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Boho handbags are inspired by the hippie era and various ethnic cultures. The look is laidback, often with a slouchy bag body - made of natural fabrics such as leather (faux or real, it doesn't matter), suede and cotton patchwork or embroidery - giving a cool and rugged look.

Boho bohemian bag hobo satchel jessica Simpson
Courtesy of Jessica Simpson/Zappos

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The classic leather hobo handbags go with everything, while the more colorful ones (patchwork, prints, etc.) are great for adding a focal point to your outfit.

How to Buy a Boho Bag

Look for Vintage Details

Bohemian fashion is basically inspired by the hippie-era back in the 60s and 70s.

So to really add texture and interest to your outfit, look for vintagey details such as:

    Boho floral handbag
    Courtesy of Furla
  • Braided and woven materials
  • Tassels (you'll probably get comments on wearing a curtain by the guys, but who cares!)
  • Fringes
  • Floral print

These "grandma" embellishment are great for injecting charm to your bohemian style.

Secure the Basics

Basic hobo brown leather handbag
Courtesy of Calvin Klein
If you're already wearing a boho print dress or a bohemian-inspired outfit, then you need something basic and subtle such as basic leather hobo handbags in solid dark neutrals such as black, dark or tan brown. They're also super-versatile and go with the rest of your wardrobe.

By securing the classics you're free to play with other accessories such boho jewelry and scarves without overpowering your outfit.

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Be Bold!

Bright yellow hobo handbag
Courtesy of Yes Style
If you have a more Eclectic bohemian style or just want to create a fashion statement, try patchwork bag styles or hobo bags in an eye-catching color such as mustard yellow, purple, deep olive green (anything that is a bit bright but muted. Think deep colors).

But try to keep the rest of your outfit simple. You don't want your outfit to compete with the clothes.

Classy? Urban? Romantic? Create a juxtaposition!

One of the most popular ways to wear the boho-chic look is to mix it with a contrasting (but not abrupt) clothing style. Two trendy examples are the biker chick and high glam.

So look for boho handbags with trendy details such as:

    Big Buddha leather handbag
    Courtesy of Big Buddha/Baghaus
  • Visible zippers
  • Studs
  • Straps that contrast with the color of the bag
  • Buckles
  • Snake and croc print
  • Chain
  • Metal hardware

.. and other interesting hardware that add a surprise element to your boho ensemble!

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