieces for the Office

    Advice on how to build your career wardrobe based on your goal assessments and personal needs (ie. fabrics, colors, etc.)

    An invaluable part of "Business Wear Magic" is where she lists the best and ideal pieces (ie. suits, separates, tops, skirts, etc.) for your work's dress code. She gives plenty of suggestions on how to create variety in your closet while maintaining a polished image.

  • Excellent advice on what accessories to implement in your wardrobe. From scarves to jewelry, belts to shoes, hosiery to even briefcases, and handbags. Yes, and even pens!
  • The list of dress codes (with image examples) and their definition: Traditional, Creative, People-oriented and Casual Business. This is truly handy in taking the guess work out of what to wear to look appropriate for your clients and prospects.
  • Insider tips on how to use your work clothes to evoke the response you want. For example: How to score points with the "Big Boss", How to dress for a meeting with the upper management, how to increase odds for a promotion and so much more

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What tops and blouses to invest in for your business wardrobe

Best & Ideal Tops for Work

"Business Wear Magic" is brimmed with so many effective and easy to follow styling tips that I highly recommend this to be your go-to resource for creating a successful business attire.

This gem of book contains strategies on how to dress for success offered by someone who has gone through trial and error in their own career.

A big plus if you're fresh out of university and new in the career world.

No more making mistakes that leave you feeling embarrassed or incapable.

What a relief!

Diana's e-book is definitely a book I highly recommend to anyone who wants to prevent any embarrassing image and dress etiquette mishaps at the office, increasing your chances for improved enjoyment, wealth and status.

I enjoyed Diana's friendly voice. It's far from dry and corporate, which is something I think you'll find enjoyable for a book that focuses on serious work stuff.

Bonuses included with "Business Wear Magic"

  • 1. What To Wear When You Travel For Business - a mini guide with everything you need to know about how to travel successfully for business
  • 2. The Basics of Business Etiquette
  • 3. How To Organize and Arrange Your Office


I'm big on outfit ideas and image examples, so this is something I wished Diana could have provided more of in her e-book.

Also, given my personal style and age, I would have preferred up-to-date image examples.

Who Could Say "No" to the Best-kept Strategies of
Successful for a Small Investment of $29?

Business Wear Magic e-book minicover
If you want to make a positive difference in your professional wardrobe and boost your credibility at work, then I highly recommend getting a copy of Diana's "Business Wear Magic".

It's an invaluable resource in your arsenal of strategies for achieving what you want in your career.

Click here to grab a copy of "Business Wear Magic" for $29

PS: Purchasing the e-book will generate commissions.

Stay chic!

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