Boyfriend Blazer

"Relaxed-Chic in an Instant"

The boyfriend trend is definitely a hit - specifically the boyfriend blazer. It exudes a stylish casualness that goes with everything - every personality, every style and every clothing - adding that relaxed and vogue'ish vibe we chic fashionistas are inlove with.

Black boyfriend blazer by Stylementor/Yes Style
Courtesy of Stylementor/Yes Style

Shopping shortcut

Just throw the blazer on top of a tee or a cutesy floral dress - and it immediately turns up the class-factor of the outfit. This relaxed jacket style is a superb garment - creating a classy-chic look without appearing all buttoned-up.

And voĆ­la, that's how the boyfriend blazer became a sacred wardrobe essential among fashionistas! ... And it looks like it is here to stay!

Compared to regular womens blazers, this type of jacket has a fit of a guy's blazer but with a stylish and smaller-sized cut to complement young and fashion-conscious women's bodies!

What I love about it is that it's not too stiff but yet it's appropriate to wear with absolutely anything, from everyday casual wear, parties to cocktail hours. It adds a flair of sophistication to your outfit without making you appear too formal.

How to Buy a Boyfriend Blazer

PS: Regular womens blazers and the boyfriend blazer are mentioned interchangeably throughout this page.

Select the right jacket closure

Navy blue Victoria's Secret boyfriend blazer
Victoria's Secret navy blue blazer
So what type of closure should you choose?

It depends on the size of your bust; the bigger your bust is (A-DDD-cup) the fewer buttons you should choose.

That's because buttons (especially double breasts) tend to add more weight to your bust making it look heavier which can create an imbalance to your overall silhouette - which makes you look top-heavy.

On the other hand, if your chest is small then a double breast closure gives the illusion of plumpness on top.

The perfect fit

For a perfect blazer fit, measure the dimensions of your bust, waist, and hips area, including the length of your arms. If your blazer fits perfectly, you will be able to raise your arms with it buttoned and experience unrestricted movement.

Note: This factor is the least important (but it's still essential) because boyfriend blazers are supposed to fit loosely. Just make sure it's not too big to avoid looking like you're drowning in it. I'm not really a fan of sleeves eating your hands and oversized jackets with a hunch back forming at the back.

So use your body measurements to figure out if the length of the jacket, arms, shoulders and waist flatter your body.

Build your jacket closet with updated blazer styles

A simple boyfriend blazer in black or dark navy blue is super-essential because of its neutralness. It goes with anything and help downplay and complement the rest of your wardrobe.

A fancy blazer lining isn't essential but it will add interest and trendy spiff if you decide to roll up the sleeves. Wearing a long shirt or top underneath can also be rolled up with the jacket.

Kate Moss wearing a classy boyfriend blazer
Kate Moss via Pacific Coast News

Although womens blazers in a dark neutral are universal, you might want to build on your blazer collection with other basic colors such as nudes (yummy for summer), whites, browns and greens. This is a must if you're a blazer-freak like me!

These neutrals are still versatile to wear with all kinds of color combinations - but need to be adjusted to the season, your clothing outfit and sometimes occasion.

To stretch your style envelope even further - experiment with various shapes and lengths. You might like a shorter cropped blazer cut to show off a nice tunic shirt or tee underneath it! Prominent shoulders and various collar shapes are definitely something you should look into.

Select the right style for your body shape

If you've identified your body shape you probably already know that the key to looking chic and at your best is to create proportional outfit silhouette with upper and lower part of your body in line with each other (think hourglass).

So basically, you'll have to make sure to select the right blazer shape to balance out your body shape, leaving no part heavier than the other.

Here are the basic guidelines for each main body shape:

  • Hourglass: You'll look good in all types of blazers, but you'll look your best in blazer with a nipped waist to accentuate your narrow midriff. Opt for a single-breast if your chest is bigger than average
  • Pear: Short or cropped blazers will give the perfect proportion to your body shape, making your curves less noticeable. Hip length will only highlight your hips and butt and it's not a good thing for you if you're self-conscious about your hips, butt and thighs. Or opt for a long length that extends below your hips.
  • Plus size boyfriend blazer
    Plus Size Blazer from Macy's
  • Inverted triangle: Longer styled blazer with a little bit of flare at the hem will complement your shape. Also look for pockets on the bottom sides (not on top) to draw the eye downwards.
  • Rectangle: You'll suit most boyfriend blazer styles. As long as you add dimensions such as flared hem, rolled up sleeves, pockets, etc. you'll look good. You can also wear a straight cut blazer open to hide your undefined waist
  • Apple: Your main focus should be to slim down your upper body with a black blazer and also create a waist with something that cinches at the middle. Follow my tips for inverted triangles.

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Fashionable Ways to Wear a Boyfriend Blazer

The wonderful thing about boyfriend blazers is that they are versatile to wear with absolutely everything! Although the blazer projects a smart look there are several ways to balance it out and look casual.

Here are 12 ideas on how to wear boyfriend blazer:

Stella Mccartney boyfriend blazer
Stella McCartney/Reuter
1. Wear it with jeans, but instead of the classic dark wash pair it up with distressed, acid wash or any trendy denim style. Also try the blazer with a denim shorts.

2. Trendy leggings like shiny black (wet-look) or lace leggings for an edgy look. Wear long knit sweater or tunic dress underneath the blazer

3. Mini dress. The perfect balance between sexy and sleek. A very hot party outfit look.

4. Basic tee. Laid-back yet chic. Top it off with a stylish necklace and bracelets.

5. Do it like British Alexa Chung. She really has a way of looking chic and casual in a blazer. She's really good at mixing basic pieces with trendy ones as well as creating a unique personal style. Here are a couple of examples:

Alexa Chung Blazer Outfits
WENN,, MTV, Kenya Style

6. Add trendy jewelry for a fun outfit, like for example an oversized cocktail ring, Wear it with a cool scarf. Heaps of bangle or chain bracelets. Long pearl, beaded or pendant necklace.

7. A scarf. Spice it up a little with a scarf in your favorite design. For an unusual twist, twist two different print or colored scarves into one.

8. Semi-formal dress or blouse. It adds a sleek and trendy sophistication to any special occasion-outfit.

navy blue boyfriend blazer with denim shorts
Victoria's Secret blazer
9. Shorts. For a fresh and super-cute look pair it with smart or denim shorts. If it's cold outside add ribbed or opaque tights into the mix.

10. Stylish shoes. Pumps are a very standard choice but you might want to switch them up with a pair of foxy platform gladiator shoes or maybe black thigh high boots? (aaah, I'm drooling just the thought of wearing a boyfriend blazer with skinny jeans and sexy thigh high boot flats!)

11. Slacks. It might be too masculine for your taste but I think it looks super-cool and chic, just make sure you feminize the outfit with lots of jewelry.

12. Layer it. Want to look boho-chic and sleek? Then layer the boyfriend blazer with cardigan, tee, scarf and jewelry!

Now for the good stuff, here are some of my favorites from around the web:

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Shop Boyfriend Blazers Shopping Online

A fabulous site where you can find womens boyfriend blazers is Nordstrom's. I like that they're blazers aren't too baggy, more clean and sophisticated with a pinch of edge.
Mini globe Shopping tip for international readers: Expensive worldwide shipping? US store doesn't ship to your country? Save up to 50% off retail price in your home country and gain access to the goodies. Try a mail forwarding service!

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